Gareth Henry Offers His Objective View of Everything Happening to Private Credit

Gareth Henry has worked as the Head of Investment for many private investment firms in the country. He has also been the head of IR for Angelo Gordon and Fortress Investments. These two positions have made it possible for him to get a deep and clear understanding of how private investment works in the country. He understands the complications which come with these investments, which makes him the go-to person when it comes to getting the best advice on Private Credit. Here are some of the observations which he has shared about the future of private credit.

The effect of regulations

In 2008, a number of legislations came into effect and made it a little bit tougher for lending institutions to lend money. This was a reaction to the financial crisis of 2008. As a result, banks have been forced to reduce their lending to the private sector and most specifically in the middle and lower market. As a private credit expert, Gareth Henry feels that this measure has made it very tough for borrowers to receive the funds which they need to manage their operations and possibly scale them.

Status of the company

Another issue that Gareth Henry believes affects businesses is the challenge of being a publicly traded company. He states that a lot of regulation has been put in place because public companies have been found to be participating in all manner of scandals which lead to the loss of money. The new legislation is meant to curb the runaway crimes and protect the interests of people who invest in these publicly traded companies. There is also the fact that publicly traded companies are supposed to report their earnings quarterly and when they fail to do so, the investors respond harshly. The investors are also not accommodating enough when the companies end up reporting less money than they projected.

About Gareth Henry

Gareth has a unique set of skills, on one hand; he is a trained and well-qualified mathematician. On the other hand, he has years of experience in alternative investments industry. He believes that by sharing his expertise, he is helping others make sound financial decisions and avoid mistakes which normally result in losses.

Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer and chairperson of OSI Group and LLC. He also has a high profile in the meat and food processing industry. He is currently the president of OSI International Foods Limited, and he has remained enthusiastically involved in the firm’s operations. He was once engaged in financing the Otto and Sons that later developed to OSI Group in 1970.

Under his excellent leadership and vision in OSI Group, his managed to grow this group from domestic food processing firm to an international industry leader. Currently, OSI Group has over 60 locations spread across 60 different states. The company has more than 20,000 workers all over the world and has a net worth of $6 billion. Forbes ranked the firm as the 58th largest private firm in 20016.

In appreciation for his excellent work and visionary leadership in OSI Group; for taking the firm in another level in international standards, Sheldon Lavin was presented with an award of Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy. He was awarded this on February 20, 2016, for his significant contribution to job growth over the world. In his statement, he said that he was humbled and honored to be presented with such an award during that moment.

He said that he was very proud of his work in helping to move OSI Group from domestic food processing to international powerhouse. He spent his life is committed to the general wellbeing of the firm and its numerous workers. He still gets involved in charitable work, for instance raising three children from a poor background and giving back to the community. He has been able to support Ronald McDonald House charities for over 20 years.

Sheldon Lavin attended University of Illinois and Northwestern University where he majored in finance and accounting. He obtained his bachelor degree in business from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. He is a reliable professional who knows how to build and create business empires. He shares his responsibilities with highly experienced people in his firm. This makes his firm realize most of its objectives and goals thus making him very successful. It also makes him make informed decisions about the firm since he must consult other members before making any final decision. Having good moral and ethical values, CEO Sheldon Lavin has been a role model to many entrepreneurs across the world.

Senior Living At Sussex Healthcare

If you are looking for a facility where you can place your elderly loved one, you will find that there are many to choose from and they all offer many different things. At Sussex Healthcare, you will find they offer most everything your loved one will need. The medical care they will receive while living there is excellent and they have a wide variety of activities to keep your family member busy.

Sussex Healthcare has been in business for over twenty five years and they have locations throughout the United Kingdom. Sussex Healthcare has received many awards for excellence over the years and they continue to improve their services. They have an excellent computer system where information is kept, in confidentiality, so that it is easy to review when needed. The facilities offer private or semi private rooms which are very spacious and with modern furnishings. More about of Sussex Healthcare at Companies House.

