Pregnant Woman In South Akron Poses With Honey Bees

Imagine covering yourself with 20,000 bees for maternity photos. Well, a young mother in South Akron, Ohio, has done this. Emily Mueller, 33, wore a white maternity dress and posed in nature as 20,000 bees were swarming on her.

In one of the pictures, Mueller is sitting in the grass with the bees covering her pregnant belly. In order to control the bees for the photos, she held a small cage with the queen bee.

Many people are afraid of bees and consider them to be dangerous. Some people might question the safety of covering oneself with bees. Emily Mueller and her spouse, Ryan, operate a bee-removal business, so she knew exactly what she was doing. The woman who photographed her was Kendrah Damis.

Mueller decided to pose with bees because of the spiritual significance that bees have for her and her husband. She experienced three miscarriages in the past, and she felt that bees symbolize her struggles because they symbolize life and death. The symbolism of the bees, as well as the feeling of them all around her provided for a very spiritual experience. She felt like she was able to fully connect with nature.

Did she get stung? Of Course! However, none of the bees intentionally attacked her. She was stung three times. She was stung one time because she accidentally sat on a bee. Another time she was stung because she accidentally crushed a bee with one of her arms.

Upon hearing this story some people might question how safe this would be for an unborn baby. Well, her unborn baby was unharmed. Honey bees happen to be very docile and safe to be around.

Mueller was pregnant with her fourth child, and she said that with four children, her and her husband are “good to go.”

Tourists Flock to Omaha for Christmas Around the World

Nebraska’s largest city seems like an unlikely place to experience international culture, but holiday seekers in Omaha are thronging to the city this month to attend local cultural festivals. More than 1,000 visitors have arrived in Omaha in December to attend Christmas events celebrating Irish, Mexican, and German cultures. According to the the Omaha Visitors Bureau, Omaha’s holiday events attract tourists from all over the country, including states like California and Texas. The popularity of Omaha’s Christmas activities has inspired tour companies to offer visitors special “Christmas Around the World” tour packages.

To the delight of out-of-towners, the city’s German-American Society hosted its annual Christmas in Germany celebration on December 3. The celebration was held at the society’s headquarters on South 120th Street. Guests enjoyed singing traditional German Christmas carols and watched German folk dancers perform as they consumed German mulled wine and ate German bratwurst. The festivities concluded with a sing-along of “Stille Nacht” and a surprise visit from St. Nicholas.

Visitors also experienced a Christmas in Mexico celebration in the South 24th Street South historic district and traveled to Boys Town for the facility’s Irish Christmas. This celebration of Irish Christmas traditions includes an antique toy display at Father Flanagan’s Historic House in Omaha. Father Flanagan founded the non-profit organization that caters to disadvantaged children and was immortalized in the classic Hollywood film Boys Town, starring Spencer Tracy. The Irish Christmas open house is scheduled to run until December 16.

Other ongoing Christmas events include the Holiday Poinsettia Show at Lauritzen Gardens and the Omaha Symphony’s annual Christmas celebration. Additionally, a musical adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is running at the Omaha Playhouse until December 23.

Bob Reina: He’s Someone To Admire

It can be very hard to find people to look up to in today’s world. There are a lot of people that are just not doing the right thing, and it is happening with people in positions of power. They get a little power and it goes right to their head. They don’t know how to behave in a normal fashion any longer. They think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread and they start to get an ego. It can be very difficult to deal with these types of people. How do you talk to them? How do you reason with them? They think they are on a different playing field than you are, so they look down on you.


That is the wonderful thing about Bob Reina. He’s always changing and evolving as a human being, because it is important to do that in order to succeed in life, but at his core, he is still humble, kind, and nice to the people he interacts with on a day-to-day basis. If someone didn’t know any better, they would not realize they were interacting with someone like Bob Reina. That is what a rare breed he is as a human being. They wouldn’t know they were talking to the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion and someone that used to work in law enforcement.


There is a message, however, he wants to get out to the public, and it is a message that is very near and dear to his heart. It is the message of never giving up. He knows how easy it can be for people to give up today when the going gets tough. However, he believes if people just hang in there, tough it out, and keep the good fight going, they will have success. As a matter of fact, he is living proof of that. Even though Bob Reina has had success in his life, it has not come easy. If it were easy, Bob Reina would not enjoy it as much. He enjoys it that much more when it’s done the right way and with the right attitude. Learn more:


He wants to fight, claw, and battle his way to the top. He has done that as the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. They have earned their awards, including the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. It has many wondering what is in store for the next ten years with Talk Fusion. They have been ahead of the curve, and that promises to only keep happening as time goes on with this great company led by an even greater man, which is truly saying something because he’s special in so many ways.


Chicago Police Officers Risk Their Lives To Save Children In Burning Building

Every day across the Midwest, tens of thousands of firefighters and police officers put their lives in danger to protect others. While many stories go untold, sometimes they get the recognition they deserve. Such was the case of a Chicago officer Jason Fong and his partner, Raymond Baretto.

It was a day like any other; they were patrolling their beat on Monday, January 29th. Out of nowhere, a woman came running towards them screaming and crying. She was holding onto three small children and was visibly shaken. She told the officers that a home in the East Garfield Park neighborhood was engulfed in flames.

