Bill Approved To Spread Advertising About Wisconsin

The Assembly in Wisconsin has approved a bill that pertains to a $6.8 million advertising campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to attract young people to the state of Wisconsin. There is a shortage of workers in the state, with about 100,000 jobs up for grabs.

The Republicans are generally in support of the advertising campaign, while the Democrats generally aren’t. The Democrats believe that the state of Wisconsin needs more than just an ad campaign to attract Millenials. They hold the belief that discrimination and a lack of better jobs play a role in the shortage of young workers.

In the Assembly, the bill for this ad campaign passed 67-28. Seven Democrats voted for the bill, along with the Republicans. This bill is currently on its way to the Senate.

As the bill was being debated in the Assembly, a Democrat from Milwaukee, Daniel Riemer, read comments from people who he went to school with. The comments were about why those people left Wisconsin. The reasons included racial discrimination, fear that the University of Wisconsin would be hostile toward scientific research and the fact that there were better jobs in a variety of other states. Some politicians agreed that Wisconsin may be a place where not everybody feels welcomed.

The funding for advertising will expand an ad campaign that already exists from Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. It will be expanded from Chicago to other cities in the Midwest.

Republicans believe that attracting young people is matter of informing them. People who are uninformed about Wisconsin may not know about what the state has to offer. When people think of Wisconsin, they may think of cheese curds, Packers and not much else. However, there is much more to Wisconsin than those things.