The management team at Sussex Healthcare are highly qualified individuals and provide much support to the medical team. They have many years of experience working in facilities of this type and bring their expertise to Sussex in order to make it the best residential and nursing care facility. The management team works diligently with family members in order to make every resident comfortable.

Residents are evaluated repeatedly in order to determine the best possible treatments for them and are encouraged to participate in as many activities as they are able to do. Activities are selected depending on their interests and ability to participate. Residents may also enjoy many of the planned trips that Sussex Healthcare providers offer.

With the number of facilities that are available, Sussex is sure that you will find the right one for your family member and will be more than happy to allow you to visit any of them at any time. You can make arrangements for a visit with the admitting department who will arrange for you to meet with a member of management. They will take you on a tour of the facility and answer any questions you may have. Contact them in order to see what they have to offer.



Paul Herdsman And His Pastimes


Who is Paul Herdsman?

Paul Herdsman is an entrepreneur who has started a Jamaican based company that assists companies in the United States and other areas with outsourcing. The company is called NICE Global. He is the father of two young daughters. He lives in South Florida. Paul Herdsman graduated from Florida Atlantic University.


What Does Paul Herdsman do Other Than Work?

His favorite pastimes are fishing and golfing. While he has never been in any golfing competitions he has utilized some time to enter into fishing competitions. He says he spent weeks and even months preparing for a fishing tournament. The fishing tournaments were while he was in high school and immediately following it. He would spend time with friends and go fishing.

Herdsman takes his daughters fishing. They seem to like the sport. He hopes they will like it when they get older. Paul is a twin and during high school, he and his twin were involved in too many sports to take up golf. He eventually did, though. He enjoys the sport alone and sometimes with others.


Does Paul Herdsman Learn From Playing Sports?

Yes, Paul Herdsman has learned quite a bit from his pastimes. Herdsman has learned discipline and integrity from both golfing and fishing. He has learned that he needs to take his mind from work and to have pastimes that will do this. Paul does not get to fish and golf as often as he would like. He does either or each week. Herdsman says it is important to take his mind from work. When he is with his girls on the water and they are fishing he enjoys the bonding time with them. His daughters are not quite old enough to learn golf but Herdsman bonds with them at the golfing range as well.

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Jason Hope’s Philanthropy

Jason Hope is well known for internet entrepreneurship. In addition, the millionaire businessman is an investor and inventor. He is a philanthropists and futurist. He currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and is passionate about the internet, technology and helping those in need. He grew up in Tempe, Arizona. He attended Arizona State University and earned a degree in finance. He went onto business school to get his master’s degree. He has an interest in politics, business, finance and rejuvenation biotechnology. Read more about Jason Hope at

Jason Hope has a passion for technology has spilled over to medicine. He loves how modern discoveries have led to how medically people can recover from certain disease. He is so passionate about the introduction of technology to medicine he regularly funds research. Particularly, he is most interested in research that studies ways the body can be repaired due to illnesses. He works with foundations and researchers to fight issues and illnesses that are age related.

The entrepreneur has been funding the SENS Foundation since 2010. The non profit foundation began in 2009 to combat illnesses people experience due to aging. They address some of the world’s most common disease due to old age. They have a team of hard working experts who are trying to create ways to help people fight off certain illnesses. So many diseases plague the elderly. With the money from people like Jason Hope, SENS Foundation will be able to continue their studies.

The entrepreneur initially deposited half a million dollars into the SENS Foundation. With that much money, the foundation was able to open a laboratory. The laboratory will be the place of work for this team of dedicated researchers. In this laboratory, they will work to study and develop process that can reverse damage done to the body from old age. The entrepreneur was eager to know his donation and support made it possible for the foundation to open another laboratory. Ultimately, Jason Hope wants to see this foundation do amazing things. He has pledged his heart, time, commitment and money to making sure their efforts flourish and flourish quickly to help millions.

