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 Alex A Molinaroli on his support to female-owned businesses and breaking down the glass ceiling

An article from CEOWorld Magazine describes how businessman Alex A Molinaroli is helping women-owned businesses. The retired businessman explains he has helped many females with their businesses through mentorship and advising. It is something near and dear to his heart because he is the father of two daughters that have brought him much perspective.

Alex A Molinaroli has mainly helped females through mentorship but has also promoted them throughout his company into high leadership positions. Despite there being more businesses run by women, the numbers are still drastically low compared to that of males. The entrepreneur advises women to speak up and let their voice be heard within the workplace to break the so-called glass ceiling. This is why he believes mentorship and having the right kind of friends around can make a big difference in doing so. He does acknowledge the gender bias within the workplace where women can not be taken seriously or be promoted to CEO roles. Alex A Molinaroli believes this problem can be fixed through mentorship, which is why he places so much value on it. The businessman argues it can help people develop and create positive energy for them to thrive. He even argues it can help avoid and even fix problems.

Molinaroli has mentored many people throughout his career as a CEO. The individual describes he learned a lot from his father about the importance of listening to someone speak. Aside from being able to listen, other important aspects are giving good advice and being empathetic. The CEO has also donated much in the past to help children with learning liabilities and women and families suffering from addiction. He has donated to non-profits like the Meta House, the COA Youth & Family Centers, and the Safe Babies Healthy Families organization.

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