KU Fraternity Leaders Meet to Develop New Initiatives and Revoke Social Freeze

University of Kansas fraternity leaders are stepping up and leading the way in developing initiatives to stop hazing and harmful drinking habits. The Interfraternity Council (IFC) met this week to approve a plan to reinstate social privileges following last month’s ban. The new process will require that all 24 IFC chapters attend annual review meetings with university officials as well as change the current the recruitment and pledging process in an effort to eliminate reduce potential issues.

In March, a small group of fraternity leaders met to enact a university-approved social freeze on various activities and outings. Upset by this action, many fraternity presidents immediately revoked the freeze and then suspended the original group of leaders, under the grounds that these members enacted the rule in violation of IFC bylaws. The newly formed IFC board came together to propose new initiatives designed to deal with the problem without restricting social activities.

The new programs will be released by September 1 so that IFC members can put the initiatives into practice. Although the exact details have not been thoroughly hashed out, the initiative will ban hard alcohol from all fraternity houses and require engagement in substance abuse prevention programs. Each individual chapter will also be tasked with setting up its own personal guidelines regarding recruitment and hazing, as well as instituting techniques to encourage healthy and positive practices. The IFC is also exploring how to set up a new task force, featuring current and past IFC members, university administrators, and IFC advisers. KU Chancellor Doug Girod is supportive of the IFC leaders and their decision to revoke the social freeze, trusting in them to make the right decisions moving forward.

Senate Democrats Set To Block Abortion Bill

A decision by the state Senate of South Carolina to vote in favor of a bill that would ban nearly all abortions was met with much criticism Thursday, even from some activist that would classify themselves as anti-abortion. The bill, which was recently amended, passed by a vote of 28-10 and only allow for abortions to take place in instances where a rape or incest has taken place, or if for health reasons the termination of the pregnancy is necessary to save the life of the mother.

The ban that has otherwise been imposed on abortions in the state would violate the Roe V. Wade decision ruled on by the supreme court in 1973 that made abortions legal throughout the country. This has caused those that would support abortion in the state to fear that the bill will meet with legal resistance.

The bill would need another vote of support in the state Senate to advance its progress but Wednesday’s amendments to the bill will make it difficult to avoid an expected filibuster. There were repeated attempts to establish compromise with Democrats on Thursday but these were unsuccessful attempts.

The potential delay in progress could possibly occupy the Senate for the remainder of the current session which has a week remaining and cause South Carolina Senators to not be able to vote on other important bills.

Democratic Senator Marlon Kimpson of Charleston made the accusation that his colleagues with the GOP of wasting valuable time playing politics. Kimpson goes on to say that a group of men is attempting to hold the political process hostage while telling women what to do with there bodies. All the while, Kimpson explains that other issues that are just important are going to be neglected because of GOP stall tactics.

When the Senators began the abortion debate on Tuesday the only abortion that was set to be banned was second-trimester procedures known as “dilation and evacuation.” These procedures accounted for only 22 abortions that took place in the state for the year of 2016.

Chicago Rental Market Changing

Chicago, IL is the home to more than three million people and is the largest city in the Midwest in terms of population. Because of this, and the strong local economy, Chicago continues to have a very dynamic real estate market. The rental market in Chicago is continuing to change in many different ways and could be changing even more in the coming years (https://chicago.suntimes.com/news/chicago-rental-housing-market-shift-more-wealthy-renting-fewer-two-flat-apartment-buildings-depaul-university/).

For the past few years there have been a variety of very identifiable trends in the Chicago housing market. One trend that has been noticed has been the fact that many wealthy individuals are choosing to rent as opposed to owning real estate. In fact, the amount of renters that are considered to be wealthy increased by nearly seven percent in just one year between 2014 and 2015.

There are several reasons why renting in Chicago has been so popular. One of the main reasons why is because younger adults are less willing to commit to owning real estate than older generations. While it used to be considered a great idea to always own a home, the recent variability of housing values across the country have shown that it is not always a foregone conclusion that owning is better.