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Brazilian Entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus Shares The Details Of His Travel, Hospitality, And Construction Companies

CVC is a tour operator that was established in 1972 by Guilherme Paulus. When he started out he was the only person working for this company. Today it operates in 465 Brazilian cities. While he still has partial ownership of this privately held company he sold his majority share in it to the Carlyle Group about ten years ago. It is now named CVC Corporation and it is the largest tour operator in South America, largely due to his efforts.

Guilherme Paulus also established a hospitality and construction business in the 1990s. The parent company he formed is called GJP Group and its two subsidiaries are GJP Hotels & Resorts and GJP Construction Inc. The hospitality company has 14 hotels and resorts in Brazil including in cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Gramado, Foz do Iguacu, and Paragominas. This business employees over 1,300 people and is made up of three brands. These are Wish (5-star hotels), Prodigy (4-star hotels), and Linx (3-star hotels). Find out more about Paulus at Exame.

As for the future of CVC, Guilherme Paulus says that he and Carlyle Group are hard at work expanding its operations. They are planning to 500 new storefronts and are also experimenting with other ways of getting customers, such as placing kiosks inside of malls. He says that he wants to open the first 120 stores in 2018 and the rest will be opened over the next five years.

Being a businessman who tries new things, Guilherme Paulus says that he has made some mistakes over the years. He feels that his biggest one was an agreement that his president of the company at the time signed with the French government. This was in the early 2000s and the idea was to increase the number of visas so more people could travel from France to Brazil where they would tour with CVC. They opened a CVC store in Paris but the tour costs proved to be prohibitively expensive. The other problem was that they just put CVC on the sign so people didn’t realize that it was a tour operator. He also regrets having Brazilians work at this store rather than French citizens.

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A Century of Growth and Expansion by OSI Industries

There is always something new that technology has to offer. Just when you think you are there, some genius innovator is working on another step ahead. For a company like the OSI Industries, technology has played a major role in its expansion. The company has been in business for an entire century. It began as a simple butchery established by a German Immigrant as a way to make ends meet for his family. Now the company is recorded among the largest privately owned companies in the whole of America with a worth of more than six billion dollars according to Forbes. Despite this, the company is always looking for new ways to improve.

One of its recent attempts at expansion has been the adoption of new technology that will enable the company to increase its chicken processing ability. One of the largest operations in OSI Industries is the recently established Spain based operation hose main product is Chicken. The new high capacity production line which has begun operating in Spain has made it possible for the establishment to increase its production by 100 percent from 12000 tons to 24000 tons. The increase in production has led to the increase in the number of employees by twenty and a definite increase in profit for the entire franchise. The company has also launched a new building to house the production.

About OSI Industries

OSI Industries is a food processing company that deals in dough and vegetable products, meat patties, pork and fish products, pizza, bacon, and hot dogs. The company boasts of owning and operating more than 65 facilities in 17 countries in America and beyond. The company also offers its food service and retail customers with branding services, placing their label or brand on a number of items that they deal.

From the humble beginning of a family owned butcher shop, OSI Industries got its big break supplying for the McDonald enterprise which opened international doors for the company. currently, OSI Industries has taken up several other popular fast food chains in America and China like the Subway, Starbucks, KFC, Pizza Hut and Papa Johns Pizza.

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Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Reveals Why People Go to the ER Even When There’s No Emergency

The Miami Patch recently published the article “The Impact of Non-Urgent Care on Florida Emergency Rooms” which indicates how the patients seeking care from emergency rooms are often not as urgent as people believe. The article, written by Amanda Moore, indicates that a large issue in the healthcare industry is that the physicians and nurses in the ERs are overwhelmed with patients who need a primary care physician, not the ER.

More than a third of Americans have admitted they have gone to the emergency room despite not having an urgent health concern. A variety of studies show this is a consistent trend beginning in the 1990’s. Today, many states have been overwhelmed by the use of emergency resources for non-urgent patients. Florida is similarly on par with non-urgent patients visiting emergency rooms to get care.

