Twenty-Six Guns Have Been Stolen From A South Carolina Gun Shop

It is never a good day when something is stolen, but it can be an even worse problem when the item that has been taken is something that could potentially be used as a deadly weapon against another human being. That is the case with the latest story out of the Post and Courier.

The situation is that someone has stolen some twenty-six guns from a gun shop in the state of South Carolina. Rivertown Auction Company and Gun Store is the victim in this incident with the owner saying that literally every gun case in the store was broken into, but not all of the guns were removed.

Some of the guns that were stolen require extensive background checks before they may be sold. This has led to heightened concern in the community that someone out there has a gun that they certainly should not possess under any circumstances.

The store does has some recovered video coverage from a security camera that is set up in the store. They are able to see a car pulling up to the store before some suspects are deposited from the car and make their robbery. No suspect names or identifications have been released by the police department at this time. They say that the case remains under investigation.

These types of robberies are unfortunately somewhat common. Guns can be very valuable commodities depending on what type they are and what type of buyer is on the other end of the transaction. Many guns are sold illegally for a large profit margin. Thus, the suspects in this case may have been going for a quick score when they stole guns from this particular South Carolina shop.

How a Fort Mill Resident Won a Staggering $400,000 from the Lottery Numbers

A Fort Mill resident recently grabbed the headlines after winning a $400,000 lottery over the weekend. However, his son deemed it necessary to capitalize on the new proceeds by asking for a new dirt bike. According to reliable sources, the unidentified Fort Mill pulled off the unexpected win by matching the five right numbers of 5, 9, 16, 17 and 22 based on a November 14th drawing. Alternatively, the winner also forked out extra money to double his chances of what would have ultimately been a $100,000 jackpot win with the extra number 4.

Unknown to most people, the new winner had been secretly using his son’s birthday as his lucky numbers since the Palmetto Cash began in January 2005. Fascinating enough is the fact that the unidentified winner hardly knew about jackpot win until he presented his ticket for scanning before a clerk. Just as the terminal instructed him to claim his prize at Columbia, the winner’s surprise could only be compared to a heart attack. The newly acquired funds would undoubtedly go a long way in easing some of his worries as well as providing stability for his family.

By purchasing the ticket from a Fairway Fuel based at 1290 Tom Hall St, Fort Mill, the station unprecedentedly received a $4000 commission. Since the November 14th drawing, the South Carolina Education Lottery can accurately confirm that over 4,600 Palmetto Cash 5 players have emerged as beneficiaries ranging from winning between $1 and $400,000. However, the probability of winning the top prize is significantly stacked at 1 in 4,015,536.

As much as the jackpot would help in settling some of the personal debts currently incurred, the South Carolina native deems it necessary to put a smile on his son’s face sooner rather than later. After all, you can never know when another winning streak might come your way.

South Carolina’s 5th Graders are Asked to Explain K.K.K.’s Thinking

A South Carolina-based teacher asked the 5th graders to explain how the K.K.K. thinking works in an assignment. The teacher asked the students to explain what they think about the African-American justification works. This worksheet, which was issued to the students as part of the reconstruction period in the nation, caused a panic expedition among the students after one student’s uncle posted the same assignment on Facebook.

In a statement by the school district based in South Carolina, this assignment was valued because the standard of education for the 5th graders in the region requires discriminatory and reconstruction groups to attend such lessons including the K.K.K. According to the school district, they are using standards of teaching to ensure the students learn what discrimination entails. However, the same assignment will never be used again in any South Carolina-based school. The school district also insisted that they must teach that standard as much as they take steps to educate the children in the wrong about discrimination.

Because of the political climate in the country, the worksheet was particularly explosive, since President Donald Trump was inaugurated as the next president of the United States, the K.K.K. has become more visible in the region to promote this discrimination against the black people. This is one of the few discriminatory assignments issued in a school this year as a result of the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

In 2012, a similar assignment was also issued Gwinnett County. The assignment asked the students to determine the number of beatings Fredrick had in a week if he had two beatings in a day. While this conversation must be elevated, it must also go deeper to help the students understand the dangers of discrimination. According to Mr. Cooper, the issue about class assignments for the African-American with more cultural sensitivity to avoid taking these exams.

The South Carolina Holiday Season is Underway after the 51st Annual Carolighting

People around the country are beginning to get their holiday decorations out of the attic. However, if you are a fan of everything in South Carolina, you already know about that. This is because Governor Henry McMaster and his family officially started the South Carolina holiday season by lighting the State House and the State Christmas tree during the 51st Annual Governor’s Carolighting.

