Heitkamp Creates Bill To Help North Dakotans In Agriculture

This past March, Senator Heidi Heitkamp, a Democrat of North Dakota, created a bipartisan bill. According to the bill, livestock markets, farmers and ranchers do not have to report “animal waste emissions,” also known as poop and farts.

People are skeptical of the idea that “livestock emissions” actually causes any real problems in the environment. Heitkamp made the bill because she believes that farmers should not have to follow one more unnecessary rule when they are already having a hard time. Already, they are suffering from commodities having low prices, as well as drought.

In February, Heitkamp took part in a bipartisan coalition to make The Fair Agricultural Reporting Method (FARM) Act. This bill was enacted to address issues such as environmental pollution, industrial pollution and chemical plant explosions. The bill was not supposed to have anything to do with animal waste. However, the scope of what the law covered was broadened by a 2017 US Court of Appeals to a point where it would include measures about animal waste emissions.

There is a theory out there that cow farts and poop are damaging to the environment. The methane that comes out of their bodies, as well as the bodies of other animals, damages the atmosphere. More attention is put on cows because it is thought that they produce the most emissions.

Methane is a whole lot powerful than carbon dioxide when it comes to affecting the earth. It does not just come from cows—it also comes from oceans, wetlands and termites. This is why some people might think that it is somewhat redundant to say that cow farts and poops are destroying the world. Skeptics say that methane comes from everything, so why make a big deal of livestock?