One emergency physician, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, reveals that he has seen hundreds of people in the emergency room who should have made an appointment with their primary care physician. He explains that this becomes an issue in the healthcare system because the time of the physicians, nurses, and tech staff are going to people who have non-urgent issues. Every emergency room will treat a patient regardless of how urgent the issue is, however, it forces ERs to stretch their resources. It makes it incredibly difficult for staff and physicians to manage the patient flow between those who have critical medical crises that need immediate attention and those who simply have non-emergent conditions. However, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel reveals an understanding and sympathy for those non-urgent patients. He reveals that the current issues within the healthcare system create many barriers for people, causing a chronic inadequacy of access to primary care.

Many insurance companies are beginning to drop ER visits from their coverage. Physicians reveal this will cause many patients to die because they will be afraid of the cost of ongoing to the emergency room even when they have urgent health issues.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is a physician in Tallahassee, Florida. He graduated with his MD from the University of Louisville School of Medicine after completing his B.A. in religious studies at Florida State University.

Jim Larkin – Irish Labor Organizer and Leader

James or Jim Larkin is an individual who is well-known for founding “the Irish Transport and General Worker’s Union.” According to an article by, he was born on January 21, 1876, in England and died on January 30, 1947. He lived his life as an Irish labor organizer and leader. Read more: James Larkin | Wikipedia and  James Larkin | Biography

Larkin worked a number of jobs to support the family where he eventually became a foreman at the docks and he strayed to the belief that workers weren’t being treated fairly.

James Larkins militant strike methods though raised suspicion and alarmed the NUDL, which would get him transferred to Dublin as a result where he founded as stated before the Irish Transport and General Worker’s Union. The main goal of the union involved combining all Irish workers whether they were skilled or not and combining them into one organization.

Larkin would then led a series of strikes, one that stood out specifically was the 1913 Dublin Lockout where more than a total of 100,000 workers went on strike for about eight months and this was key to winning the fight to fair employment.

Many felt they weren’t being treated fairly and stood by it. On the onset of World War I, James Larkin participated and led demonstrations against the war in Dublin. He even traveled to the United States to raise funds to fight the British, but his life took a turn for the worse as he was arrested for criminal anarchy and communism.

Three years later Larkin was pardoned and deported to Ireland where “he organized the Workers Union of Ireland and earned recognition from Communist International in 1924.” Larkin ended up marrying a woman named Elizabeth Brown in the year 1903 and they had four sons.

MIAL Awards Robert Ivy Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement

Robert Ivy has accomplished more than most when it comes to the field of architecture, not just for innovations or new designs created and built around the world, but for his contributions as a whole. Robert has not only been working in the architecture field for decades, but he has been improving the industries accessibility and understanding for individuals all over the world. Robert Ivy is also the current Chief Executive Officer for the American Insititute of Architects, a position that he was appointed to back in 2011. Read more about Robert Ivy at Tulane School of Architecture website.

In June of this year, Robert Ivy was award the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement, which is just one of many awards that Robert has won over his career. What makes this particular award special is the fact that no other architect has ever won it before. The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters is the issuer of this award and it only goes out to Mississippi natives. While this is sort of a steep condition itself, it is still not the reason Robert Ivy was the first architect chosen. Among the many recipients in the past, all of them have been noteworthy in some way to their particular field, especially when it comes to art and performance. Robert has made tremendous contributions to his industry through his actions all across the board, from practical designs to teaching others how to learn architecture.

Robert Ivy studied at Sewanee in order to earn his bachelors degree followed by Tulane University to earn his architecture degree. Following this accomplishment, Robert Ivy made his food into the industry through a position at the Architectural Record. This first position market Robert’s first contributions to the industry, bringing the company a huge amount of new growth and viewership from all over the world. Robert’s position at AIA is his first commitment, though he is constantly on the lookout for individuals in the community that he can help, which is why he also takes the time to write and speak on architecture.