Christopher Linkas Explains The Hidden Pearl In Commercial Real Estate

Most of the investors think about stocks and forex trading when they want to invest. However, these are traditional investment opportunities which have been used since time in memorial. But as the market is progressing, you should also evolve in your investment and pick up the current trends that are pearls only that many investors have not seen them. This is what makes the difference between the rich and the poor; taking the most available opportunity at hand and investing according to the waves of the market.

According to an established financial expert Christopher Linkas, one of the pearl to drain your money into is commercial real estate. If you are ignoring this venture, you’re doing yourself a great injustice. That’s why he is giving you some critical advice about the commercial real estate, a field he is well versed with as an investor in it, to make sure you make the best out of it. Let’s look at Christopher Linkas’ advice.

The commercial real estate is an investment in property that is specifically leased out and used for business purposes. They range from shopping malls, shops, gas stations, office spaces, restaurants, stores and even hotels. This is one of the main types of real estate besides residential and industrial real estate.

When it comes to commercial property leasing, many businesses especially huge businesses tend to take longer leases but mostly it ranges from 1-10 years. They can be single-net, double-net, triple-net and gross lease. All of these types of lease basically are according to the property taxes, insurance, and maintenance and whether it is the tenant or the landlord is responsible.

Commercial Real Estate can be classified as Class A, B and C representing most modern, older and oldest respectively. According to Christopher Linkas and various firms like Colliers International, the field is still healthy and a very fertile ground to invest in. Investing in the commercial real estate is a good way to shield your investment form the volatility of various stocks.

Any sophisticated investor who wants some challenge should invest in this high-risk and high rewarding investment. Always consider supply and demand when considering this commercial real estate as an investment. You should be very cautious when it comes to buying properties but if you don’t have enough capital you can get the property through REITs and CMBS. Despite the tenant turnover and taxes, this investment still remains the most lucrative according to Christopher Linkas.


Jeff Aronin and the World of Medicine

Jeff Aronin recalls a life-changing meeting he had with a physician. The physician told Aronin that he had a problem. He had a patient who was a child suffering from seizures. He had two choices of treatment: A complex surgery or a medication that was probably less effective. He said he had decided to go with the medicine since doing so would save the child the complexities and hardship of a long, arduous surgery. It was this conversation that helped Aronin decide to spend the rest of his life in medical research to making medicine much more effective.


He had a particularly strong desire to create new medicines for rare diseases that did not yet have a medical treatment. Drugs for such diseases were very mostly non-existent because up to that time most pharmaceutical companies only concentrated on common afflictions. Aronin entered adult life by attending and graduating with a B.A. and then an M.B.A. from DePaul University. After graduation, he immediately entered the healthcare industry. After a few years, he founded and became CEO of Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC in 2000.


In 2009 sold the company to the Danish healthcare company, Lundbeck, for $900 million. After the sale, Aronin continued to lead it to continued growth as both its CEO and president. He is today one of the world’s top biotech and healthcare professionals. He has been instrumental in helping develop over a dozen new medicines and technologies. He is also the current chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences. He has filled this particular leadership role for ten years. He also has leadership roles with Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals and Harmony Biosciences.


Aronin is also committed to teaching and mentoring the next generation of healthcare workers. To this end, he has started Matter which is working to develop over 200 medical startup companies for future medical workers.


Meet Jeffrey Aronin, a selfless leader and a biotech and healthcare professional

It has always been the talk of the town that one who finds his passion and follows it to the later will be successful. The wise words do not just land success on a silver plate, but one has to work for it. Jeffrey Aronin is a perfect example of a hero who has emerged through following his passion. Jeffrey Aronin identified his love for healthcare at a tender age. He made a career decision by choosing to emulate one physician who settled on medication to treat a child with constant seizures instead of recommending a significant brain surgery as many physicians do. There and then, gained more interest in the niche of pharmaceuticals.


Jeffrey Aronin has since then gained experience and knowledge spanning to over 20 years. His love for health care merged with that of science and the enthusiasm in building an empire of companies has resulted to Jeffrey Aronin’s recognition as one of the high-ranking entrepreneurs in the field of healthcare and biotechnology.


