United Airlines Mistakenly Sends Dog Bound for Kansas to Japan

It has not been a good week for the public relations department of United Airlines, especially when it comes to traveling pets. Just a few days after a French bulldog died in an overhead bin, the airline is coming under fire for mistakenly sending a dog bound for Kansas to Japan. Kara Swindle and her husband were flying from Portland, Oregon to their new home in Wichita, Kansas when their 10-year-old German Shephard was not correctly moved at the airport in Kansas City. The Swindle’s dog, Irgo, was mistaken for a Great Dane traveling to Japan and Irgo landed hours later in Tokoyo. After being inspected by a veterinarian in Japan, Irgo was flown back to his owners on a private corporate jet, arriving more than 48 hours later.

Two days after Irgo’s mix-up, United was forced to make an unplanned landing in Ohio after it was discovered it was carrying a dog that was put on the wrong aircraft. United has since announced the suspension of its PetSafe program, while it reviews the practices it uses in transporting animals. This suspension only applies to those animals that are kept in the cargo space, and not those that travel in the overhead bins. The review is expected to be complete by May 1, at which time United will announce how it will proceed. In 2017, United accounted for only one-quarter of all of the nation’s animal flight transports, however, the airline logged three-quarters of all deaths incurred to those animals. It has been a rough year for the United Airlines public relations department and these latest pet issues are only going to exacerbate the problem.

Des Moines Civic Group Keeps Capital City ‘Pristine’

A Des Moines booster group is celebrating 20 years of operation and listing a number of accomplishments it says have made Iowa’s largest city and capital a fantastic place to live.

In the year 2017 alone, Operation Downtown officials said they removed 657,976 pounds of trash from Des Moines’ streets, parks, lots and byways. They also scrubbed away 1,843 tags of graffiti.

Other good deeds claimed by Operation Downtown include power washing 481 block faces and giving personal assistance to 9,199 people in Des Moines and its suburbs.

When it was established two decades ago, Operation Downtown set a mission dedicated to making Des Moines a “safer, cleaner place to work, live and visit.”

Members of the group say that striving to make this Midwest city of 203,000 “welcoming and beautiful” enhances the quality of life for residents and visitors.

Operation Downtown works under a kind of umbrella organization called The Greater Des Moines Partnership. This is a consortium of civic groups, including 23 Affiliate Chambers of Commerce. It also enjoys the support of some 6,100 regional private business entities and 320 individual investors.

Volunteers who work for Operation Downtown are called “ambassadors.” They are proud of the fact that they work “behind the scenes” on projects that constantly maintain and improve the Des Moines metropolitan environment.

Their efforts are paying off, say Operation Downtown organizers. Des Moines is frequently listed near the top of America’s most livable cities. On March 12, 2018, it was named “America’s Happiest City” by Wallethub.com. Expedia called Des Moines a “Top “Artistic Town” in the U.S.

Operation Downtown is organized as a Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District which encourages Iowans to sign a petition in support of the work it does. The petition is crucial for Operation Downtown to gain funding for their work, group officials said.

Nick Vertucci Believes In Himself

When someone comes from a humble place and finds success in their life, they want to help others do the same. Nick Vertucci is someone who came from a poor family and who struggled a lot through the years. He eventually attended real estate training and he learned how to make money for himself. He wants to share the training that he received as well as the knowledge that he gained through the years with others through his real estate academy.

Nick Vertucci believes in himself above all else and he believes that it is important for anyone who is hoping to be successful and have a good life to believe in their own self. Even when people tell him that he might not be doing things in the best way or that he has to change the way that he is working, he has a strong enough belief in himself that he does not get discouraged.

When it comes to taking ideas and bringing them to life, Nick Vertucci starts by dreaming up the ideas. He has to see an idea and want to bring it to life before he will work on actually doing anything to bring it to life. He then makes sure that he believes in the idea and that it is something that he actually cares about. After he has an idea and believes in it, he maps out how he is going to work on that idea and make it into a reality. Finally, he executes the plan that he has in place and brings the idea to life.

Every day is different for Nick Vertucci, and he does not stick to a strict schedule that might hold him back. He spends time walking through his offices and checking on the work that is being done in them. He spends time on the phone with his staff. He watches over every aspect of his business and creates daily, weekly, and monthly goals for himself.

Mark Mofid Is Successfully Building The Reputation Of The Plastic Surgery Industry

There are many people out there that have been scared off of plastic surgery due to various horror stories that have emerged over the years. While there are many things that are true about these stories, it is mostly due to the fault of the doctors who performed the surgery, and the inadequate care of the patients. Dr. Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon that has been working for many years to improve the quality of plastic surgery around the country, which is why he has developed safer procedures for all surgeons to use with their patients.

Mark Mofid has his own practice in California, where he specializes in glute augmentations, but does all forms of plastic surgeries for his patients. Mark, however, does not do unnatural operations. This means implants that are much too large or areas of the body he does not believe should be augmented, based on certain preferences of patients. This allows Mark to keep his patients safe, as they will have a much lower likelihood of issues when they stick to Mark’s standards for proper plastic surgery and care. Mark’s patients hardly need to come back for reconstructive surgery or to have implants removed. Not only this, but Mark has some of the best results in the industry today, with plastic surgeons worldwide admiring his natural-looking results.

