Nick Vertucci Believes In Himself

When someone comes from a humble place and finds success in their life, they want to help others do the same. Nick Vertucci is someone who came from a poor family and who struggled a lot through the years. He eventually attended real estate training and he learned how to make money for himself. He wants to share the training that he received as well as the knowledge that he gained through the years with others through his real estate academy.

Nick Vertucci believes in himself above all else and he believes that it is important for anyone who is hoping to be successful and have a good life to believe in their own self. Even when people tell him that he might not be doing things in the best way or that he has to change the way that he is working, he has a strong enough belief in himself that he does not get discouraged.

When it comes to taking ideas and bringing them to life, Nick Vertucci starts by dreaming up the ideas. He has to see an idea and want to bring it to life before he will work on actually doing anything to bring it to life. He then makes sure that he believes in the idea and that it is something that he actually cares about. After he has an idea and believes in it, he maps out how he is going to work on that idea and make it into a reality. Finally, he executes the plan that he has in place and brings the idea to life.

Every day is different for Nick Vertucci, and he does not stick to a strict schedule that might hold him back. He spends time walking through his offices and checking on the work that is being done in them. He spends time on the phone with his staff. He watches over every aspect of his business and creates daily, weekly, and monthly goals for himself.

Shervin Pishevar Tweet Storms a Tumultuous Economic Forecast for 2018

Shervin Pishevar is a successful angel investor. He helped launch PillPack, Uber and Virgin Hyperloop One. Early in 2018, he reacted to a scary week for the Dow Jones Industrial Average with a tweet storm that comprised 50 tweets and spanned 21 hours.

Wall Street’s Woes

In the spree’s first tweet, Pishevar rolled an ominous ball. “Some thoughts (sic) on financial storms I seeing brewing ahead. I expect (sic) 6000 point drop in aggregate in (sic) months ahead,” he said.

Pishevar warned that investors would discover no safe place to put their capital in 2018. “Scurry and scrabble (sic) for safety that is no where (sic) to be found. Every asset class is has (sic) proven to be overvalued,” tweeted Pishevar.

Further, he stated that similar conditions existed in 2018’s investment marketplace to those that caused 2008’s Great Recession. Most notably, Pishevar declared that a favorite investment class, exchange-traded funds, was over leveraged.

Silicon Valley’s Future

For more than 20 years, Shervin Pishevar has worked in Silicon Valley’s rare air, and he has unique insight into its machinery. Since 2009, Pishevar has held a position he restated during his 2018 tweet storm. “As I’ve said before (sic) Silicon Valley is it (sic) longer a physical place (sic) but an idea that’s gone viral. Entrepreneurship is a movement,” he proclaimed.

A child of Iranian Americans, Pishevar also criticized America’s current immigration position. “While we build walls (sic) physical and culture (sic) to keep out immigrant talent (sic) that talent doesn’t need to come here anymore,” wrote the venture capitalist.

America’s Failing Infrastructure

Also, Shervin Pishevar shared tweets comparing his nation’s infrastructure to its competitors’. “Speed of execution across many sectors from other regions is startling.Very (sic) little of frictions that are becoming systemic fractures here,” he stated.

Pishevar then shared a link to news about a team of 1,500 builders in China that erected a train station in nine hours. “Meanwhile,” he mourned, “our infrastructure is in tatters.”

Now that Shervin Pishevar has shared his forecasts, business and political leaders must decide whether to adjust course through the 21st century’s remainder.