Dr. Mark McKenna Mixes Business And Medicine For Tremendous Success

Dr. Mark McKenna is a celebrated medical practitioner these days thanks to the many achievements and successes he’s built for himself today. Mark is licensed to practice surgery and medicine and has built a valuable reputation in the community by making showing his clients that their needs come first. Dr. Mark McKenna graduated from the Medical School Tulane Unversity, where he earned his degrees and developed a strong background in medicine. Right after his graduation he quickly began gaining hands-on experience in surgery by working with his father in the family business. This built the foundation of Mark’s skills and success in the future. Once Mark gained sufficient experience, he decided he wanted to start up his own company rather than looking for his own practice, which he founded as Mckenna Venture Investments.

This first startup company for Mark turned out the be quite successful, and that’s when Mark knew that this was just the start. Dr. Mark McKenna had a hidden entrepreneurial talent within him, and he wanted to make use of it. Unfortunately for Mark and the New Orleans community, hurricane Katrina struck the area and caused catastrophic damage. This included millions of dollars in assets for Mark, which was quite the setback. Mark’s determination was strong, however, and he quickly began helping his community and rebuilding his assets.

Once Mark finished aiding the community, he decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia and settle down. Once he found his feet, Mark started up the company known as ShapeMed, which was an aesthetic wellness company that focused on non-surgical treatments. Finding quick success in the market, ShapeMed was doing very well until 2014, when Life Time Fitness noticed Mark’s company and offered to buy it. Dr. Mark McKenna was more than enthusiastic about selling the company for a bundle and starting up his latest idea, OVME. This company delivery products and treatments to peoples homes for a more personalized and comfortable experience. OVME operates in Atlanta and Nashville and will continue to expand in the near future starting with New York.


The New Wave of 21st Century Cosmetics

Cosmetics has been around for centuries and every culture has its own personal style of cosmetic products. The cosmetics isle in your favorite store is probably cluttered with brand after brand, but all are not alike. The perfect example of this comes in the form of Lime Crime, and it has singlehandedly revolutionized this dynamic field of work. Lime Crime was founded by a woman named Doe Deere in 2008. This woman has been able to implement her very own style into the products. This includes using intense hues and vibrant colors. Every color of the rainbow can be found within the brand’s products. Lets take a closure look at who Doe Deere truly is. Learn more: http://www.bizjournals.com/losangeles/potmsearch/detail/submission/6417482/Doe_Deere


Deere is known to be a fashion designer, a futurist and an entrepreneur. She was born and raised in Russia, but she lives in sunny Los Angeles at present time. While growing up in Russia, Deere would display her vivid style as well as display her vivid personality. She quickly became a trendsetter at a very young age. By the age of 13, her quest to be an entrepreneur commenced as she sold novelty items to her classmates and close friends. This action would set the clock in motion, but the fame would come in due time. After relocating to America in 1998, she would pursue one of her first passions. Deere loved music very dearly, and she got a chance to join a band. This band would basically school her on the music business in general, but it also introduced her to other like-minded individuals.


Her husband of today was actually her bandmate of the past. These two individuals are a perfect match as they both seem to share the same state of mind. Deere has stated that “there is something unique about everyone.” Staying dedicated to what you love doing is great for leading you to success. “I’ve always loved that supernatural look,” Deere stated. As of today, Lime Crime gives consumers a plethora of color-combinations that can’t be matched by any other brand. The future appears to be mighty for Doe Deere, and she will continue to push the boundaries for even for success.