Rostam Releases A Stunning Bob Dylan Cover

Musician Rostam Batmanglij recently covered “Like A Rolling Stone,” Bob Dylan’s classic 1960s hit. Rostam was formerly part of Vampire Weekend, the trendy New York band. Apparently, going solo has done nothing to dull Rostam’s edge. In a stripped-down performance on the Sirius radio service, Rostam brought out the sardonic energy of this poetic song. Rostam performed this classic folk-rock number solo and sitting at a piano. When Rostam amicably left Vampire Weekend in early 2016, a lot of people wondered if this artist would be able to maintain his artistic and commercial momentum. In September 2017, Rostam released a solo album called “Half-Light.” When this album received rave reviews, it proved that Rostam can shine in a wide variety of musical settings.

I am going to watch Rostam’s career unfold with great excitement. As a huge Vampire Weekend (VW) fan, I am very excited that Rostam has what it takes as a solo artist. I am confident that Rostam can establish a remarkable career in the years to come. Of course, I wish Rostam had remained with his old band. Artistically speaking, that incarnation of VW had a lot more to offer the world. If Rostam’s solo albums turn out to be very popular, this could build a huge amount of demand for a VW reunion album. Even if VW only reunited for a short tour, this would prove enormously satisfying for long-term fans. Because I am a big fan of contemporary music and oldies, it warmed my heart when I found out that Rostam was a Bob Dylan fan. I think that Rostam’s solo career is entering a crucial phase. If this artist isn’t able to achieve great things within five years of his first solo release, his career may well wither on the vine. Whatever happens to Rostam and Vampire weekend, these musicians deserve enormous respect.