Man Bakes Bread As A Hobby And Gives It Away

Bob Perry started his bread-baking hobby nearly 30 years ago when he retired from his career as a teacher. After so many years of making bread, he has given away roughly 24,678 loaves. It makes sense to give away loaves. It’s so fun and easy to make them, yet they pile up very quickly you bake them as a hobby.

Perry finds pleasure in giving out loaves—perhaps just the same, if not more, pleasure than those who receive the bread. Some people tell him that his bread reminds them of their mothers’ or grandmothers’. When people tell him this, he is thoroughly pleased.

He believes that bread-making is a long-lost art. It is one of those more traditional things that people don’t really do, anymore.

It takes Perry 4 hours to make bread. In April, he made and gave over 300 loaves of bread.

Perry sees more bread in his future, saying that he will bake bread as long as there are people who he can give it to.

This past Monday, the bread enthusiast went to Black River Falls’ Lunda Community Center, where he handed out bread to middle aged and elderly people.

In Perry’s childhood years, he helped his mother make bread. His father, who was a mayor for 22 years, eventually took up bread-making at the age of 62. Perry is 68 years old and has been baking since his late thirties.

Perry loves to see his loaves of bread put smiles on people’s faces. He expects to hand out bread-loaf number 25,000 by the end of 2018.

Many people’s hearts are warmed by Perry’s willingness to give back to his community. He is a breathe of fresh air to many people.

Question of SC Sports Legalization to be Delayed

Although he is happy with a recent landmark United States Supreme Court decision legalizing gambling on the state level, South Carolina House Minority Leader Todd Rutherford is disappointed that the ruling did not come down just a little bit earlier.


During the past legislative session, Rutherford was the sponsor of a bill that would have prepared the state to jump on this opportunity now open due to the Supreme Court ruling. The bill would have allowed legalized betting on sports and horse racing in an effort to generate more tax revenue to be used on state services. However, because the state legislature adjourned last week prior to Monday’s Supreme Court ruling, the bill will be forced to wait until January to be considered. According to Rutherford, the timing is unfortunate as it will allow other states to get a foothold in that market prior to South Carolina being able to launch its own plan.


In anticipation of the ruling, at least 20 other states passed legislation of their own so that they could act as soon as the decision came down. Although there is almost certain to be lost tax revenue because of the delay, South Carolina will also be in the favorable position to learn from the mistakes and successes of states that implement the legalized betting more quickly.


Eilers & Krejcik Gaming, a firm that tracks betting laws, predicts that legal sports gambling will be offered in about 32 states within the next five years. These numbers come from research into what individual states have done to prepare for the possibility of this legalization. The firm believes that neighboring North Carolina is best prepared to move in that direction, followed shortly by Georgia, leaving South Carolina behind the curve should they choose to go this route.

Ticks and Allergens Increase In Recent Warm Weather

This season has seen a long winter and a late spring. Within the past few days, warm weather has hit after a long, drawn out, cold season. Everybody is rushing to get outside and enjoy the weather. However, everyone must be aware that it is now tick season, as well as allergy season.

The fact that the warm weather has come so late is only going to exacerbate things for allergy suffers, as well as for people who come into contact with ticks. The Eau Claire City-County Health Department is concerned about ticks and Lyme disease, because there have already been five cases of Lyme disease that have been confirmed since January. At least some of those Lyme disease cases could be from 2017.

The lingering cold has kept many things from budding out. As a result, everything will bud out at once and overcompensate. This will wreak havoc on those who are vulnerable to allergies, and allergy sufferers may have more triggers than usual.

There is an allergy map that shows the status of allergens in the air. About 42% of the country has a medium to high rating.

There are a number of things that you can do to avoid ticks and Lyme disease. First off, wear bright colored clothing so that you can see whether ticks are on you. Wear long sleeves and long pants. Try not to have exposed skin, especially on your legs. Always check your body, even if you are covered up. Some people are surprised to find ticks on their legs and crotches, even when they have been covered up.

Tick bites must be taken very seriously, and it is important to know how exactly to deal with them before you go out into any wilderness areas.

Shark Attack Reported on Hilton Head

On Sunday, a 10-year-old boy from Hampton County was bitten by a shark while playing in the ocean on a Hilton Head beach. A helicopter rushed him to a Savannah hospital for emergency surgery.


The Turrell family recently moved to South Carolina from Orlando and was visiting the Disney Beach House on Hilton Head on Sunday. 10-year-old Jei Turrell went down to the water to play in the ocean with his brother. He was in saltwater up to his waist when the attack occurred. A small shark took a bite out of his right arm, leaving him terrified and bleeding. His mother Tonya heard him screaming and was able to wrap a towel around his arm to help control the bleeding.


