Professional Child Surgery Planning At Capitol Anesthesiology

The stress that parents endure when a child needs a surgical procedure is unlike any other. Capitol Anesthesiology employs a network of specialists who are experienced in administering child anesthesiological procedures, and answering all questions that parents have.

Surgical procedures involving children require a specialized form of care from prep, to post-surgery recovery. Anesthesia administration in children requires added attention to things like body weight, age, brain and organ development, and certain psychological considerations. CAA takes extraordinary measures to ensure child anesthesiology is administered in the most professional manner, while keeping parents informed about every step in surgery.

Capitol Anesthesiology never admits a child to surgery without the child’s parents having a full understanding of the procedure. This includes a survey of all equipment that will be used like IVs, needles, tubes, and monitors. It also includes a full plan for post-surgical mental and physical recovery that includes continued home care, pain management, and post-surgery trauma counseling if necessary.

It is very important to CAA that all parents fully understand what their child will encounter when having surgery requiring anesthesia. This organization’s goal is to make child surgery completely physically and emotionally manageable for the entire family.