At the ceremony, Governor McMaster stated, “Our family is eager to join South Carolinians from around the state in celebrating the beginning of the holiday season at our beautiful State House.” Governor McMaster spoke the truth. The State House certainly was beautiful. The pillars of the house were lit up in the festive colors of red and green. A choir was present to sing beloved Christmas carols. However, the most beautiful part of the evening was the lighting of the State House Christmas tree, a massive Concolor Fir decorated with blue, red, and green Christmas lights. A beautiful star also sat upon the top of the 35-foot-tall tree. The tree came from Pinetum Christmas Tree Farm in Sawnton, Maryland.

Governor Henry McMaster is 117th Governor of South Carolina, and he has served in office for less than a year. This was his very first year hosting the legendary event. Governor McMaster assumed office after Nikki Haley resigned the position in order to become the United States Ambassador to the United Nations. Governor McMaster intends to run for the position in the 2018 election, and he has already won the public support of Donald Trump, who stated, “I’m so happy with the job he’s done…he’s doing some special job, but he does it with his heart.”

Admission to the event was free, and attendees were rewarded with a spectacular evening. If you missed it, be sure to attend next year!

Citizens and Organizations From South Carolina and Elsewhere Helped Displaced Animals

From August 30th, 2017 to September 11th 2017, hurricane Irma ravaged its way westward through the Caribbean and up into South Carolina. This wasn’t the only hurricane that affected the United States. From August to October, other hurricanes formed. The names of these hurricanes were Harvey, Nate and Maria. Each hurricane affected different areas of the country.

Of course, these hurricanes brought a lot of destruction in their paths, including the displacement of people’s pets. Fortunately, a variety of animal welfare organizations from different states teamed up before, during and after the hurricanes to help displaced animals.

South Carolina Emergency Management Division worked in conjunction with the ASPCA, the Galveston County Animal Resource Center, Lee County Domestic Animal Services, Miami Dade Animal Services, the SPCA of Texas and Houston SPCA to create a strong, supportive network for animals in need. This network also included fosters, rescuers and adopters. A variety of shelters, organizations and agencies worked together to provide services and supplies to animals.

It is wise for pet owners to plan ahead and to stay informed. Pet owners should prepare go-kits for themselves and their pets. Pets should wear identification tags, and should be micro-chipped. Plans should be made as to how pets will be evacuated, and what types of carriers they will be evacuated in. Of course, if it comes between either a pet owner saving his own life or saving his pet’s life, he should save his own life. However, in general, pet owners should not leave their pets behind.

Making a plan as to what you will do for yourself and your pets during a natural disaster will save lives—both human and animal lives. People who rescue animals risk their lives, and pet owners should take this into consideration.

South Carolina Could Make Music City Bowl

South Carolina had a much better college football season than many people expected. Coming into the year, some people wrongly assumed that the team would struggle to make a bowl game. However, South Carolina was able to secure wins over some of the best teams in the conference. This is a great sign for the future of the program.

Will Muschamp is doing a great job as the head coach. This year, it looks like South Carolina could be going to the Music City Bowl. This would be a major success for Will Muschamp and the players on the team.


One of the biggest reasons why South Carolina has done so well recently is the defense. Will Muschamp was a defensive coordinator before becoming a head coach. He is known as a person who is passionate about the game and someone who motivates players.

If the defense can play well, many people expect that South Carolina will win the game. The SEC usually faces the Big Ten in this bowl game. With all of the coaching changes across the country, South Carolina suddenly looks like one of the most stable programs in the SEC.

Future Changes

South Carolina is in much better shape than it was just a few years ago. Head coach Will Muschamp deserves a lot of credit for the work he has done.

With a great season behind them, South Carolina is now going to look forward to a bowl game. The Music City Bowl is one of the best bowls that South Carolina has been to recently. Getting a win in this bowl game would help the team build on a solid season. In addition, it would help the coaches recruit new players for the future.

Creating Political Goodwill To Solve Social And Educational Inequality In South Carolina

For a long time, the South Carolina’s conservative politics has not catered for issues around class welfare and racism. Most people haven’t seen changes made to the public schools and universities despite the promises made to work on the issues facing such institutions. In fact, the political class has not adequately addressed the challenges of the brown and black people who are underserved by the K-12 education.

The legal and political negligence not only affects the schooling system but it has also made its way into different sectors of South Carolina’s economy. In fact, the poverty has invaded the lower states apart from a few coastal regions which are regarded as a tourist destination center. What most people are unaware is that most of south Carolinas public schools are considered successes or failures depending on the community they serve.

The schools that serve black students are considered bad while those dominated by white communities are framed as good. The reason why such a stereotype has existed for a long time is as a result of the political lie that the government is committed to overcoming the negative impacts of social inequality such as classism and racism. It goes without saying that most of the white students are more likely to have quality education compared to their black counterparts who are subjected to the basic coerces and teachers who are aren’t qualified.

