Some Residents of Los Angeles Do Not Want the Olympics

There is a bid for Los Angeles to host the 2024 Olympics, though it has not been decided yet. LA 2024, a private company, is behind the bid. Many Angelenos either approve of it or don’t really have an opinion about it. However, there are Angelenos who oppose having the Olympics in their city.

There has been local opposition in the city of Los Angeles, though it has not significantly hindered the plans of the people who organized the bid to have Los Angeles host the Olympics. In other cities such as Boston, Rome and Hamburg, there was enough opposition to a point where bids for the 2024 Olympics were struck down. For the 2022 winter Olympics, bids were struck down by local opposition in Oslo, Norway; Krakow, Poland; and Stockholm, Sweden.

Los Angelenos are afraid of the Olympics being in their city for a variety of reasons. First off, they are concerned that the police may become more brutal and violent. The excited, high-stress atmosphere of the Olympics may foster police brutality. Secondly, the excitement of the Olympics tends to attract certain shady, sketchy elements.

Supporters of the plan say that the Olympics is good for the city, economically. They argue that when LA hosted the 1984 Olympics, the event ran extremely efficiently and led to a lot of revenue for the city.

NOlympics LA is a group that strongly opposes the bid for the 2024 Olympics. The group stemmed from an organization called the Democratic Socialists of America. The people in NOlympics LA argue that despite the fact that the 1984 Olympics were good for the city, the Olympics created a sour social and political atmosphere. Homelessness was criminalized, and there were “Olympic Gang Sweeps” that led to policemen harassing minorities. The LAPD is ranked as one of the most deadly police forces in the country. The amount of police brutality recorded within five years after the 1984 Olympics had risen 33%.