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Rumor has it that good food in China town is a rare find. Though the locals in China town refute such statements. The locals praise several local restaurants around the community. When it comes to great Chinese food this is the place to be;

Royal seafood

103 Mott Street, Nr. Canal St. 2120219-2338

This place is really famous; the place is considered integral to the fabric of the local community. Before going out to eat it’s always a good idea to call and make reservations. A good place for large gatherings, weddings, events or parties. They serve delicious lobsters, the shells are hacked on then the lobster is fried lightly in butter, a few ginger scallions and garlic. If you would like none lobster dishes you can order half steamed chicken served with salty scallion-ginger oil condiment or fried Peking pork.

Spicy village

68 Forsyth St. near Hester St. 212-625-8299

The place was formerly known as Henan; meaning hole in the wall. The food is imported from China Henan province. Most of their food is in Styrofoam though the taste is exquisite. An order of lamb or beef broth comes with jagged–edge hand-pulled noodles topped with fish balls; it’s also dry sautéed with dense pungent black beans sauce. More reviews of China local eating joints can be read in;

Great New York Noodle Town

28 Bowery. Nr Bayard st.212-349-0923

This is a place favored by celebrity chefs; the place is open from 4 am daily. The noodles are served in soup, topped with slices of roast pork an alternative to pork slices can be chicken or duck severed in room temperature and some tangy sauce that will make your mouth water. If you’re ever in the local find your way to this joint you won’t regret it.