There are many real stories told about Jeffrey Aronin’s commitment, and ability to offer a diagnosis for rare conditions that, either a limited number of treatment options are available, or there is no option that exists at all. One example is a patient who was diagnosed with hypochondria and has come out with a testimony, according to the Live Newspaper that, Jeffrey Aronin and his ambitious and respected company Ovation Pharmaceuticals assisted in saving her dear life. Other patients were those who have epilepsy, sleep disorder, diabetes and cystic fibrosis just but to mention a few.


More about Jeffrey Aronin


Jeffrey Aronin has served as the CEO and Chairman of Paragon Biosciences for the last eight good years. The competitive edge of the Paragon Biosciences has been brought about by Jeffrey Aronin’s constant focus and prowess in leadership and his solid background in health matters. His area of specialty being drug development and rare diseases treatment. Jeffrey Aronin has accomplished a lot for plenty of companies such as Lundbeck Inc, Ovation Pharmaceuticals, and other Paragon companies listed as portfolio holdings. Jeffrey Aronin has always fought for and achieved better health for patients who struggle with diseases and have no alternatives.


Marine Expert, Philanthropist and Investor- Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is a former U.S Marine Official who during a recent interview confessed how he sleeps for only three to four hours. After his graduation from high school, Perry Mandera got an opportunity to join the U.S Marine Corps Reserve in 1975. While in the marine industry, Perry learned a skill that would help in the future. Perry was a truck driver. After his honorable discharge from the marine department, he went back to continue with his normal life in Chicago. Perry began his involvement in various transport companies at the age of 23 years. In 1980 Perry Mandera established his transport firm which he later sold in 1985.


After his early retirement from the marine industry, Mr. Mandera also got involved in politics. Perry Mandera was elected the Republican Ward Committeeman in Chicago for the 26th ward a position he held for four years. Perry kept a record of being the youngest person to be selected in the political situation in Chicago. After he left the political position, Perry began Custom Cares Inc in 1986. The organization has been serving a wide range of clients ranging from family businesses to fortune 100 corporations. It is estimated that Custom Cares Inc has annual revenue of about $200 million and has employed a significant number of individuals. Ever since the inception of the organization, it has expanded, and they do not only operate from their Headquarters in Northlake, Illinois, but they also have other offices located across the United States of America.


Custom Cares can be described as a full-service transport company and delivers a broad range of services from truckload, both domestic and international air freight forwarding services, local cartage, contract cartage, to LTL services. The transport firm was named among the Top 100 Transportation Services of Millennium by Illinois Tracking Association. Perry Mandera is not only a business person, nor a marine expert but he is also a contributor to the society. Mr. Perry supports several charitable organizations that serve the young generation in Chicago. Perry also supports marine veterans as well as cancer cures and prevention organizations. Perry Mandera is married and has two children. He is dedicated to change his community, Chicago.


How Ruth Erickson Created A Company That Sets The Trend In Its Industry

Some companies have respected a diversity of opinions and backgrounds for decades. One of these companies is IC Systems which was founded by a married couple, Ruth and Jack Erickson. However, it was Ruth Erickson who primarily founded it 80 years ago. Not long after it was founded Jack passed on and so Ruth took over as the top executive. It is said that she was a very tough person who stood fast in the face of adversity. From these roots one of the top accounts receivable firms in the nation was born. (prnewswire)

IC Systems opened for business in 1938. It is based in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota and was established in order to resolve financial situations between their clients and their customers. The company was founded upon a bedrock of being ethical and honest in its dealings while completing its mission to collect on payments owed to its clients. This core philosophy was codified a number of years ago and continues to guide the actions of its employees and management team.

When IC Systems was first established Ruth Erickson would show up at the doors of local small businesses in order to advertise her company to them. Back then credit cards had been invented yet. Instead a business would independently establish a credit account for their customers who needed on. When there were accounts that fell behind in regards to payments small businesses would thus often need some help getting them resolved. Ruth started out handwriting letters to these customers in order to get the matter resolved successfully.

As technology developed over the years IC Systems kept pace with it. When Ruth learned of computers in the late 1960s and what they could achieve she invested in them. IC Systems used computers to rapidly process and mail letters out to the customers of her clients who were in arrears. As this company was the first one in the business to use this new technology they were able to outpace their competitors in the industry through achieving better results. Her grandchildren now run this company and continue to invest in technology that will help this company thrive.