Jei was flown to the Memorial University Medical Center by helicopter where he underwent emergency surgery on Sunday. Doctors reported that the shark had bitten through the boy’s skin and tissue all the way to the ulna and radius beneath. He remained in the hospital to recover from his blood loss and trauma.


Based on Jei’s description of the shark, experts theorized that the attack was most likely perpetrated by a spinner shark or a blacktip shark, two of the most common species found in South Carolina waters. Typically, South Carolina sees an average of five shark attacks per year, but in 2017 there was an alarming uptick in attacks. In the summer of 2017 alone, eight shark attacks were reported; however, experts say they believe the increase is due to greater awareness that minor shark bites should be reported.


Most shark attacks in South Carolina do not result in serious wounds, as the sharks often mistake human legs and arms for their oceanic prey and dart away after realizing their error. No one has died from a shark bite in the US since 2015 and only four deaths from shark attacks have been recorded in South Carolina since 1900.

Cavaliers Get Big Overtime Win Over Raptors in Game 1

After surviving a tough seven-game series with the Indiana Pacers, the Cleveland Cavaliers only got one day to rest before they faced off against the Toronto Raptors in the second round on Tuesday night. Defeating the top team in the Eastern Conference was always going to be a hard task, but getting almost no rest made the Cavaliers big underdogs going into Game 1.

The Cavaliers looked like an extremely tired team throughout the first quarter. They struggled to shoot the ball with tired legs. After only scoring 19 points in the opening quarter, Cleveland trailed Toronto by 14 points. The team miraculously came alive in the second quarter. A 38-point quarter put the Cavaliers within three points at halftime.

Toronto jumped out to a 13-point lead early in the third quarter, but Cleveland refused to give up. They shrank the deficit to only five points before the start of the fourth quarter. The Cavaliers continued to battle throughout the final quarter before tying the game with just 30 seconds left on the clock. Both teams missed game-winning shots in the final seconds to send the game to overtime.

The first 48 minutes of the game were exhausting, so both teams struggled on offense in overtime. The Raptors were down by one point with just 3.4 seconds on the clock when Fred VanVleet missed a three-pointer. After Tristan Thompson secured the rebound, the Cavaliers won the first game of the series 113-112.

The Raptors were the best home team in the NBA this season, so pulling off the upset was huge for the Cavaliers. They will look to steal another game in Toronto when Game 2 is played on Thursday, May 3. Winning the first two games will put Cleveland in a great position to advance to the conference finals.

Broken Bridge Shuts Down Charleston Interstate

A broken cable underneath the James B. Edwards Bridge on the Wando River forced officials to close part of the Mark Clark Expressway on Monday. The cable is believed to have snapped sometime in the last month, as the South Carolina Department of Transportation inspects the bridge on a regular basis.


On Monday, inspectors discovered that one of the eight large cables holding the bridge’s concrete sections together had broken. The westbound side of the bridge was immediately shut down and the South Carolina Department of Transportation announced that the bridge would be closed for at least two days for assessment.


The James B. Edwards Bridge was completed in 1989 and was designed by the FIGG Engineering Group. The Florida-based engineering firm also designed the pedestrian bridge that recently collapsed on the campus of the Florida International University. The James B. Edwards Bridge cost $32 million to build and is of a box girder design, a type that is uncommon in South Carolina. The bridge is 7,900 feet long and includes 92 different cables.


This is not the first time the bridge has had structural issues. Soon after it was completed, the bridge’s joints had to be replaced after they started rupturing. In October 2016,  another large cable had to be repaired after inspections revealed that it was damaged..


The Wando Bridge on South Carolina Highway 41 was just completed in July 2017. Drivers attempting to travel to Daniel Island will have to detour to the Wando Bridge. They can also drive all the way through Charleston to enter the island on the west side using the Don N. Holt Bridge that spans the Cooper River. Drivers attempting to journey to Mount Pleasant from Charleston can use the eastbound lanes on the James B. Edwards Bridge or opt to use the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge.

“Roseanne” Reboot Proves Popular in Midwest

More than two decades after it went off the air, “Roseanne” has returned to the airwaves. The same cast returns, with the characters in much the same situation, but 20 years later. Of course, times have changed, and the show reflects some of the changes that have occurred since the family last entertained America on television.

The rebooted series finds Roseanne and her family divided over politics, as some of them are ardent supporters of President Trump (like star and co-creator Roseanne Barr herself) and others find him deplorable. They manage to love one another despite this divide, which strikes a hopeful tone in an America increasingly torn apart by political differences. The show has proven especially popular in the midwest, where President Trump’s popularity is fairly high.

After millions of people tuned in to the first episode, President Trump personally congratulated Barr on her success. Having spent a great deal of time as a television personality, he has a keen understanding of how challenging it is to achieve stellar ratings. So far, the show has continued to do well. While it has highlighted ordinary working class Americans whose ideals line up with those President Trump espouses, some elements of the comedy have a more liberal bent, including a storyline involving a planned surrogate pregnancy and another featuring a young boy who prefers to dress in female clothing.

