Usain Bolt to grace the London World Athletic Championships

The confirmation of the eagerly awaited news from the world’s 100 and 200 meters record holder that he will be attending the London World Athletic Championships this year was greeted with a lot of excitement by many of his fans who would be attending the games. This comes after the champion announced that he was planning to retire soon from the tracks which he has dazzled many for his prowess as a world class athlete. His presence as the championships has been highly anticipated as he is expected to draw many people to come and watch him compete. He broke this news to some journalist from different news agencies

Usain Bolt who has become an icon to many said his main aim when attending the championship event is to extend his winning streaks as he ushers in a traditional end to his career. This has surely woken up a spirit to attend the games by many Londoners who now want to see the legend himself run before he retires.

His record breaking time at the 2008 Olympic Games of 9.58 seconds in the 100 meters race and the 19.9 seconds in the 200 meters race still stand unbroken to date. Many of his fans who consider him a living legend say these records are there to stay for many decades to come as his likeness in the tracks is yet to be seen or heard of.

The World Athletic Championships are to be held in London on 4-13 August with Usain Bolt expected to be the main attraction in the 100 meters men’s race taking place on Saturday 5th.

The eighth time Olympic gold medalist before announcing to attend the London World Athletic Championships had in the month of June dazzled his home crowd fans in his last ever home soil completion. With many cheering his name he managed to run the “Salute a Legend” race in 10.8 seconds to win the race. With this legendary man in the London Championship, his fans are in for a treat of a life time.

The Incredible Success Of Shafik Sachedina Of Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is one of the best healthcare centers not only in the country but also across the globe. The success of the center in this competitive industry cannot be taken lightly; it can be solely attributed to the incredible work of Shafik Sachedina. His leadership and academic brilliance have made the center one of a kind. He was born in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania in the year 1950 and studied at the Guy’s Hospital Medical as well as Dental School in the University of London where he was able to become a professional surgeon.

Immediately after graduation, he was able to practice in the UK for many years from which he gained relevant experience as a medical practitioner. In the year 1985, Shafik Sachedina co-founded Sussex Health Care where he served in the position of a director; the organization is a support care and home that is based in the UK. He has worked as a director of numerous other firms such as Imara UK limited, which specialized in building as well as The Horsham Clinic Limited based on He has also worked at Ismaili where he served his roles of organizing programme as well as activities in 16 principal areas.

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Sussex Health Care runs centers as well as support homes in Sussex. The company is owned jointly by Dr. Shafik Sachedina as well as Shiraz Boghani. The firm provides quality services that are personalized to meet diverse needs of its patients. It serves the needs of aged individuals as well as individuals with neurological, dementia and learning problems. The firm also provides services such as occupational therapy, reflexology as well as physiotherapy according to The staff has a reputation of only recruiting quality staff some of which have been awarded level five diplomas. The qualified staffs have enabled the firm to offer quality services over the years. Being owned by folks who have practiced in the medical industry for years, the programs of this organization have been tailored to meet the needs of their client.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina also has a reputation of taking part in volunteering activities in the community. His work at Jamati Institutions as well as Aga Khan is conducted on a voluntary basis; he continues to give back to the society. His brilliance and leadership skills helped him serve for two terms as a president of Ismaili Council for the United Kingdom. His success in the medical industry has made Sussex Health Care reputable institution.

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Alarming Number of USC Students Battling Drug Addictions

It is with little surprise that a recent survey concluded that more than 1,350 students attending USC may have an underlying drug addiction hidden beneath the surface. The school itself is exemplary, and has a fine reputation of both the good and the bad of college life. Students at the school come from around the state, and many from other U.S. states. They’re all from different backgrounds, but share in the desire to fulfil their career goals and lead a fulfilling and successful life. But, drug addiction is a growing problem in the state, and in many others across the U.S., especially amongst the college-aged crowd.

Prescription drug abuse is one of the most commonly used substances in Columbia and amongst high-school and college students. It seems more students are also looking to the pharmacy counter for their fixes, sometimes abusing cough medicines like Benadryl. In smaller South Carolina towns, you’ll find abuse of heroin, methamphetamines, and crack cocaine, although rates for abuse of these drugs is lower in South Carolina than many of the U.S. states.

In 2013, South Carolina improvised a plan that would reduce the high mortality rates in the state associated with drug addiction and overdose. At this time, the state was 16th in number of drug-related deaths. Many of those deaths were related to prescription drug overdose. Although still a serious issue in Columbia and throughout the state, a change is being seen, slowly, despite the number of USC students who may be fighting the battle of their life against a drug addiction.

North Carolina Has Been Selected As The Home Of The X3 By BMW

The new BMW X3 compact crossover has been scheduled to be built in Spartanburg, South Carolina. This factory is now the biggest BMW factory anywhere in the world and originally opened in 1994. This is the primary home for crossovers and sport utility vehicles for the brand. BMW exports approximately seventy percent of the vehicles built at this plant. BMW is also currently responsible for 70,000 indirect jobs within the United States.