Another reason why more people may continue to rent as opposed to own is that there are no longer the same tax benefits. Those that choose to buy a home used to be able to enjoy the SALT tax deductions, which were very high for those that owned a property in Illinois. Now that those tax benefits have been reduced, the amount of money that someone can save is much lower. Furthermore, some are concerned about the overall health of the state. While there is still a lot of opportunity, there is concern over the slight drop in state population.

South Carolina Passes Law To Combat Anti-Semitic Behavior On College Campuses

The state of South Carolina has become the first state in the country to ratify legislation that would combat anti-semitism on college campuses. Supporters of the legislation say that the measure is needed and will help to negate the rising number of incidents of discrimination taking place on college campuses in the country.

The bill was voted on by the House in South Carolina and passed by a vote of 86-4 on Wednesday. Republican Alan Clemmons, the state representative that sponsored the bill expressed pride at the fact that his state was willing to become the nation’s leader in the fight against anti-semitic speech and behavior. The bill’s opponents say that the bill goes too far in its restrictions of individual’s expressing critical ideas regarding the actions of the Israeli government.

The bill is expected to be signed into law as soon as it reaches the desk of South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster.

The anti-defamation league reported in February that the number of incidents relating to anti-semitic discrimination increased by nearly 60% in the last year. This was the highest increase ever for a one-year period.

The bill in South Carolina has listed a broad base of behaviors that can be labeled as anti-semitism including calling for attacks on Jewish people, placing blame on Israel for political problems, and speaking words to suggest the right of Israel to exist. Opponents say that the bill is a gross violation of individual free speech and could have negative consequences on academic thought and debate.

Senator Brad Hutto expressed his disappointment with the bill by saying the bill’s supporters are thrusting lawmakers in the state into debates concerning foreign policy.

The bill’s sponsor, Bill Clemmons, says that the bill is much needed to provide individual’s with protection from anti-semitic sentiments and is long overdue.

Migratory Birds Having A Hard Time Because Of Wisconsin’s Abnormally Cold Spring Weather

Blizzard Evelyn has been a significant event in Wisconsin, throwing off the order of things this season.

The birds have been thrown off by the blizzard and the cold, having a harder time finding food and staying warm. Many birds have just migrated back to Wisconsin, only to find a somewhat more inhospitable environment where it is colder and food is harder to find.

Conservation groups are saying that people should take an interest in helping birds such as robins, woodcocks ad warblers. Over the past week, there have been numerous calls from residents about weak, sick and struggling birds.

The Raptor Education Group took 50 phone calls about such situations. Marge Gibson, a person who works for Raptor Education Group, says that this season has not seen normal weather. This spring, there has been a lot of snow, and the cold has been abnormally sustained. Migratory birds can only tolerate cold temperatures and snow to a limited extent. They have a hard time thriving when there is an excess of winter conditions. There are less insects around due to the abnormal climate, so birds are going hungry.

The Raptor Education Group has given people a set of instructions of what to do when they see a suffering bird. If you are able to pick up a bird, you should put the bird in a box with a towel lining the bottom. The box should be brought into a warm place, and a heating pad should be put under the box. Food should be given to the bird. Live waxworms and live or dried mealworms are good things to feed birds that you have rescued from the outdoors. These insects can be found anywhere that sells live bait. You can look in Walmart, as well as in pet shops.

Rodney Mahone Promoted To President Of The Charlotte Observer And Some Local South Carolina News Sites

McClatchy is proud to announce that they named Rodney Mahone as president of the Charlotte Observer, The State in Columbia, SC, The Herald in Rock Hill, SC and the Beaufort Gazette in Hilton Head, SC. Mahoney is slated to begin his role at the beginning of June.

The publishers at Mcclatchy are very excited about Rodney Mahone’s appointment because innovation is a hallmark of his style when publishing newspaper articles. He also has entrepreneurial vision and can see the big picture. Mahone is a lifelong resident of Columbus, GA..

