Christopher Linkas Explains The Hidden Pearl In Commercial Real Estate

Most of the investors think about stocks and forex trading when they want to invest. However, these are traditional investment opportunities which have been used since time in memorial. But as the market is progressing, you should also evolve in your investment and pick up the current trends that are pearls only that many investors have not seen them. This is what makes the difference between the rich and the poor; taking the most available opportunity at hand and investing according to the waves of the market.

According to an established financial expert Christopher Linkas, one of the pearl to drain your money into is commercial real estate. If you are ignoring this venture, you’re doing yourself a great injustice. That’s why he is giving you some critical advice about the commercial real estate, a field he is well versed with as an investor in it, to make sure you make the best out of it. Let’s look at Christopher Linkas’ advice.

The commercial real estate is an investment in property that is specifically leased out and used for business purposes. They range from shopping malls, shops, gas stations, office spaces, restaurants, stores and even hotels. This is one of the main types of real estate besides residential and industrial real estate.

When it comes to commercial property leasing, many businesses especially huge businesses tend to take longer leases but mostly it ranges from 1-10 years. They can be single-net, double-net, triple-net and gross lease. All of these types of lease basically are according to the property taxes, insurance, and maintenance and whether it is the tenant or the landlord is responsible.

Commercial Real Estate can be classified as Class A, B and C representing most modern, older and oldest respectively. According to Christopher Linkas and various firms like Colliers International, the field is still healthy and a very fertile ground to invest in. Investing in the commercial real estate is a good way to shield your investment form the volatility of various stocks.

Any sophisticated investor who wants some challenge should invest in this high-risk and high rewarding investment. Always consider supply and demand when considering this commercial real estate as an investment. You should be very cautious when it comes to buying properties but if you don’t have enough capital you can get the property through REITs and CMBS. Despite the tenant turnover and taxes, this investment still remains the most lucrative according to Christopher Linkas.


Find An Unmatched Mentor In Mike Baur

Mike Baur grew up in Freiburg, Switzerland, and earned his degrees in business at the University of Rochester and the Bern University. According to Wall Street Journal, he started working as a banker at the age of sixteen. Indeed, his life turned out quite different as the case is for many people since he managed to achieve a lot despite his tender age.

Focused individuals always eye the greater prize, and this was the spirit of one Mike Baur. The popular fellow left the comfort zone of the banking industry behind him, in which he had been for 20 years. He worked for the most coveted institutions such as UBS and Clarion Leu. This was a prompt move to join the startup industry, where he has never regretted to date.

It must be the experience and exposure he acquired in this field that led to him becoming a co-founder of the Swiss startup company in 2014. The breakthrough was an achievement he garnered alongside two of his associates, Max Walter and Oliver Walzer. For his immense knowledge in this field, he was a member of the jury at a START Summiteer contest at the University of St. Gallen, which was after outstanding individuals for startup pitching.

Baur was named the vice managing director for the CTI Invest in January 2016. After the Swiss startup factory partnered with CTI, they saw no better individual for this post other than Mike Baur. This was after the young professional displayed great merit, excellence, and passion for the work done in the domain.

He created a company known as Think Reloaded, which is known for helping affluent clients. Besides, through his works, he has managed to organize successful fundraisers for people who need business and investing boosts for their ventures. Henceforth, he gives unmatched business advice, training and mentoring to startup owners who seek him. He remains one of the most notable businessmen and entrepreneurs of all time.

It should be noted that all the efforts of this character are meant to realize a sophisticated world or entrepreneurship and bring forth effective market techniques and inventions suiting this era.


Hussain Sajwani from Humble Beginnings to Real Estate Titan

The successful businessman and entrepreneur Hussain Sajwani went from humble beginnings in a conservative middle-class family to a pioneering real estate mogul in Dubai. Hussain Sajwani is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and Founder of DAMAC Properties.

The group was established as a real estate corporation specializing in deals throughout the Middle East, particularly in Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, and various other locations. Hussain Sajwani grew up in a very hard-working middle-income family with a father who owned his own shop selling pins and watches. His father regularly worked laboriously and would bring Hussain Sajwani in on a frequent basis to help around the shop; doing various tasks that were suitable for a young child.

As a business owner, his father generally worked long hours and had to miss out on a lot of Hussain Sajwani’s upbringing due to the fact the shop required him to be there on a daily basis. There, Hussain Sajwani was exposed to the pitfalls and some of the negative aspects of running a business as a small businessman. His father wanted him to assume ownership of the family company and continue into his footsteps, but Hussain Sajwani decided to pursue a more professional education and take the entrepreneurial spirit to the next level in various other businesses that would prove to provide bigger income streams and dividends-without the stress.