The BMW plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina is affectionately referred to by BMW as their second home. The friendly business climate in the state and BMW’s close relationships with the government have been responsible for this particular plant flourishing. BMW is able to execute their objectives quickly and precisely. The perfect example is when the automaker required an extension of the local runway for the airport so they could accommodate their cargo jets. Due to the locations of the airport there were no difficulties in store for BMW.

Since BMW first broke ground on the plant 25 years ago they have invested almost $8 billion. The company plans to invest another $600 million in the development of utility vehicles for the future and $200 million to train their workers. This will result in the creation of another 1,000 over the course of the next four years. The local workforce in South Carolina will be brought to 10,000. Knudt Flor is the CEO and Manufacturing President for BMW and state he loves this number. For even more information of the plans BMW has for their South Carolina plant please visit

The X3 was originally launched in 2003 and was redesigned seven years previously. The X3 crossover has been the most popular crossover for BMW for the year. It is only slightly behind the scales for the 3-series. The X3 is expected to be available at dealerships by November.

A Growing Passionate Plea for Legalization of Marijuana in South Carolina

The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes across the United States has come under sharp and increased focus over the past years. With more researches confirming the medicinal qualities of marijuana, an increasing number of states have legalized marijuana not only for medicinal uses only. In some states, marijuana has also been legalized for recreational purposes. In total, 29 states have legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. It is testimony to the growing popularity of its key compounds capable of minimizing the manifestations of medical conditions such as seizures.

The legalization of medicinal cannabis use wave has finally caught up with South Carolinas. At the forefront of the new push for medical cannabis legalization are families and loved ones of children and individuals suffering from various medical conditions including chronic seizures, autism and different genetical disorders. The overriding denominator in their passionate pleas is that medical cannabis can greatly alleviate the physical and psychosocial sufferings of their loved ones. For them, supporting legalization of medical cannabis is personal. They have been joined on their personal quest by some state lawmakers who are pushing for medical cannabis legalization bill currently in both houses of South Carolina legislature.

If successful, the move will see South Carolina bring the much-needed reprieve for thousands of patients in dire need of the highly beneficial compounds of cannabis. For many such patients, it will also offer a reprieve from the numerous drugs they have had to take. And most importantly, it will give them a break from the severe side effects of these drugs. For South Carolina leadership, this growing full-frontal push for legalization of medical marijuana on various platforms including seminars organized by advocacy groups is an opportunity to reconsider the scientific evidences on its potential medicinal qualities. However, how this will pan out remains a game of guessing for many.

South Carolina Boasts Strong Defensive Line

In 2016, the South Carolina Gamecocks were one of the more anticipated teams in the SEC football conference. While the team looked like they would be able to build on the success that they had in the prior year, the ended up going three and five in the SEC and six and seven overall. While it was not a great overall season, the South Carolina Gamecocks did have some successes including a few upset wins. This year, the South Carolina Gamecocks have several reasons to be optimistic about their chances of competing in the tough conference (

One of the main reasons why the Gamecocks are considered a strong team in the upcoming year is due to the strength of their defensive line. The team currently has one of the best duos of defensive tackles in the country. Both Ulric Jones and Taylor Stallworth were among the most productive defensive tackles in the prior year and are expected to be even better in the upcoming season. This should be a huge advantage in the SEC, particularly when they are playing teams that like to run the ball.

Along with the two returning starters, the Gamecocks have a lot of young talent to join on the defensive line. M.J. Webb is one of the most highly anticipated players on the team. As a 4-star freshman recruit, Webb will likely get the chance to start by the middle of the year. During the spring game earlier in the year, Webb showed the ability to rush the pass from the outside. However, he still has not shown to have the ability to consistently defend the run, particularly when he will have to be up against some of the top offensive tackles in the country. The team also has depth in returning contributors Dante Sawyer and Aaron Thompson

No Holds Barred: Trump Threatening South Carolina Lawmakers, Others Regarding a New Healthcare Bill

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is a man who is doing everything he can to deliver on his campaign promises. He might still have a bit of that “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” wet-behind-the-ears mystique, but his non-political background is making a number of South Carolina lawmakers uncomfortable.

The 45th President used a GOP luncheon to jokingly threaten senators and congressmen. Trump’s attempt at humor elicited nervous laughter from many of the senators, including Dean Heller from Nevada. Many of the South Carolina lawmakers had to be nervous as well, considering that this president has developed a pattern of threatening them for leverage.

The goal of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care is weighing heavily on Trump’s mind, because earlier in the year he had already realized that getting a new bill passed was reaching a stalemate. That is probably why he went on record for a thinly-veiled threat against South Carolina Congressman Mark Sanford.

Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, also a former South Carolina Representative, is on record for telling Sanford that “the President [Trump] hopes that you vote against this because he wants to run somebody against you if you do.”

Of course, depending on what side of the political spectrum one is one, the track record of this president will either be seen as bold activity or activity from a bully. But for a man who has always done things his own way, he has demonstrated that he will get things done his way and in a manner that just might be the polar opposite of one of his predecessors the Great Communicator Ronald Reagan.

