Man Bakes Bread As A Hobby And Gives It Away

Bob Perry started his bread-baking hobby nearly 30 years ago when he retired from his career as a teacher. After so many years of making bread, he has given away roughly 24,678 loaves. It makes sense to give away loaves. It’s so fun and easy to make them, yet they pile up very quickly you bake them as a hobby.

Perry finds pleasure in giving out loaves—perhaps just the same, if not more, pleasure than those who receive the bread. Some people tell him that his bread reminds them of their mothers’ or grandmothers’. When people tell him this, he is thoroughly pleased.

He believes that bread-making is a long-lost art. It is one of those more traditional things that people don’t really do, anymore.

It takes Perry 4 hours to make bread. In April, he made and gave over 300 loaves of bread.

Perry sees more bread in his future, saying that he will bake bread as long as there are people who he can give it to.

This past Monday, the bread enthusiast went to Black River Falls’ Lunda Community Center, where he handed out bread to middle aged and elderly people.

In Perry’s childhood years, he helped his mother make bread. His father, who was a mayor for 22 years, eventually took up bread-making at the age of 62. Perry is 68 years old and has been baking since his late thirties.

Perry loves to see his loaves of bread put smiles on people’s faces. He expects to hand out bread-loaf number 25,000 by the end of 2018.

Many people’s hearts are warmed by Perry’s willingness to give back to his community. He is a breathe of fresh air to many people.