Furthermore, Hussain Sajwani’s mother was an entrepreneur in her own right, she sold fabric and other household goods for extra money for the family within the town that Hussain Sajwani grew up in. She was known for the quality and care put into the goods that she sold and was also influential in Hussain Sajwani’s makeup of becoming a very detail oriented entrepreneur. As a successful businessman and entrepreneur, Hussain Sajwani has risen from very modest beginnings, coming from a small middle-class business owner’s family and transforming into one of the more renowned real estate titans in the Middle East.

Damac Properties Owner, Hussain Sajwani

They announced that their latest luxury production in business bay, Reva Residences, is offering spectacular one and two bedroom apartments which provide an excellent view of the Dubai Canal. These residences give a stunning view of the Canal as would be expected of a top-of-the-line luxury property. Damac owner, Hussain Sajwani, has made this possible, along with 24-hour support and top-grade amenities.


Not only are the accommodations considered to be top level, but Hussain Sajwani has made it so that the apartments themselves are also set to be an affordable, lifestyle centered concept in the heart of Dubai. The one bedroom apartments are set to start at the price of AED 699,000. Customers got more information about these residences on Saturday, January 27, 2018. This took place at the Godolphin ballroom in Jumeirah Emirates Towers from 10 am to 10 pm.


Not only is the DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani making apartments more spectacular and luxurious with this company, but senior vice president Niall McLoughlin has stated that the area has become the center of Dubai’s business, lay back and place of enjoyment. He also says possibly the most shrewd apartment purchaser will stand in amazement at the overall proportion that these residences bring to the overall area. It offers most accommodations that anyone would be happy and comfortable with.


Some of the accommodations in these apartments, that Hussain Sajwani has directed DAMAC to procure, include such things such as fitted kitchens, spacious bathrooms, etc. These residences also include an elegant lobby and a 24-hour reception and concierge desk, landscaped gardens for residents, and more.


Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is the son of a simple man that sold watches, shirts and other goods that had been sent from China. He received a government scholarship in engineering. He had received this degree at the University of Washington and started his career at Abu Dhabi Industries in 1981. In 2002, he created Damac Industries. Damac is one of the biggest living development companies in the Middle East. Today, Hussain is married, is a father to four children and resides in Dubai.

Anthony Petrello: Hard Work Pays Off

CEO of Nabor Industries, Anthony Petrello, is not necessarily a household name, but he was once named a top paid CEO in the US. Although highly successful, those who know Anthony Petrello personally will tell you how humble and generous he is to others and his community.

Anthony Petrello is not a CEO that just gets handed a nice salary every year. Petrello earns his salary. In his contract, his salary is depend on the success of Nabor Industries. 80 percent of Anthony Petrello’s income is based on the success of the company. If Nabor Industries fails and has a decline in revenue, Anthony Petrello’s salary is also decreased. This doesn’t stop Petrello from putting in the hard work that it takes to lead a successful organization.

Anthony Petrello is no stranger to hard work. He worked his way up to CEO of Nabor Industries. He also worked his way out of the working class area of Newark, New Jersey. He had a great life, but both his mother and father worked long hours to provide for him. At a young age, Anthony Petrello knew what he needed to do to get ahead in life. He spent long hours using all the resources his school offered, and studied for long hours.

These long hours of studying truly paid off, and he was recognized. Anthony Petrello was awarded a full scholarship to Yale University. At the time, he had a passion for mathematics, and worked along side Serge Lang solving math problems that were beyond the understanding of most university students. How Tony Petrello Helped Houston With Hurricane Harvey Relief

Somewhere during that time, his passion for being a great mathematician changed, and Anthony Petrello was accepted into Harvard Law School. Even though his vision for the future changed, his drive to make his life great through hard work didn’t change. He continued to work hard, and finished his educational goals strong. The Real Story Behind Anthony Petrello’s Success as CEO of Nabors Industries

After graduating, Anthony Petrello married his college girlfriend and settled down for the married life. He worked a few jobs before getting a job at Nabor Industries. Once at Nabor Industries, he successfully climbed up the ladder, and has worked there for over 30 years. Tony Petrello Welcomes Tommy Tune Home To Houston

Anthony Petrello never forgets where he came from, which keeps him humble and generous. He and his wife continue to donate millions of dollars to charities every year in an effort to help others that also have dreams of being successful just like Anthony Petrello did as a young boy.