Mark Mofid has made various improvements to the field of plastic surgery over the years thanks to his high standards and ability to work with other plastic surgeons to help their technique. Mark Mofid also publishes his own articles regularly and speaks within the community to shed a good light on plastic surgery and the improvements the industry has made over the years. Mark wants to do this because the better work provides by other surgeons around the country, the more plastic surgery will grow and people will see it under a different light. One that is perhaps not so scary, but inviting when good results are close to guaranteed.


Adam Milstein Reaches Out To Ideamensch

Adam Milstein has a very busy schedule, though by his own admission there’s nothing very routine about it. His typical day usually involves making investments in large commercial properties or brokering purchasing or leasing deals for clients at Hager Pacific Properties, but you can also usually find him at work in philanthropy. Ideamensch decided to interview him not long ago so that other people looking to invest in real estate could glean advice from him.

Adam Milstein told Ideamensch that he chose real estate coming out of college because the rewards he could gain by investing in it were quite numerous, and he said it offered more than what most recruiters at his grad school offered. Philanthropic activities are often included in his daily tasks because not only because they provide a little more structure to his day, but also because they’re important to his beliefs. One of Milstein’s most shocking revelations is that he doesn’t consider goals to be helpful in his business but instead says without them he can actually push his limits further and do more.

Adam Milstein has been with Hager Pacific Properties for about 30 years, and prior to that he was a soldier in the Israeli Defense Forces and a graduate of the Technion Institute in his hometown of Haifa, Israel. While he still lived in Israel, he also met and married his wife Gila and began raising two of his three daughters. The Milsteins have been involved in philanthropy and activism ever since moving to the US, but when they started the family foundation in 2000 they expanded it.

Adam Milstein considers college campuses to be an important area of philanthropy because they are where tomorrow’s leaders in the Jewish community are. He is proud to sponsor and travel with these groups back to Israel and let them see how the culture over there is important to to their identity. For Jewish families who want to learn the Hebrew language and learn the stories of leaders in the past, Sifriyat Pijama B’America is a branch of the Milstein Foundation that supplies that material to them.


The Renowned Specialist and Expert Dr. Johanan Rand

Bioidentical Hormone Specialist Dr. Johanan Rand provides cutting-edge, innovative, Restorative medical therapies to patients in the West Orange, New Jersey area at the Healthy Aging Medical Centers.

After obtaining his advanced degree from the Howard University College of Medicine, Rand served as a resident at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York with specialties in Physical, Physiatry, and Rehabilitative Medicine. He continues to obtain knowledge in his field of practice through research, reading and attending various lectures and seminars throughout the world. In 2010, Dr. Johanan Rand founded the Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey.

Dedicated to the health and well-being of his patients, Dr. Rand uses a custom, holistic and integrated approach to the age-related issues such as weight gain, menopause, erectile dysfunction, traumatic brain injury and overall aging (Northnewjerseyhcg). This comprehensive and integrated approach, a Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy program, includes natural hormone therapy, exercise, vitamins, and nutrition. The goal of the Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy program is to restore the health and vitality of the patient as well as preventing age-related diseases.

Seeing the shortcomings that traditional approaches to age-related issues and its symptoms, Dr. Johanan Rand and his staff at the Healthy Aging Medical Centers focus on the causes of these issues by analyzing signs of these issues through blood work. Through this diagnostic blood work, specific deficiencies identified as the cause of problematic symptoms and an individual program is developed to treat the patient. Through treatments such as Bioidentical Hormone Replacement, appropriate physical exercise, nutritional supplements, and proper lifestyle changes, patients not only regain their energy and strength, they also notice improved health and better quality of life.

As a Physiatrist, Physical Medicine, and Rehabilitation Doctor who exclusively practices Peer-Review medicine, Dr. Johanan Rand is a firm believer in these anti-aging therapies and incorporated them into his own life. By using his methods, he serves as a role model for his patients when it comes to health optimization.


Iowa Recognizes the Biggest Contributors to Agriculture Development

Agriculture remains a core part of the development of a nation. Without enough to feed the population, the country lacks the strength to spur growth and development. In Iowa, leaders in four categories were honored in the annual Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Leader Awards for their commitment towards Iowa communities. The awards go to the leaders who contribute positively to Iowa agriculture industry. The winners are part of the teams responsible for developing innovations that seek to enhance the agriculture industry. On the other hand, they have participated, in one way or another, in conservation, collaboration, or in activities that contribute to the development of the industry.

In the same event, Bill Northey, the former Iowa Secretary of Agriculture took the oath of office to become the USDA undersecretary of agriculture. Mike Naig replaced him in the position. The honored winners include;

Sarah Carlson. She was honored under the conservation category. As a strategic initiatives director, Sarah has continued to share her expertise and knowledge with farmers in Iowa. As such, her contribution has seen the farmers understand the concept of having cover crops on their farms. As a result, Iowa farms have remained covered contributing to reduced soil degradation.

