Pregnant Woman In South Akron Poses With Honey Bees

Imagine covering yourself with 20,000 bees for maternity photos. Well, a young mother in South Akron, Ohio, has done this. Emily Mueller, 33, wore a white maternity dress and posed in nature as 20,000 bees were swarming on her.

In one of the pictures, Mueller is sitting in the grass with the bees covering her pregnant belly. In order to control the bees for the photos, she held a small cage with the queen bee.

Many people are afraid of bees and consider them to be dangerous. Some people might question the safety of covering oneself with bees. Emily Mueller and her spouse, Ryan, operate a bee-removal business, so she knew exactly what she was doing. The woman who photographed her was Kendrah Damis.

Mueller decided to pose with bees because of the spiritual significance that bees have for her and her husband. She experienced three miscarriages in the past, and she felt that bees symbolize her struggles because they symbolize life and death. The symbolism of the bees, as well as the feeling of them all around her provided for a very spiritual experience. She felt like she was able to fully connect with nature.

Did she get stung? Of Course! However, none of the bees intentionally attacked her. She was stung three times. She was stung one time because she accidentally sat on a bee. Another time she was stung because she accidentally crushed a bee with one of her arms.

Upon hearing this story some people might question how safe this would be for an unborn baby. Well, her unborn baby was unharmed. Honey bees happen to be very docile and safe to be around.

Mueller was pregnant with her fourth child, and she said that with four children, her and her husband are “good to go.”

Tourists Flock to Omaha for Christmas Around the World

Nebraska’s largest city seems like an unlikely place to experience international culture, but holiday seekers in Omaha are thronging to the city this month to attend local cultural festivals. More than 1,000 visitors have arrived in Omaha in December to attend Christmas events celebrating Irish, Mexican, and German cultures. According to the the Omaha Visitors Bureau, Omaha’s holiday events attract tourists from all over the country, including states like California and Texas. The popularity of Omaha’s Christmas activities has inspired tour companies to offer visitors special “Christmas Around the World” tour packages.

To the delight of out-of-towners, the city’s German-American Society hosted its annual Christmas in Germany celebration on December 3. The celebration was held at the society’s headquarters on South 120th Street. Guests enjoyed singing traditional German Christmas carols and watched German folk dancers perform as they consumed German mulled wine and ate German bratwurst. The festivities concluded with a sing-along of “Stille Nacht” and a surprise visit from St. Nicholas.

Visitors also experienced a Christmas in Mexico celebration in the South 24th Street South historic district and traveled to Boys Town for the facility’s Irish Christmas. This celebration of Irish Christmas traditions includes an antique toy display at Father Flanagan’s Historic House in Omaha. Father Flanagan founded the non-profit organization that caters to disadvantaged children and was immortalized in the classic Hollywood film Boys Town, starring Spencer Tracy. The Irish Christmas open house is scheduled to run until December 16.

Other ongoing Christmas events include the Holiday Poinsettia Show at Lauritzen Gardens and the Omaha Symphony’s annual Christmas celebration. Additionally, a musical adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is running at the Omaha Playhouse until December 23.

Little Known Fact: Wisconsin Donated Over 17,000 lbs of Cheese To Harvey Victims

This past summer, Hurricane Harvey really did a number on people’s lives. Many people were displaced and their homes were flooded out. Social chaos ensued in some areas.

Wisconsin did its part to help those affected by Harvey. It may be a little known fact that Wisconsin donated over 17,000 pounds of cheese to Hurricane Harvey victims in Texas. The cheese came from local cheese makers and farmers in the state of Wisconsin. Twenty-six companies, in total, took part in the effort.

On a Friday, a truck packed with dairy goods left Madison, Wisconsin, and embarked on a journey to Texas. The truck was packed full of cheese—cheddar wedges, string cheese, cheese curds and more. Three-hundred pounds of butter were also sent down to the Houston Food Bank.

The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, a non-profit, spearheaded the state-wide donation drive. They initially intended to receive about 200 pounds of cheese donations, though they kept receiving more and more.

It is not surprising that Wisconsin has donated so much cheese to hurricane victims. Wisconsin is known for its cheese production. The state has the largest number of cheese plants in the United States, and it produces 600 varieties of cheese.

The donors of the cheese hoped that their products would bring some comfort to the hurricane victims, since cheese happens to be comfort food.

Cheese is nutrient dense. Even though it may be unhealthy to eat too much cheese on a frequent basis, it is a good thing to have in times of disaster and desperation when there aren’t many resources around. Relatively small amounts of cheese are packed with calcium, fat, calories and other nutrients.

With its own unique contribution, Wisconsin has followed the same humanitarian path for the plight of Harvey victims as other companies, organizations and celebrities.

Midwest USA Communities Still Uncomfortable With Gambling

Although gambling in all of its various forms has taken on a new level of acceptance and understanding in recent years, there are still some pockets of the United States that are not completely comfortable with the practice. This was evidenced when a Piggly Wiggly store in a small down in Illinois installed some video gambling machines.

The store owner was granted a liquor license by the town according to Having a liquor license in that particular town means that you automatically are granted a license to have gambling machines installed as well.