Louis Chenevert Shaped the Culture of the UTC

While it is well known that being a successful CEO of any corporation requires that you provide the company with results that are both positive and measurable over the course of a short period of time, according to Louis Chenevert and his successor, Gregory Hayes, it is equally important to implement growth for the company over the long haul. As the former Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert did exactly that, while also leaving behind a culture that would permeate the industry, and provide a succinct blueprint for future endeavors.

As a graduate of HEC Montreal, the business school associated with The University of Montreal, Louis Chenevert quickly began blazing his path, spending fourteen years with General Motors. After leaving General Motors, Louis Chenevert joined Pratt & Whitney, which would prove to be one of the most instrumental moves of his entire career. He would spend six years with the company before being elected President of Pratt & Whitney Canada, and by 2006, he had become the Chief Executive Officer of what would soon be one of the most dominant companies in the entire world, United Technologies Corporation. It was while with Pratt & Whitney, that Mr. Chenevert came across a groundbreaking engine that was in development.

Once he became the head of United Technologies Corporation, Mr. Chenevert brought this new technology with him, helping to oversee its development over the next few years, ultimately investing upwards of $10B. This would prove to be a very fruitful endeavor, as this new engine, named the GTF, changed the way people around the world travel forever. The GTF engine was groundbreaking in that it utilized nearly twenty percent less fuel than its existing counterparts while emitting fifty percent less hazardous chemicals. Today the GTF engine is used by a number of the world’s most prominent airlines, and due to Mr. Chenevert’s dedication to forward-thought and innovation, United Technologies Corporation continues to thrive, even in his absence.

Louis Chenevert has been recognized by a number of reputable establishments, including HEC Montreal, where he received an Honorary Doctorate Degree, as well as by the National Building Museum, where he received the highly regarded Honor Award.

The Incredible Success Of Shafik Sachedina Of Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is one of the best healthcare centers not only in the country but also across the globe. The success of the center in this competitive industry cannot be taken lightly; it can be solely attributed to the incredible work of Shafik Sachedina. His leadership and academic brilliance have made the center one of a kind. He was born in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania in the year 1950 and studied at the Guy’s Hospital Medical as well as Dental School in the University of London where he was able to become a professional surgeon.

Immediately after graduation, he was able to practice in the UK for many years from which he gained relevant experience as a medical practitioner. In the year 1985, Shafik Sachedina co-founded Sussex Health Care where he served in the position of a director; the organization is a support care and home that is based in the UK. He has worked as a director of numerous other firms such as Imara UK limited, which specialized in building as well as The Horsham Clinic Limited based on He has also worked at Ismaili where he served his roles of organizing programme as well as activities in 16 principal areas.

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Sussex Health Care runs centers as well as support homes in Sussex. The company is owned jointly by Dr. Shafik Sachedina as well as Shiraz Boghani. The firm provides quality services that are personalized to meet diverse needs of its patients. It serves the needs of aged individuals as well as individuals with neurological, dementia and learning problems. The firm also provides services such as occupational therapy, reflexology as well as physiotherapy according to The staff has a reputation of only recruiting quality staff some of which have been awarded level five diplomas. The qualified staffs have enabled the firm to offer quality services over the years. Being owned by folks who have practiced in the medical industry for years, the programs of this organization have been tailored to meet the needs of their client.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina also has a reputation of taking part in volunteering activities in the community. His work at Jamati Institutions as well as Aga Khan is conducted on a voluntary basis; he continues to give back to the society. His brilliance and leadership skills helped him serve for two terms as a president of Ismaili Council for the United Kingdom. His success in the medical industry has made Sussex Health Care reputable institution.

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Investment U and the Oxford Club

Investment U was founded in 1999, at the turn of the millennium as one of the first independent financial education sites. It prides on its online resources that provide a solution to questions that demand to obtain real financial freedom. It is educational arm of the Oxford Club, a private, international network of investors and entrepreneurs. They employ their time-tested and unique systems and principles to beat the market in its game. They offer members recommendations on the best places and stock to invest.

Investment U prepares you for the Next Market Crash

This week marks the 30-year anniversary of the 1987 stock market crash, however, with anniversaries meaning celebrations, it is highly unlikely that this is a celebratory incident. On October 19, 1987, the Dow plunged at a record-breaking 22.6%, making it the market’s single worst day, being in the stock market.

