Animal Control Officers Will Sleep in Dog Houses

Three officers, in order to raise awareness, will spend the night outdoors at Apple Mountain in dog houses. It will occur this coming Friday.

Every day, officers at the Saginaw County Animal Control receive complains. Animals, particularly dogs, are being left outside for too long in the cold. According to Joaquín Guerrero, people mistakenly think that dogs can endure really low temperatures. But the reality is different, for dogs are currently dying because of the extreme cold throughout Michigan. Likewise, dogs also suffer in the summer and spring.

This is why Guerrero and two others will be sleeping in dog houses this coming Friday. They will spend the entire night in custom-made dog houses. On top of this, Guerrero will be tied to a chain. It is a common custom to chain dogs. A chained dog cannot move. Thus, they are exposed to the harsh elements of the earth. Their will be straw inside the dog houses. The officers will not bring blankets with them.

The officers will be joined by students from Hemmeter Elementary School. For their school project, they will monitor the officers’ temperatures. They will also observe their comfort levels. However, they will be staying at a local building. The officers will also be joined by Little Chief. Little Chief is a 16-week-old puppy that will spend some time with the officers. There will also be medical personnel.

Guerrero hopes that the protest will work. He wants to send a strong message to his fellow compatriots. Guerrero is aware that the protest will not solve the problem. However, Guerrero thinks that the coming event will save lives. What matters is that it will bring more awareness. Community members will be welcomed. The officers will also accept monetary donations.