The Great Successes of Glen Wakeman


Glen is a successful Financial Services Executive, and he has strived to help small business owners, as well as other successful investors, come up with the best strategies to employ in their business for success. Glen has used his expertise to guide people on the best approaches they can adapt to avoid bankruptcy, and he recently discussed the major steps that entrepreneurs can follow to achieve success in their business.

In his advocations, Glen insists that marketing is one of the principal basis for a successful business and he encourages investors to ensure that they make their products known to their customers to give them valid reasons as to why they need to purchase them. Besides, Glen insists that marketing and advertising one’s goods make customers curious and as a result, they feel motivated to buy the latter to experience their nature.

Additionally, Glen also emphasizes the importance of entrepreneurs to manage the possible risks associated with businesses. He believes that challenges and risks are always part of a company and encourages investors to ensure that the plans and strategies that they employ to use in their firms are well detailed with solutions to manage possible risks that are likely to occur in future. Besides, the renowned expert in the world of startups also encourages entrepreneurs to have explicit details of their operations plan and avoid rushing into implementing ideas before evaluating the possible risks associated with adopting them in their business operations.

Besides offering financial advice to people, Glen is also the founder of Launchpad Holdings, a startup that is on iots right. The firm has grown tremendously, and many people have strived to seek the services of Glen through the Launchpad Holdings firm, which is also majorly focused on sharing business ideas with young bus9iness minded entrepreneurs. Glen has always strived to achieve the best and is currently working hard towards acquiring profits in his firm, which will be specifically meant to assist firms that are experiencing financial downturns to help them pick up their businesses again. His contributions towards the growth of many firms in the country have been received with a lot of enthusiasm, and many business owners have strived to acquire his counsel.


Nick Vertucci Utilizes His Entrepreneurial Sentiments In New Nook

Everyone in today’s world yearns for success in every aspect of his/her life. “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed”, is a recently released book by the proficient Nick Vertucci, where he shares in details the fundamental principles to success in the real estate industry. Nick Vertucci is a man that learned through hard work, struggle, and discipline to get the freedom that he always dreamt of. Brought up by a middle-class family, his parents supported him in his early days by providing his needs, but after he was ten years old, he watched his mother struggle to raise the family after the loss of his father. One day when he was 18, he found himself living in his car due to financial struggles, but this did not stop him from going after his dreams.

Nick Vertucci started selling computer parts which was the first company that saw him move from living in a car to earning a seven-figure income. Following the dot-com industry, he incurred losses that saw him struggle to support his own family of three daughters and his wife. Nick describes real estate as the best decision he ever made in his entire life, a career he started after he was invited to a three-day real estate seminar by his friend. For the next ten years, he was determined to understand and get the right knowledge and tools to build a successful real estate career.

Nick Vertucci is now the CEO of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, with branches all around the United States and becoming one of the fastest growing outlets for real estate education and advisory. He has shaped his passion from his own interests in real estate, to educate interested parties on how they can gain their financial freedom and get a breakthrough in the real estate industry, by following his system taught in the academy.

In his book, “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed”, Vertucci shares his story of how he overcame the odds, and gives his detailed strategy to help future entrepreneurs and aspiring investors. With his intensive knowledge on real estate and investment, he outlines his four keys to Success (See it. Believe it. Map it. Execute it) which is a winning plan that can be utilized by all entities irrespective of one being in the real estate industry or not. The book is an authentic narrative that recaps trials on successes and failures, and honestly outlines the truths of becoming a successful investor. It is indeed an eye-opener and a very straightforward inspirational piece for everyone with the desire to achieve his/her goal. With respect to the writer’s personal achievement, the book is definitely worth a read.

Shervin Pishevar Believes That People Are Missing A Major Economic Fact

There are those who tell you the truth before a thing happens, and there are those who try to take credit for knowing about something after the fact. Shervin Pishevar is the kind of person who will tell you like it is before the world catches on to the fact that he was right all along.

Right now, Shervin Pishevar is keen on the idea that the stock market in the United States is going to take a tumble of at least twenty percent and perhaps more than that. He comes to this conclusion by looking at the way in which the market has been shaping up as of late. He thinks that a lot of people have gotten overly excited about the prospects as a result of the fact that the Trump Administration continues to cheerlead for the economy. He thinks that people have gotten blinded in a way to the facts on the ground.