The education system is also profoundly flawed especially when it comes to the standardizing tests offered to students. Such tests pave the way for political negligence since they are gender, class, and race biased. For years, South Carolina has spent millions of tax dollars in creating standards for new tests and report cards, but this has continued to demonize the schools that serve poor brown/black children. To achieve equality and fairness in the education sector, South Carolina needs a political goodwill to attend to the scar of racism and poverty within the state.

South Carolina Defeats Florida International

The University of South Carolina men’s basketball team went on the road last night to face the Florida International Golden Panthers. The Gamecocks were heavy favorites entering the game, and they proved why by dominating every aspect of the game on the way to a 78-61 victory.

Despite having the superior talent, South Carolina struggled early in the game. Whether it was the extended break for the Thanksgiving holiday or playing in an almost empty stadium, something was clearly not right with the Gamecocks. The Golden Panthers led most of the first half, and they actually held an eight-point lead with only five minutes left to play. The Gamecocks finally woke up and used a late push to finish the first half with a slim 38-36 lead.

South Carolina was a completely different team in the second half. They played suffocating defense and near flawless offense throughout most of the half. This great play helped the Gamecocks extend their lead to 22 points in less than seven minutes. Florida International tried to fight back, but the talent disparity was just too much to overcome.

The Gamecocks can thank their starting lineup for the victory last night. Chris Silva led the way with 26 points and 10 rebounds. Everyone else in the starting lineup scored at least seven points. The excellent output from the starting lineup was greatly needed because the entire South Carolina bench only managed to score four points against the Golden Panthers.

The South Carolina Gamecocks now have a 5-1 record, and the team is probably more talented than they were last year. A repeat of last year’s Final Four appearance may be unrealistic, but South Carolina clearly has the talent to beat almost any team in the country this year. The Gamecocks’ next game will take place on Thursday, November 30, when they host the Temple Owls.

Brown Modeling Agency & Its Pursuit of Greatness

One of the hottest modeling agencies in the country is Brown Modeling Agency. CEO Justin Brown has done a spectacular job with revamping the company’s image. Brown Modeling Agency is combination of Heyman Talent-South and Wilhelmina Austin. The agency has raised its game to compete with much larger agencies. By doing so, it is now able to offer clients a much larger selection of talent that can span across a wide variety of subjects. “We’re only as good as our talent,” said Brown. This guy knows exactly what he’s talking about because he has worked as a model himself. This is first-hand experience, but Brown has also worked behind the scenes in the development and placement sector.


Brown Modeling can compete with the big boys thanks to its huge talent-base. The agency has provided work in a number of fields such as fashion, industrial video, runway, film, conventions, commercials, television and trade shows. The sky is the limit here or should I say that the limit is the sky. Dell, HBO, TNT, Landshark Beer, Bright House, Louis Vuitton, Dodge and numerous others are some of the agency’s clients. Another great feature here is that the agency provides not only models, it also offers talent. Justin Brown has a clear-cut direction of what the agency is all about and to where it’s actually going. Modeling is a tough job. It’s more than just standing around and posing. Brown Modeling Agency does a wonderful job of prepping the talent. This notion is crucial for such a demanding field of work. Professionalism is the key to added success and if you’re not professional, you certainly will not get the job.

Brown Modeling Agency does a great job by searching for talent. The agency is very active within its market and community. It holds many open calls as well as provides a ton of informative information at the official website and on its Instagram page. This is 21st century modeling at its finest and nobody else is doing it any better. Growth and commitment is the best route to take and if you don’t evolve with the times, you’ll get left behind.

Foster Home Crisis Highlighted In South Carolina

A national survey has revealed a crisis across much of the U.S. in regard to the number of available foster beds available for children across South Carolina and much of the U.S. A study from North Charleston, South Carolina based group, the Jenkins Institute for Children has highlighted the growing problem and report an estimated 1,300 foster beds are needed to house all the children needing specialist care in the Palmetto State.

South Carolina now ranks the third worst state in the U.S. for the loss of foster care beds based on the falling number of available homes for children according to The Post & Courier. The Jenkins Institute for Children reports a fall of around 650 foster beds in South Carolina across the last year which has created a crisis among those involved in caring for children as a recent attempt to recruit new foster families has not appeared to have been a success.

The South Carolina Department of Social Services explained a number of issues could be to blame for the continuing fall in the number of available foster homes accepting children in 2017; one reason for a major fall could be the adoption of children arriving in homes initially to be fostered before being adopted by the family they were sent to.

Officials in South Carolina have already begun a recruitment drive across different areas of the state including TV spots, a 5K run, and newspaper adverts targeted at the city of Spartanburg. A similar campaign to raise awareness of the issue will begin in Charleston before the end of 2017 as the state hopes to build a new group of foster families supporting children in need. The latest issues facing South Carolina are being seen across much of the U.S. with 15 states not able to report the capacity for foster beds in their state.