Butler Boys Raising Big Money to Fight Childhood Illnesses

A young Oklahoma boy is making a huge difference in the lives of many seriously ill children.

Butler resident, Jax Sealy, is not letting his young age of 11 or his limited reach keep him from raising money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospitals. Last year, Sealey collected $13,800 from his small town of 300 to donate to the well-renowned children’s hospital network. This year, Sealy is dreaming even bigger. His goal now is to double last year’s efforts and to mobilize not just his hometown of Butler but the whole country. Sealy’s goal is to receive a donation from every state, tracking the progress on a big map.

The initiative began several years ago when Sealy raised $100 during a Bike-a-Thon at Arapaho-Butler Elementary School. He continually doubled that amount over time but was disappointed to find out that the official fundraiser lasted just two weeks. So rather than just stopping with the initial donation, Sealy has continued his efforts in an ongoing campaign.

The joy of giving inspired the young impressionable boy, who says that he just has a heart for helping sick kids. Sealey’s mother, Jara Parker, said that because Sealey was born prematurely with vision issues, her son has always been more compassionate and empathetic to the health needs of others. Sealey’s drive to help was solidified when his childhood friend passed away from cancer.

So far this month, Sealy has already has raised $1,800. He raises the money through a variety of ways including collecting cans, making and selling homemade drink coasters, and using the opportunity to verbally solicit for donations whenever he meets new people His goal is to visit St. Jude’s Hospital when he turns 16 so he can see for himself all the children that he has helped over the years.