After the owner went through the trouble of putting the machines in, he got some blowback from the community for what those machines symbolize. They believe that it flies in the face of the image that Piggly Wiggly stores have tried to uphold throughout the years. That image in the mind of many customers is that of a very family-friendly place in which everyone is welcome. To some people, the sight of gambling machines alone is enough to turn them away.

The store owner has said that installing the new machines have helped to bring in a whole new crop of customers. He says that it helps keep his store competitive against some of the larger stores in the area. Meanwhile, members of the town council that granted the license in the first place say that it was not their intention for it to be used to get him the gambling machines placed in there. They legitimately believed that he wanted it just for the right to sell liquor.

It seems like in this particular case, there are no winners and losers, just angry people on both sides. Perhaps the only people who have won as a result of this are those who really care about their ability to play the gambling machines.

Twinsburg Twins’ Days Festival Brought Many Twins To Twinsburg

Ever since 1976, Twinsburg, Ohio, has hosted the Twinsburg Twins Days Festival. This festival is put on every year to celebrate the joys of being a pair. In this festival, pairs of people dress up in the same outfits. People are encouraged to show off local pride and family heritage.

Many people dress up in ethnic outfits, patriotic outfits and outfits with certain themes to them. For example, Brittany Deane and Brianna Deane dressed up in the same Germanic-style outfit to showcase their German-Swiss heritage. Angelica Rivera and Julie Rivera dressed up in beautiful white dresses with their shoulders showing to showcase their Puerto Rican heritage.

To show patriotism and American identity, John Starret and Jerry Starret dressed in matching t-shirts that had a print of the American flag and bald eagle. Zac Prizant and Max Prizant dressed in matching, cartoonish, patriotic hats and patriotic vests with the stars and stripes. Laura Mellor and Linda Mellor dressed in pretty, dainty, red, white and blue sailor outfits with short skirts.

Fred Mitchell and Ned Mitchell dressed in sharp attire, wearing blue dress shirts, black slacks and black ties. Chase Strawser and Cody Strawser dressed in matching spider man outfits.

This past Twinsburg Twins Days Festival lasted from August 4th to August 6th. People do not have to be twins by birth to participate in this event; it is open to any pair of people who want to be “twins” for a day. During the event, the schedule includes music, karaoke, a “Twins’ Talent Show,” a fireworks display, a “Twins Volleyball Tournament,” the “Double Take Parade,” a “Cornhole Tournament,” and a golf outing.

Some people who are unfamiliar with the areas in Ohio might wonder where Twinsburg is. Twinsburg is a suburb of Cleveland, which is in the northeast corner of Ohio—near Pennsylvania.

Tina Smith To Replace Al Franken

Minnesota is about to have two female senators.

According to numerous reports, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has appointed Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith to fill the U.S. Senate seat that former Senator Al Franken recently resigned. The governor made the announcement in a statement on Wednesday.

Minnesota will become the fourth state represented by two women, joining California, Washington and New Hampshire. While Franken’s term was to last until 2020, Smith will only hold the office until a special election next year. The state’s other female senator, Amy Klobuchar, is also up for reelection next year, and she has already said that she plans to run again.

Minnesota Democrats are excited by the prospect of having two women on the top of the ballot next year. Ken Martin, who’s the chairman of Minnesota’s Democratic Party said that the state “is going to be the epicenter of politics next year.”

The appointment caps a meteoric rise for Smith. She joined the Dayton administration in 2010 as chief of staff, and in 2015 became the state’s lieutenant governor.

Smith was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1958, and she worked on the Alaskan Pipeline prior to attending Stanford University, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. She further earned an MBA from Dartmouth College.

She moved to Minnesota in the 1980s, and she worked in marketing for General Mills. She then started her own marketing company, and was vice-president of Planned Parenthood for Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Her first foray into politics came as chief of staff to Minneapolis Mayor R. T. Rybak. She further ran his unsuccessful campaign for governor before joining Dayton in Saint Paul.

Smith says she plans to be “a fierce advocate in the United States Senate for economic opportunity and fairness for all Minnesotans.”

Tough Choices for Farmers as the High Plains Aquifer Dries Up

Water in the 175,000 square mile High Plains Aquifer, also called the Ogallala Aquifer, has been disappearing at the rate of about six miles of streams per year. The drying up of the aquifer lies under parts of Colorado, Kansas, Texas, Wyoming, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma and South Dakota has left farmers and ranchers concerned about rather they will have water to raise their crops and livestock. According to Colorado State University and Kansas State University, another 117 miles of streams and rivers could disappear by 2060.

Tough Choices for Farmers

The ground above the High Plains Aquifer is currently used to grow about 20 percent of the food consumed in the world. Farmers face tough choices. If they continue to use the water to produce food, then the water that has been accumulating there for at least 15,000 years could soon be gone. If the farmers do not use the water, then they use their livelihood and America loses the food grown on this prime farmland.

Farmers Abandoning Multigenerational Farms

Some farmers are already discovering that the water sources that they have relied on for decades are now unreliable forcing them to abandon farms that have been in the same generation for years. These farms have relied on wells that drain from the aquifer for water for even basic living needs like cooking and showering.