The officers were not suited up for this event, and they had no formal training in intense fire rescues. The smoke was so thick, and the fire was burning their skin as they entered the building. However, there were kids trapped inside. Fong said that all he could think about was his family and how he would want someone to help them. The smoke was thick and black, but these brave heroes were worried about the 5, 2 and 1-month old children inside.

Everyone made it out safely. The officers were overcome with smoke from the devastating fire. They were checked and released at Rush University Medical Center. Thankfully, no one was hurt in this fire. While the building was a total loss, the residents of 3900 West Congress Parkway will rebuild.

As for the officers, they are being honored as hometown heroes. Cops and firefighters often work together to save lives; however, without the right equipment or formal training for such a disaster recovery, it could have ended in tragedy rather than victory. Fong doesn’t want praise for doing what any other fellow officer should do. He knows their actions were made from split-second decisions, but he would do it again if given a chance.

Little Known Fact: Wisconsin Donated Over 17,000 lbs of Cheese To Harvey Victims

This past summer, Hurricane Harvey really did a number on people’s lives. Many people were displaced and their homes were flooded out. Social chaos ensued in some areas.

Wisconsin did its part to help those affected by Harvey. It may be a little known fact that Wisconsin donated over 17,000 pounds of cheese to Hurricane Harvey victims in Texas. The cheese came from local cheese makers and farmers in the state of Wisconsin. Twenty-six companies, in total, took part in the effort.

On a Friday, a truck packed with dairy goods left Madison, Wisconsin, and embarked on a journey to Texas. The truck was packed full of cheese—cheddar wedges, string cheese, cheese curds and more. Three-hundred pounds of butter were also sent down to the Houston Food Bank.

The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, a non-profit, spearheaded the state-wide donation drive. They initially intended to receive about 200 pounds of cheese donations, though they kept receiving more and more.

It is not surprising that Wisconsin has donated so much cheese to hurricane victims. Wisconsin is known for its cheese production. The state has the largest number of cheese plants in the United States, and it produces 600 varieties of cheese.

The donors of the cheese hoped that their products would bring some comfort to the hurricane victims, since cheese happens to be comfort food.

Cheese is nutrient dense. Even though it may be unhealthy to eat too much cheese on a frequent basis, it is a good thing to have in times of disaster and desperation when there aren’t many resources around. Relatively small amounts of cheese are packed with calcium, fat, calories and other nutrients.

With its own unique contribution, Wisconsin has followed the same humanitarian path for the plight of Harvey victims as other companies, organizations and celebrities.

Tiny Living Is Comming To Columbus, Ohio

Tiny living is becoming a significant trend. While some parts of the country have embraced the fad, others have not been so quick to jump on board. Columbus, Ohio, is a thriving urban city that has culture, flair, and diversity. However, the cost of living here is quite expensive for most people. The average purchase price of a home is $139,000, but the average family income is only $58,000. There’s a lot of old houses sitting empty too. Many of the homes have fallen into disrepair, and some parts of the city look like a ghost town.

Repairing old homes is costly and requires skill. However, tiny houses are a great option. The new homes will be built using shipping containers. These containers will be stacked to make nice sized, efficient homes. A not-for-profit agency oversees building the two starter homes, the first of which will be located on Bassett Avenue. The house will consist of five shipping containers stacked and arranged to make a nice sized home. They have dubbed the model the “Cargo Home.”

While this is the first single-family cargo dwelling that the city will have, there is a multi-story apartment complex on the east side of town. Old Leonard Avenue is home to a 25-story apartment complex entirely constructed from cargo containers. Is Columbus embracing this new move to make living more affordable in the area? Those who cannot afford the high rent and astronomical home prices will be relieved.

The first home will cost $105,000, which is a significant price cut from the average price of a new home in the region. Forget cookie cutter style housing; these beauties can be customized however a person wants. Bringing affordable living options to the city is something that is long overdue. It’s just the beginning for this area. Since the homeless population is a growing concern, these mobile, low cost, options can be an excellent way to help many people for less.

Midwest USA Communities Still Uncomfortable With Gambling

Although gambling in all of its various forms has taken on a new level of acceptance and understanding in recent years, there are still some pockets of the United States that are not completely comfortable with the practice. This was evidenced when a Piggly Wiggly store in a small down in Illinois installed some video gambling machines.

The store owner was granted a liquor license by the town according to Having a liquor license in that particular town means that you automatically are granted a license to have gambling machines installed as well.

After the owner went through the trouble of putting the machines in, he got some blowback from the community for what those machines symbolize. They believe that it flies in the face of the image that Piggly Wiggly stores have tried to uphold throughout the years. That image in the mind of many customers is that of a very family-friendly place in which everyone is welcome. To some people, the sight of gambling machines alone is enough to turn them away.

The store owner has said that installing the new machines have helped to bring in a whole new crop of customers. He says that it helps keep his store competitive against some of the larger stores in the area. Meanwhile, members of the town council that granted the license in the first place say that it was not their intention for it to be used to get him the gambling machines placed in there. They legitimately believed that he wanted it just for the right to sell liquor.

