Two Arkansas Residents Leave Hospital Without Permission – One’s a Psychologist, The Other’s a Patient

Arkansas law enforcement authorities kicked off a statewide manhunt for a longtime employee of the Arkansas Department of Human Services on Wednesday, March 21, 2018. The psychologist, Michelle Messer, willingly helped a Cory Chapin escape.

In actuality, both of the individuals escaped, and haven’t yet been found.

A mental health professional is said to have taken a patient outside the Arkansas State Hospital without permission. Michelle Messer, a 41-year-old psychologist, has worked for the Department of Human Services in Arkansas for roughly nine years, which seems like a lot to lose for just one patient – especially one that police haven’t been able to identify any reason urging Messer to break both Arkansas State Hospital and Arkansas state laws.

Ms. Messer led Corey Chapin, a 46-year-old male, outside of the building through passages patients weren’t allowed to use on their own. Messer is indicated by Arkansas State Hospital’s website as a “psychological examiner for forensics.”

So here’s how the incident went down: the female psychological examiner had used her physical access card – similar to a driver’s license that workplaces with various levels of security used to control access to certain areas – to walk through the forensics unit.

An outdoor exit was located directly outside of the forensics lab door Messer used her authority to enter, from which both suspects fled. It’s unclear how they left, if they left together, and what vehicle they’re possibly driving.

Further, authorities have no idea if Messer and Chapin have a relationship, as authorities are bare on leads for motive.

Ms. Michelle Messer is currently outstanding on an arrest warrant of aiding an unauthorized departure, a misdemeanor offense that shouldn’t leave Messer in too deep of a hole of trouble. However, Arkansas State Hospital made clear that she would be fired once authorities found where she is.

Even though Cory Chapin is likely in the same area as Messer, and have spent the entireties of their leave from the hospital with one another, Chapin isn’t slated to be charged with anything.

Mr. Chapin has a somewhat-lengthy history of criminal activity, including a 2015 incident that involved theft, kidnapping, drug possession, and unauthorized use of a vehicle. He was sent to a mental hospital because he reported that God instructed him to kidnap someone that had previously given him a haircut.

Chapin also escaped 25 months ago, but was found after roughly 12.