A man like Donald Trump is used to being in the trenches of New York Real Estate, so when he makes a threat it is simply par for the course. Even one of his former opponents had to admit it: “Listen, the president has his own way of communicating,” admitted Texas Senator Ted Cruz. It will be interesting to see how this battle plays out for sure.

Food Truck Team From Charleston, SC To Compete In “The Great Food Truck Race”

A recently published article in this month’s issue of the Food Network Magazine announces the return this summer of the popular Food Network show The Great Food Truck Race (Sunday, August 20th, 9 PM, Food Network channel.) The article, THE HEAT IS ON FOR NEW ROSTER OF FOOD TRUCK HOPEFULS IN RETURN OF THE GREAT FOOD TRUCK RACE (July 14, 2017) which describes the show as a “Six-Episode Culinary Battle,” hosted by Tyler Florence will be visiting “Food Cities of the South.”

The team from Charleston, South Carolina calls it’s food truck “Braised in the South” and the team is made up of Nick Hunter, Steven Klatt and Brandon Lapp. They will compete against teams from Philadelphia, PA, Cherry Hill, NJ, Dallas, TX, Little Rock, Arkansas, Rogersville, TN, and Falmouth, MA. The show returns to “Southern-Style” in which the teams will be competing for $50,000.00. The show promises beautiful scenery, southern landmarks and intense food challenges.

The first episode will greet the teams in the French Quarter of New Orleans.” Their journey will be routed through Pensacola, FL, Tuscaloosa, AL, Nashville, TN, and Athens, GA.

A search on of South Carolina brought up some great South Carolina Recipes which starts with a recipe by the shows host, Tyler Florence, “South Carolina She-Crab Soup”. When you go to this recipe link you will see that this recipe was from another show on Food Network, Food 911 in an episode called Crab Soup In Greenville, SC.

Let’s root for the Charleston, SC team of Nick Hunter, Steven Klatt and Brandon Lapp. in their “Braised in the South” food truck on Sunday, August 20th!

The Journey to Integrate Robots into Human Activities

Academics have put forward an argument that it is becoming more and more urgent to fit robots with the appropriate safety measures as their interaction with human beings increases every day. They have suggested that robots should be fitted with black boxes to monitor their movements and decisions. This measure will at least be able to help their makers diagnose their faultiness when accidents happen. This urgency has been created by the use of robots far from their typical roles in industries. Nowadays, they work side by side with human as security guards, customer assistants, or even driverless cars.

The scientists’ case to have the robots fitted with ‘ethical black boxes’ will be discussed further at the University of Surrey conference on robots. In this meeting, it is expected that both scientists and robot experts will have a discourse on the steps that have been taken to ensure that autonomous robots can work and make rational decisions without having to be monitored. The conference came in the wake of an incident where a robot had an accident as it was patrolling in Georgetown, Washington DC. The robot was guarding a riverside complex when it accidentally fell down the stairs and sunk into a fountain.

It is not always that accidents involving robots are casualty-free. A man was killed on the road after turning on an autopilot feature in his car. The car was unable to perceive a truck in front of its path and caused a fatal crash. Winfield and Marina Jirotka have been at the forefront of advocating for the fitting of black boxes in robots. The latter, a professor at the Oxford University, reckons that accidents involving robots will require investigation. However, this is impossible if there is no record whatsoever of the robots thinking patterns at the time of the accident. The fitting of black boxes will, hence, go along the way into also helping the robots explain their actions to humans in a straightforward language.

India to Power its Locomotives with Solar energy

We now live in a world where every person, every organization, or authority is trying the best to improve its efficiency. The concept that it is possible to raise the performance of any gadget or organization has been pushed and made real by technology. Entrepreneurs, scientists, government agencies, and individuals are doing the best they can to maximize the limited resource. Recently, India, which has the largest rail network in Asia with about 11,000 trains, introduced its first solar-powered train in the hope of saving over $6 billion on energy bills for the next few years. The gas-guzzling locomotives have been continuously increasing the operation cost of the rail network.

The locomotive called the Diesel Electric Multiple Unit (DEMU) was launched a few days ago by the government, and it is expected to operate within the city of New Delhi. The train, however, is still not fully customized to rely on solar power and it will still retain its diesel engine. Experts explained that the fixed solar panels would solely be used for serving the customer needs within the train such as lighting, fans, music, communication and other related activities. In so doing, the railway company will be able to save over 20,000 liters of diesel annually per train, approximately 20,000 dollars. This is according to Arunava Biswas and Smriti Jain, editors at Financial Express

The locomotives are used by an average of 13 million users across India on a daily basis, thus calling for the need to cut down the operation costs, which stands at millions of dollars annually. The solar panel will feed on board batteries that will store the energy for the 1,600 horsepower train that was manufactured by the Integral Coach Factory. The railway authority aims to fit solar panels to 24 more locomotives in the next few months to further reduce the overhead costs. Additionally, it is also taking the project as a way to reduce Carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.