Considering the market peaked two months earlier, it started acting strange with wild riding ups and downs. On Monday, no one expected it would be a tumulus day for the stock market. At the opening bell, market averages plunged down; stocks didn’t open for several minutes and brokers struggled to match buyers with a tsunami of sellers.

Initially, these programs were expected to limit losses through analysis of the futures and existing options. Instead, they compounded losses, which triggered selling waves that created a vicious cycle.

Of course, changes have been made by regulators, albeit flash crashes still occur. For instance, August 24, 2015, saw the Dow plunged during the first five minutes of trading. This frantic sell-off was initiated by a drop in China’s market that cut across Europe before the U.S. opened its market opened.

Furthermore, bonds are not spared from flash crashes, on October 15, 2014, 10-Year Treasuries abruptly skyrocketed, and in a few minutes, yields plummeted 35 basis points.

These sudden dips and were attributed to automated high-frequency algorithms.

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Up Close and Personal with Real Estate Entrepreneur, Todd Lubar

A comparison between older entrepreneurs and millennials who have made it shows a lot of differences in their mindset. For instance, the main reason most of the older entrepreneurs decided to start businesses was to be their bosses. The millennials on the other hand, prefer situations where they work together towards courses which improve the lives of the community in general, and the monetary gains come as an afterthought. However, regardless of the age group that one falls into, there are certain qualities which are shared by all entrepreneurs. These traits are as follows.

The first of the traits is persistence. When one sets out to try a new venture, it is guaranteed that they will meet quite some resistance along the way. The entrepreneurs who make it by the end of the day are those who refuse to give up at the first sign of trouble. The people who have resourcefulness as a trait always do their best to get an appropriate solution to the problem at hand, and they keep going regardless of the challenges.

Dedication is another trait that is shared by all successful entrepreneurs. These are people who love their idea so much that their business is a personal problem. As such, they feel pain at a personal level which makes them restless until they can resolve the cause of the complication.

The other trait that is common among entrepreneurs is the fact that they are self-assured, but not overconfident. Self-assurance is the character which gives them the confidence to venture into new fields, learn things about areas they didn’t know of before and make inroads and benefits. The fact that they are not overconfident means that they are willing to risk, but only when they weigh the possibility of rewards and find them worth the risk.

About Todd Lubar

Todd is one entrepreneur that has been through the entire road to entrepreneurial success. He graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Speech communication. Todd Lubar started investing in real estate in 1994 and has been growing his business empire for the past two decades. Check out his bio on


Nathaniel Ru Says That Sweetgreen Will Outlive Him

Nathaniel Ru believes that his business venture should outlive him. Nathaniel is mainly known as a Co-CEO and Co- founder of the Sweetgreen chain of restaurants. Sweetgreen was formed by three Georgetown University Schools of Business Finance graduates out of a desire to fill a gap that they had identified in the market.

Nicholas Jammet, Nathaniel Ru, and Jonathan Neman all loved healthy foods. However, the restaurants they identified in Georgetown all served fast foods. Consequently, the three were most times forced to cook their own food that would meet their desires.

Moreover, they also preferred restaurants that would be easy and fun, and these were not available in Georgetown.

Nathaniel, Jonathan and Nicholas decided that they would call their business greens. Despite the great vision, the three lacked finances to start and run a firm as they were just final year students in campus.

Moreover, none of them had prior experience in running a business. Worse still, they had no location to run their venture.

As time progressed, the three identified a tavern on M street where they wanted to set the restaurant. Since the landlord had another building around the corner, they borrowed her number and called her. However, upon hearing their desire, she hung up the phone on them.

They continued calling her daily for a period of 3 months, but she neither returned their calls nor picked them. After a while, the landlord decided to meet the three friends so that they would stop bugging her. The seized the moment to present her with their business plan and also to share their idea.

Luckily, she was inspired by their determination and asked them to look for an architect, investors and a better detailed business plan and then met her gain. They did all that in 3 weeks and the final meeting was held; Sweetgreen started.


Sweetgreen has known nothing but success since it was invented. The core values employed while running the business could explain the success. Case in point, the management makes decisions that are beneficial to the company, customers and community.

No decision that fails to meet those criteria is passed. The above makes the venture beneficial to all stakeholders.

The second vital core value is authenticity. Sweetgreen’s management does not borrow recipes from competitors. Instead, all recipes are designed locally to the satisfaction of the customers.

The employees also hold unique values such as sweetness; raw materials are also originally sourced.

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Sweetgreen’s Nathaniel Ru: ‘Everything You Do Should Last Longer Than You’