Although the series has not been on very long, its early success suggests that it will remain on the air for some time to come. In addition to making audiences laugh, “Roseanne” is sparking conversations about how to peacefully coexist with friends and relatives across the current political divide. It will be interesting to see how this iconic sit-com family continues to navigate the realities of a 21st-century America under President Trump.

Vietnam War Hero Gets South Carolina’s Top Civilian Honor

As a recipient of the U.S. Military’s highest honor, the Congressional Medal of Honor, retired Maj. General James Livingston has now received the highest civilian honor from his home state of South Carolina.


S.C. Governor Henry McMaster awarded the Order of the Palmetto to Livingston for his ongoing and extraordinary contributions to the state. The award was presented at a small ceremony at the South Carolina Statehouse on Tuesday.


Livingston entered the U.S. Marine Corps as a second lieutenant in 1962. By 1966 he was the Commanding Officer of the Marine detachment assigned to the The Wasp, a U.S. Naval aircraft carrier. He was sent to Vietnam in 1967. It was his heroic action during the Battle of Dai Do that landed him the Medal of Honor. Livingston participated in direct hand-to-hand combat, was wounded three times and was still firing at the enemy as two fellow Marines dragged him to safety.


Livingston served two tours in Vietnam. He retired from active duty in 1995 at the rank of Major General. Entering civilian life in South Carolina, he continued to distinguish himslef and make enormous contributions to businesses and community organizations, including the National D-Day Museum, the Red Cross, the Boy Scouts of America, the Salvation Army and the LSU Medical Foundations.


At the Palmetto Awards ceremony, Livingston repeated his favorite quote from Dr. Martin Luther King — that a man, “should be judged by the content of his character and not by the color of his skin.” He also said he was honored to receive South Carolina’s highest civilian honor because it was, “supported by the governor and friends.”


The Order of the Palmetto was created by governor John West in 1971 to recognize people who make outstanding contributions to their local communities.

Charleston Bridge Closed for Emergency Repairs:

A snapped cable inside of a bridge forced the closure of one stretch of I-526 in Charleston in order to effect emergency repairs. The damage was discovered by engineers with the South Carolina Department of Transportation while performing a routine inspection. This same bridge, which spans the Wando River, also suffered a snapped cable back in 2016. Since that time, SCDOT has conducted weekly inspections.


State officials say there is no timetable for when the bridge will reopen. There is concern that the bridge might have to remain closed through the busy Memorial Day weekend. This will have the greatest impact on motorists and buses making daily commutes from areas like Mount Pleasant, Sullivan’s Island, and Isle of Palms. A closure through Memorial Day could potentially affect thousands of tourists making for the Lowcountry beach for the holiday. Your text to link…


In the meantime, SCDOT has worked with local law enforcement agencies to set up detours during the period when the Wando River bridge on I-526 is closed. Two detours have been established to accommodate affected traffic. Mount Pleasant Mayor Will Haynie said everyone will be affected by the closure of the bridge. He urged all residents to be patient and courteous while the closure is in effect. The closure has resulted in stalled traffic that caused problems for parents getting their children to school and people trying to get to work on time.


The bridge over the Wando River was originally opened in 1989. Roughly 35,000 vehicles use that stretch of I-526 every day.

New Psychiatric To Open In Middleton

In Middleton, there are plans to build a 72-bed hospital for psychiatric patients. The plans for it have just been approved by the Middleton City Council this past Tuesday. They also approved a tax increment financing amount of $1.2 million.

The facility will be called Miramount Behavioral Health, and it will be located in the Airport Road Business Park. The name of the company behind the plans is a for-profit called Strategic Behavioral Health.

The company is based in Memphis, Tennessee, and runs a total of 10 mental hospitals in 6 states. They already operate a hospital in Wisconsin, which is located in Greenbay. Strategic Behavioral Health is building facilities in two new states.

According to Jim Shaheen, the president of the company, construction will begin this summer. By the time Summer 2019 rolls around, the facility will be in use.

In Dane County, there are already about 90 beds for patients who need psychiatric care. The majority of these beds are located in general hospitals. The existence of Miramount Behavioral Health will add more beds in the county for psychiatric patients. This new behavioral health center will keep people with mental health crisis from going to jail, as well as to Oshkosh Medical Center. It will make things more convenient for authorities and dignified for patients.

Some people herald the new behavioral health center as a good thing. However, many people are concerned about the new facility, bringing up incidents that have happened at other facilities owned by Strategic Behavioral Health. For example, this past January, 10 minors ran away from a facility in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company has faced 9 immediate jeopardy violations within the past several years.