It seems like in this particular case, there are no winners and losers, just angry people on both sides. Perhaps the only people who have won as a result of this are those who really care about their ability to play the gambling machines.

St. Louis County Fights Back To Save Creve Coeur Lake From Asian Carp

Fishing season will soon be underway. Missouri has a lot of lakes and tributaries that allow many anglers to hit the open waters. However, the Creve Coeur Lake has an unwelcomed visitor this year. The Asian carp have moved in and threatened the habitat for other fish. The Missouri Department of Conservation is working endlessly to get rid of these fish and protect one of the most revered lakes in St. Louis County.

Though this battle is a first for the state of Missouri, other states have already fought victorious battles against the pests. Creating a grid-like system within the lake, they will lure the fish into the net using electrical barriers. These bottom feeders are very invasive and will stop at nothing to destroy the other fish. They specifically have a significant impact on the croppy, which is one of the most favored fish by anglers in the area.

Typical methods used to catch fish don’t work with these intelligent carp, as they can jump higher than most and get out of a net. So, these new nets use a comb-like system to skim across the bottom of the lake, and once they are in the net, the electrical currents keep them from jumping out. Though these fish are not native to the area, the massive amounts of flooding are thought to be the cause of their entry.

The first Asian carp was spotted back in 2009. Their population has continued to increase over the past decade, and the officials at Creve Coeur Lake decided enough is enough. These fish are voracious eaters, and they can eat more than 20 percent of their body weight, in other fish, each day. While their big appetites are a problem, another ecological threat is their ability to reproduce fast. The biggest problem is these bottom feeders make the floor of the lakes so murky that all the other fish have a challenging time finding the nutrients they need to sustain life.

If something isn’t done soon, Creve Coeur Lake would be overtaken by the carp, and anglers would avoid this once favored fishing spot. However, even with these efforts, it will take about 5-6 years for the population of croppy to rebuilt to its former state.

Historic Warplane Accidentally Discovered in the Midwest

For decades, the military aircraft that took the lead during the largest wartime airborne operation in history unceremoniously rusted in a Wisconsin junkyard until a historian found it by chance. According to a recent report by the Associated Press, a researcher looking for C-47s from the World War II era was surprised to run into the very first warplane to drop paratroopers over Normandy.

It so happened that the historian was researching the life of Colonel John Donaldson, the Army Air Corps officer who piloted the C-47 named “That’s All, Brother.” The researcher wanted to get a feel of the aircraft in general, but he never expected to find this important piece of world history.

“That’s All, Brother” was found at Basler Turbo Conversions, a salvage shop located in the Midwest community of Oshkosh. Once the aircraft was identified, Air Force historians were immediately contacted to carry out a campaign to collect enough funds for a full restoration. It too about a month for the campaign to collect more than $350,000; a restoration crew has spent weeks working long shifts to get the C-47 back into flying conditions.

Even though Wisconsin is in the midst of a harsh winter, the restoration experts are determined to getting the warplane airborne next year; the goal is to transfer it to Europe so that it can be part of the flying celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Normandy invasion, which is more commonly known as D-Day. The engines of the C-47 have already been tested once, and the crew is confident that the historic plane will be able to take off in a few months.

D-Day took place in early June of 1944; this massive landing of Allied forces in France and behind enemy lines proved to be decisive in eliminating the Third Reich and bringing World War II to an end.

Hmong Activities In A Wisconsin School District

The school district in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, has begun to acknowledge the cultural presence of the Hmong children who make up its student body. Very recently, a club has been started in Locust Lane Elementary School that has to do with Hmong culture. It is a Hmong language club that is geared toward children in the 4th and 5th grades. The club is especially geared for children who speak Hmong at home to whatever extent, but do not know how to read or write the language.

Three women have taken roles in the creation of this club: True Vue, Tia Lor and an English teacher by the name of Karla Lien.

The creation of this club came just before last week’s announcement that there will be a “Hmong History and Culture” course available next fall in the high school.

Many reasons exist for why the school district has decided to include Hmong culture in its activities. First off, Hmong make up the the Chippewa Valley’s largest minority group, as well as the largest singular ethnic group. They exist in enough numbers to have a voice and to be a priority. Secondly, the school district is trying to educate non-Hmong children about Hmong culture for better understanding among students.

Many people do not know who the Hmong are. Hmong is an ethnic group from Southeast Asia. Prior to a couple hundred years ago, they used to live in China. From the early sixties to the end of the Vietnam War, the United States worked in cahoots with the Hmong to fight communist forces in Southeast Asia.

Trouble came to the Hmong after the Vietnam War was over. After the war ended, American forces pulled out of communist-occupied parts of Asia, leaving the Hmong by themselves. Once the Hmong were left alone, the communists came to seek revenge against the them for colluding with the American forces. As a result, the communists treated the Hmong inhumanely.

Hmong people fled communist-occupied parts of Southeast Asia for America and refugee camps in other Asian countries. Many of them lived in refugee camps for years, and it was common to go from a refugee camp in Asia to America. The American government took an initiative to place them in the United States.