Myron and Ellen Kloubec. The two received an award under the industry development category. Ellen has actively participated in aquaculture for over 38 years. Her journey began by converting a summer kitchen to a fish hatchery. Since then, the Kloubec enterprise has grown to become one of the largest producers of fish. Myron works in the advisory committee with specialization in fish farming. The Kloubec also re-stocks the lakes in Iowa with game fish reared in their farms.

Iowa Monarch Conservation. The collaboration leadership award went to the community led organization. Over the years, they have purposed to increase the population of the monarch butterfly in Iowa. The butterfly population had dropped by 80 percent.

World Rim and Wheel received the award in agriculture manufacturing. The company has contributed to the development of agriculture in Iowa through the provision of original farming equipment.

Whatever Happened to Flint?

JUST, Will and Jaden Smith’s water company, recently donated water to Flint, Michigan. This reminded people of Flint’s issues and made some wonder, “Whatever happened to Flint?” The Michigan city that made headlines back in 2015 for having dangerously high levels of lead is actually still not up to par with their water. If you will recall, the government officials in Flint decided to change the water source from Detroit’s system to Flint River in order to save money. The decision quickly turned disastrous, and the media storm was rampant. It’s ironic that the decision was to save money when in the end way more was lost. A dozen people died due to contracting Legionnaires’ disease because of the unclean water as well as there was an increase in fetal deaths and miscarriages in the years to follow. What’s equally concerning is the long-term effects that the lead-filled water will have on the city’s residents over the next two or so decades.

Flint officials have some more work to do to get its resident’s back to having safe and clean drinking water. The city still doesn’t have clean water for all of their residents nor in all of their schools. Thankfully this crisis should be fully over at least by 2020, the projected completion date when the city should have all of the water pipes replaced in an effort funded by the Environmental Protection Agency’s $100 million grant that was awarded in 2017. Days of the GoFundMe efforts and the large donations by big-name celebrities such as the Detroit-native Big Sean, Cher, and Jimmy Fallon are long-gone. However, the city’s issue remains. Perhaps the Smith’s effort will shine a light on a city that is still in need.

High School’s Entire Graduating Class is Still Alive After 60 Years

The tiny town of Milford, Iowa doesn’t make national news very often. After all, the town had less than 3,000 citizens in 2010, according to the 2010 census. However, a group of seniors who attended high school in Milford have made the national news for beating the odds in a really big way.

Time for the school’s 60-year high school reunion, the organizer was a bit concerned that he might not be able to reach all 14 of his classmates. After all, since all of the former students range in age from 77 to 79 years old, the organizer assumed that at least one or two of them might have passed away at some point, whether from an illness or an accident.

In fact, it was determined that the odds of all of the classmates still being alive today were 1 in 777 million. Many are shocked to learn that these classmates did beat the odds, with all 14 graduating students still alive.

Not only are all 14 graduating members of the class of 1958 at Ringsted High School still alive, but they have outlived their school itself, which was bulldozed years ago. Just because the school is not still there, however, does not mean that the classmates don’t still get together. Their high school reunion was hosted at a local tavern, where the classmates gathered together and discussed their good luck. Although unsure of how they all survived to make it to the six-decade mark since their graduation, many of them attribute it to growing up in rural Iowa and living active, busy lifestyles as they worked on the farm. Regardless of the reason, this group of seniors has beat the odds and are still able to meet with one another to celebrate the anniversary of their high school graduation day.

Zona Rosa Defaults on Mortgage

Traditional brick-and-mortar stores took another hit this week when it was revealed that the North Kansas City retail shopping center Zona Rosa is in default of its mortgage. The massive shopping and dining facility opened in 2004 to much fanfare. Troubling news to many Platte County residents is the revelation that they may be required to cover the debts incurred by the default.

New York-based private real estate firm Olshan Properties owns Zona Rosa Development. This financial news is not a surprise to those familiar with the company and its economic difficulties the last few years. Zona Rosa expanded in 2007, just a few years after its opening. At that time, a deal was brokered with the Platte County Commission and the Platte County Industrial Development Authority both agreeing to cover debt payment shortfalls should the Zona Rosa Development not be able to generate sufficient funds on its own.

Signs of Zona Rosa’s troubles have been apparent since 2014 when occupancy levels begin to drop dramatically as shoppers have continued to gravitate toward more nontraditional online retail options. In 2004, Zona Rosa’s occupancy rate sat at a relatively healthy 85.9%, however, that rate has dropped to 60% currently. In late 2017, investors were informed that Zona Rosa Development had depleted its last letter of credit and efforts to receive a new $500,000 in funds had failed.

Foreseeing this development, the Platte County Commission had previously set aside $500,000 to assist in covering these debts. These payments are scheduled to be paid in December 2018. Should this money need to be tapped into, it will deplete the funds previously set aside for the county jail expansion and improvements.