Rodney Mahone is also a noted philanthropist. He started a community initiative in his hometown called “Together Columbus”, which was an Innovative public-to-private initiative that resulted in a $344,000 investment in his community. His leadership in this endeavor resulted in the ledger-enquirer being noted as one of the top 10 newspapers in the country by the “That Do It Right” publication.

Mahone is a man who has truly worked his way up. He began his career with The Ledger Enquirer, working in the circulation department. He quickly began to stand out, and took on several leadership roles within the advertising department. This culminated in his promotion to the Vice President of Advertising in 2009.

Rodney Mahone also made his mark as an advertising executive, earning an American Advertising Federation Silver Award. He played an active role in the leadership of Columbus, and was a 2012 member of leadership Georgia. He also was notable for serving on the board of directors for Boys and Girls Club of Columbus.

Ross Mahone knows that his wealth of experience is only going to make the Charlotte Observer and the rest of the South Carolina news companies that much better. He truly gets up in the morning only to realize the need to make a difference and be an asset in a news community. Given his track record, these news outlets will only continue to improve under his leadership.

Earthquake Surprises People In Michigan

When we think of earthquakes, we usually think of of them happening in places along the West Coast, like California. However, they turn up in some of the most unexpected places.

A 3.6 magnitude earthquake shook up the Detroit metropolitan area on April 19th, 2018. The center of it was in Canada, near Amherstburg, a place that is about twenty miles from the downtown part of Detroit. Windows were rattled and people were emotionally shook, but there were no acute reports of serious damages.

Various social media sites lit up with comments from people who experienced the earthquake. Many people did not expect an earthquake to happen, and thought that the shaking was from some other cause. One man said that he thought that the shaking was from a truck on the I-94—until he realized that it kept going on for an abnormally long time. Some people thought that the shaking was from an exploding meteor in the sky because such a thing had happened this past January. There were individuals out there who were experienced in feeling earthquakes from having lived on the West Coast. These individuals knew what was going on, right away.

This was not the first earthquake to hit Michigan, and it probably won’t be the last. There was a 4.2 earthquake on May 2nd, 2015. It was centered nine miles eastward of Kalamazoo and five miles southward of Galesburg. The 4.2 earthquake was considered to be the largest earthquake that Michigan felt in more than 67 years. Another earthquake happened a week after that one. The following earthquake hit an area that was located southeast of Battle Creek, and was measured to be a magnitude of 3.3. In 2011, Detroit’s Renaissance Center swayed as an earthquake from Virginia was felt.

This most recent earthquake hit at about 8:01 pm, taking everybody who felt it by surprise.

The Frontera Fund Sponsors Immigration Lectures and Debates in Arizona

Can the Border Divide Us is a series of lectures that is sponsored by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. They use their Frontera Fund to finance these public events. The lectures helps various members of society and the community to figure out the best ways to resolve the border issues that are causing a lot problems in modern society.

Can the Border Divide Us utilizes panels, lectures and films that focuses on the border and the lives that are impacted by this dilemma. Everyone does not fully understand the all the problems that result from the border issue. However, to some extent they are aware that it is a problem.

One of the biggest problems that people worry about on the borders is the issue of sovereignty. When a country cannot control its borders it is no longer an independent nation. That is one of the biggest concerns that conservatives have with the issue of illegal immigration. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Twitter

No country can allow numerous numbers of people to consistently cross their borders at will and resettle within their territory. This could drastically change the social, cultural and economic makeup of a nation. Anti-immigration groups and supporters believe this is the current situation that is happening within America.

People who support immigration (whether documented or undocumented) disagree. They believe that immigration can actually help to strengthen the nation.

While they do not agree that people should just freely enter into the U.S.without being processed into American citizens at some point in time; they do not want to send people back to the bad life they just escaped.

There is no easy solution to the border situation. People from all sides must come together to find workable solutions for the nation, for each state and each community. This is why Can the Border Divide Us discussions are so important. This series of public lectures take place on college campuses, convention centers and in open forums at select locations.