Help Coming But No Easy Answers

The United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Services has a program in place that may extend the life of the aquifer. It is helping farmers learn to grow crops using less irrigation. It is doubtful, however, that the program will be enough to save the aquifer long term because water is quickly disappearing in the area even in the wettest years.

The Many Roles of the American Institute of Architects

The AIA, or, American Institute of Architects, is a professional organization, as well as an NGO. This organization supports and, represents, many different levels of those involved in the business, not solely architects. This support is provided by offering tips and best practices, as well as, supporting the many architecture firms that are small businesses. New professionals are guided by the organization in a business that’s been proven to be a challenging in many ways. Often times, architects are often mistaken for doing the same job as a mechanical engineer. In recent years, Executive Vice President and CEO Robert Ivy, has been raising public awareness of the vital role that architects play and how the AIA supports this. Not only are they responsible for designing buildings, but, also the world that surrounds them.

As previously mentioned, the AIA works closely with the environment. Building buildings that are both green and smart benefit everyone. Reducing the carbon footprint is important, as the AIA asserts that nearly 40 percent of the power used, is through buildings. Reducing the use of fossil fuels is also a topic that’s also noted. The EISA is legislation that’s been supported by the AIA. They debunk myths that have been known to undermine this important step to advancing technology in architecture. Since sustainability encompasses such a huge area in the field, it’s a rather complex topic.

The AIA also supports “good samaritan” laws that support designers whose efforts are in the best interest of the general public. Surprisingly, Robert Ivy, and, the AIA deal with health issues that affect architecture as well. Known substances in the past, such as asbestos, have been linked with causing major health problems, such as cancer. Since the designing of buildings heavily relies on materials, the AIA must stay on top of which materials are acceptable for use.

Resiliency is also another major concern for Robert Ivy, and, the AIA. Natural disasters must be planned for, and, buildings and the surrounding areas must be prepared. Hurricanes, earthquakes, and, even wildfires, are concerns that the AIA and, professional architects must always be mindful of. By speaking up, the AIA takes on these and many other initiatives that may otherwise go unaddressed. The commitment and dedication to its members are impressive. Robert Ivy and, the AIA, have a huge amount of responsibility. Its work is beneficial to the world, and, it will be appreciated for generations to come.

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Twenty-Six Guns Have Been Stolen From A South Carolina Gun Shop

It is never a good day when something is stolen, but it can be an even worse problem when the item that has been taken is something that could potentially be used as a deadly weapon against another human being. That is the case with the latest story out of the Post and Courier.

The situation is that someone has stolen some twenty-six guns from a gun shop in the state of South Carolina. Rivertown Auction Company and Gun Store is the victim in this incident with the owner saying that literally every gun case in the store was broken into, but not all of the guns were removed.

Some of the guns that were stolen require extensive background checks before they may be sold. This has led to heightened concern in the community that someone out there has a gun that they certainly should not possess under any circumstances.

The store does has some recovered video coverage from a security camera that is set up in the store. They are able to see a car pulling up to the store before some suspects are deposited from the car and make their robbery. No suspect names or identifications have been released by the police department at this time. They say that the case remains under investigation.

These types of robberies are unfortunately somewhat common. Guns can be very valuable commodities depending on what type they are and what type of buyer is on the other end of the transaction. Many guns are sold illegally for a large profit margin. Thus, the suspects in this case may have been going for a quick score when they stole guns from this particular South Carolina shop.

How a Fort Mill Resident Won a Staggering $400,000 from the Lottery Numbers

A Fort Mill resident recently grabbed the headlines after winning a $400,000 lottery over the weekend. However, his son deemed it necessary to capitalize on the new proceeds by asking for a new dirt bike. According to reliable sources, the unidentified Fort Mill pulled off the unexpected win by matching the five right numbers of 5, 9, 16, 17 and 22 based on a November 14th drawing. Alternatively, the winner also forked out extra money to double his chances of what would have ultimately been a $100,000 jackpot win with the extra number 4.

Unknown to most people, the new winner had been secretly using his son’s birthday as his lucky numbers since the Palmetto Cash began in January 2005. Fascinating enough is the fact that the unidentified winner hardly knew about jackpot win until he presented his ticket for scanning before a clerk. Just as the terminal instructed him to claim his prize at Columbia, the winner’s surprise could only be compared to a heart attack. The newly acquired funds would undoubtedly go a long way in easing some of his worries as well as providing stability for his family.

By purchasing the ticket from a Fairway Fuel based at 1290 Tom Hall St, Fort Mill, the station unprecedentedly received a $4000 commission. Since the November 14th drawing, the South Carolina Education Lottery can accurately confirm that over 4,600 Palmetto Cash 5 players have emerged as beneficiaries ranging from winning between $1 and $400,000. However, the probability of winning the top prize is significantly stacked at 1 in 4,015,536.

As much as the jackpot would help in settling some of the personal debts currently incurred, the South Carolina native deems it necessary to put a smile on his son’s face sooner rather than later. After all, you can never know when another winning streak might come your way.