Shervin Pishevar would make the case that inflation and China are going to be two big factors that actually determine the outcome of economic events going forward. He believe that many people are overlooking these factors for the simple fact that they do not really want to have to think about them too hard. That is a tragedy as far as Shervin Pishevar is concerned because he feels that it causes people to miss the forest for the trees and end up seeing things that are just not how they really are in the real world.

At the present time, Shervin Pishevar has warned people that they need to get out of stocks and Bitcoin right away. He claims that both are going to fall and that we will look back on this point in history and wonder what in the world we were thinking when we were all plowing money into the market at record pace. He thinks that we may look back with regret if we do not take action now to prevent ourselves from falling down that rabbit hole. He encourages his readers to follow his advice and keep their portfolios safe.

Mark Mofid Leading Plastic Surgeon Who is Creating Improved Implants

Most people think that plastic surgery is just a way to make people beautiful, but people often forget that plastic surgery is a boon for many patients who might have been disfigured due to accidents. Choosing a professional and experienced plastic surgeon is essential as it such procedures can be quite complicated. Mark Mofid is a leading plastic surgeon who not only practices but also aims to make the industry safe for the patients. He has a partnership with the Implantech company to produce Gluteal implants that he designed, but he does not take any royalty for it.

Mark Mofid has his private office in San Diego and is also a staff surgeon at many hospitals in the area. He also visits the UC San Diego where he is an Associate Clinic Professor of Plastic Surgery. Mark Mofid went to the prestigious Harvard University to complete his under graduation. Right after that, he enrolled himself into the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine for his medical degree. It was here that he also did his research fellowship. He also has extensive training from one of world leading surgeons, Dr. Raul Gonzalez from Brazil.

Mark Mofid has an excellent team in his clinic and uses only the best technology and procedures for his surgeries. He ensures that his clients can achieve their beauty goals. But it does not mean that he does not look at the safety issue. For him, safety comes first, and he has often said no to procedures when there is even a slight risk to the client’s health. He has also denied many of his patients’ larger posterior if it posed harm to the client.

According to Mark Mofid, having larger implants is not always the right thing to do. Before any procedure, he ensures that his clients have enough knowledge about the procedure and are comfortable with it. Mark Mofid also conducts his research and is working towards improving the different methods that are used in plastic surgery for years. He aims to create implants that are more natural looking and are accepted readily by the body.

Dr. Mark Mofid; Innovator of Ground-Breaking Safer Gluteal Implants

Dr. Mark Mofid, a board-certified plastic surgeon in La Jolla, California, is known for his dedication to his patients. His extensive research on the safety of gluteal implants is changing the industry by using approaches supported by science. Dr. Mofid realized that one of the main problems with gluteal augmentation is that the implants were generic and incompatible with the body’s muscle structure which in turn would sag, defeating the whole purpose of the procedure. Dr. Mark Mofid researched, invested, and brainstormed to create an effective gluteal implant for his clients.

The new gluteal implant has a low profile, superior intramuscular positioning, and is up-to-date considering the previous implants. It has overcome the industry and is pursued by many other doctors and also consumers. In the past, the gluteal augmentation industry had a bad reputation and some bad stories to support it. But with Dr. Mark Mofid’s new design, he gained the confidence back from the industry. Brazil is known for having a high number of these operations so Dr. Mark Mofid confided with a Brazilian doctor who also specializes in gluteal augmentation.

Other than being known for creating an effective gluteal implant, his office also offers breast and facial surgeries, liposuction, laser hair removal, and vein treatments. They offer facial rejuvenation, which is what some patients prefer rather than a surgical procedure. This allows the patient to test the waters before something permanent is performed. Many patients like the outcome and will consider a surgical procedure later on. He works alongside his wife, who is a dermatologist at the practice. When it comes to advertising, rather than spending an enormous amount, Dr. Mark Mofid believes that word of mouth is the best form. Patient referrals are what keeps the business alive, not advertising.

Dr. Mark Mofid graduated from Harvard University and received his medical degree from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He has had his practice since 2004.