When Can the Border Divide Us public engagements features films; the movies feature the directorial talent of up and coming filmmakers or seasoned veterans.

The films feature specific topics that will be covered during a meeting. Movies help to provide a deeper understanding and thorough insight into the various situations that take place along the border.

America needs to have discussions about the current state of immigration affairs within this country. This issue impacts all American life. Everything from employment to the economy is impacted by the border issue.

This issue also forces people to really assess what they believe about America’s constitution and if they really consider this country to be a nation of immigrants for immigrants.

There have been thousands of people who have come out to show support for the Can the Border Divide Us events. Larkin and Lacey know that these discussions must continue to improve current state of immigration in America.

While no one group or person has the final solution to the border situation; Can the Border Divide Us meetings help ensure that the best possible outcome is being decided for this turbulent issue.

Was South Carolina’s Recent Prison Violence Preventable?

South Carolina recently found themselves in the news for all the wrong reasons. The state is home to Lee Correctional Institution, a high security prison which made headlines for a recent riot.


Lee Correctional Institution was the location of a number of fights that occurred on April 15, 2018 that resulted in the death of 7 inmates as well as numerous injuries. The facility is home to a number of violent offenders, many of whom have very long sentences, as well as some people who have exhibited behavioral issues. At 7:15 in the evening fights between inmates began. Leaked videos showed an eerie scene, shirtless inmates wandering halls with weapons, one inmate even smearing blood across a white wall. The fights lasted hours, and a large emergency response presence finally entered the facility roughly four hours later. It is unclear why there was such a long wait for the emergency response team to take the scene.


South Carolina Republican Governor Henry McMaster tried to brush the occurrence off stating that it should be no surprise that a prison that houses violent offenders would be the home of such a violent night, but in all reality, it is quite surprising. The most recent event that had anywhere near the same deaths occurred in Ohio in 1993. It has become clear that there needs to be important questions asked, mainly, how did this occur. The answer is likely a simple one, there isn’t enough money for the prison to be run correctly. The institution is grossly understaffed and staff numbers fall far behind the necessary amount needed to properly enforce safety and security. In April 2017 there were 90 open positions for front line security at Lee Correctional Institution.


Now, South Carolina’s Governor as well as the prison itself are being called out because these deaths and this raging violence was likely preventable had the prison been properly funded and had it been fully staffed. While it is understandable that in these types of environments violence will likely happen, the scale of this particular incident is unimaginable. While McMaster would not comment to media outlets his office did issue a statement that note that he was committed to continuing to work on raising funds for the agency and will make that a priority as long as it is needed. For more information and more details, click here.

Michael Moore Spotted Shooting A Film Near Michigan Capitol

This Friday, Michael Moore was spotted near the Michigan Capitol. He was shooting a scene for an unnamed film that he was making. Moore was surrounded by film crew people and directed the film as he stood in front of the cameras. A Detroit News reporter asked Moore what his film was about. Moore declined to answer, saying that he was filming because he had nothing better to do. The people on his film crew joked that a Go-Gurt commercial was being shot.

In the scene that was being filmed, Michael Moore was holding up a hose connected to a truck that said “Flint Water.” He symbolically sprayed water toward the building. As he stood in front of the building, he held up a glass of water and symbolically said “Gov. Snyder, drink the water.”

Moore did this to make a point about the recent water crisis in Flint, Michigan—the place where he grew up. He is not rabble rousing for no reason—this really is a serious issue. There have been problems with high levels of lead in the water. Local residents lost trust in the government after they were told that it was okay to drink bad water in 2014.

Rick Snyder, the governor, recently ended services that provided Flint residents with free water bottles. He justified this by citing evidence that the lead levels had been below certain levels set by the federal government.

In 2016, Snyder pledged to drink filtered water from Flint for a month to show his faith in its quality. Barack Obama also drank the city’s water that year when he stopped there.

This isn’t the first time that Moore has dealt with issues concerning his hometown. In 1989, he came out with his documentary “Roger and Me,” documenting the consequences of auto factory closures in his Rust Belt city.