Migratory Birds Having A Hard Time Because Of Wisconsin’s Abnormally Cold Spring Weather

Blizzard Evelyn has been a significant event in Wisconsin, throwing off the order of things this season.

The birds have been thrown off by the blizzard and the cold, having a harder time finding food and staying warm. Many birds have just migrated back to Wisconsin, only to find a somewhat more inhospitable environment where it is colder and food is harder to find.

Conservation groups are saying that people should take an interest in helping birds such as robins, woodcocks ad warblers. Over the past week, there have been numerous calls from residents about weak, sick and struggling birds.

The Raptor Education Group took 50 phone calls about such situations. Marge Gibson, a person who works for Raptor Education Group, says that this season has not seen normal weather. This spring, there has been a lot of snow, and the cold has been abnormally sustained. Migratory birds can only tolerate cold temperatures and snow to a limited extent. They have a hard time thriving when there is an excess of winter conditions. There are less insects around due to the abnormal climate, so birds are going hungry.

The Raptor Education Group has given people a set of instructions of what to do when they see a suffering bird. If you are able to pick up a bird, you should put the bird in a box with a towel lining the bottom. The box should be brought into a warm place, and a heating pad should be put under the box. Food should be given to the bird. Live waxworms and live or dried mealworms are good things to feed birds that you have rescued from the outdoors. These insects can be found anywhere that sells live bait. You can look in Walmart, as well as in pet shops.