Jacob Gottlieb And His Charity Work

Jacob Gottlieb is a financial expert. He and his family were newcomers from Poland and had come to settle in the USA during 1960. Jacob was born in New York in Brooklyn city. His father was an economics professor and is now a lecturer at a university in New York. His father had done Ph.D. in Economics and his mother is a Pediatrician. He completed his high school from Flatbush High School and after that joined University School of Medicine. He achieved the degree of Doctor of Medicine. After that, Gottlieb completed B.A in economics from Brown University. He also did M.D from New York University.

Now he is a reputed businessman and has worked with many business companies. He worked with Sanford C. Bernstein $ Company Limited from 1998 to 2000. Due to Jacob Gottlieb’s hard work and creative efforts he was awarded as Charted Financial Analyst In 2001 by the Association for Investment Management and Research. He has experienced stockbroking for years and very good and believed in it. Jacob found it to be different from other works. Each business has profit and loss. But we should plan before we start working on any project and should be well aware of its consequences. He founded the Visium Management Company in 2005.


There he worked as managing partner and Chief Investment Officer. At Balyasny Asset Management L.P, Gottlieb was the member of the founding committee. Due to companies success, he was recognized as the most successful entrepreneur. In London, he worked with the Merlin Financial Group as a financial expert. Now Jacob Gottlieb is the CIO of Visium Management, In 2016 stated that he will now lessen his business.

Jacob Gottlieb does a lot of charity work to help poor and homeless people. Some charities are Covenant House, It looks after the homeless people and Robin Hood, and it is the largest organization working against poverty in New York City. These charities work 24/7. Jacob Gottlieb raises funds for these organizations and always stand by their side to support them. This shows that he is a kind man and his love for others.

All about the Local Communities news

The community is where people that live in the near surroundings interact for various reasons. The aim of the interaction is mostly to better the living by operating different businesses together. The coming together includes the public government staffs, business holders, and the local community residents. A lot of changes have come along with the local communities working together.


In most localities, the main issue affecting the residents is lack of employment. The situation had changed for the better when the surroundings interaction began. Residents have moved to different regions that neighbor them and set up business; this has given the jobless individuals the chance to earn a living.

Local Communities investment

People in the local residences can invest to different organizations as a result of the economic growth in the areas. Through the investment, the community can secure its future. The saving plan has come in ways of establishing a great business relationship between the consumers and the local community business owners.

Other Organization investing

There have been occurrences where large organizations spend in those local communities. Most individuals are left wondering why the Corporation could not locate big towns or cities. The reason behind the decision is because those investors have discovered the efforts and growth in the communities that could bring rise to their business. Investing in the communities gives the community extra strength in their business sectors.

More skills to the community

When local communities interact they learn so much from each other. Individuals get different entrepreneur skills from each other that could benefit their businesses. It is from these skills that they learn to encourage each other for better characters.

Local communities are behind the growth of big businesses and financial organizations. Small business owners are many and invest more than those owning big companies. Local communities union has brought more changes in the health sectors. Best things are known to come along with unison.

Pregnant Woman In South Akron Poses With Honey Bees

Imagine covering yourself with 20,000 bees for maternity photos. Well, a young mother in South Akron, Ohio, has done this. Emily Mueller, 33, wore a white maternity dress and posed in nature as 20,000 bees were swarming on her.

In one of the pictures, Mueller is sitting in the grass with the bees covering her pregnant belly. In order to control the bees for the photos, she held a small cage with the queen bee.

Many people are afraid of bees and consider them to be dangerous. Some people might question the safety of covering oneself with bees. Emily Mueller and her spouse, Ryan, operate a bee-removal business, so she knew exactly what she was doing. The woman who photographed her was Kendrah Damis.

Mueller decided to pose with bees because of the spiritual significance that bees have for her and her husband. She experienced three miscarriages in the past, and she felt that bees symbolize her struggles because they symbolize life and death. The symbolism of the bees, as well as the feeling of them all around her provided for a very spiritual experience. She felt like she was able to fully connect with nature.

Did she get stung? Of Course! However, none of the bees intentionally attacked her. She was stung three times. She was stung one time because she accidentally sat on a bee. Another time she was stung because she accidentally crushed a bee with one of her arms.

Upon hearing this story some people might question how safe this would be for an unborn baby. Well, her unborn baby was unharmed. Honey bees happen to be very docile and safe to be around.

Mueller was pregnant with her fourth child, and she said that with four children, her and her husband are “good to go.”

Tourists Flock to Omaha for Christmas Around the World

Nebraska’s largest city seems like an unlikely place to experience international culture, but holiday seekers in Omaha are thronging to the city this month to attend local cultural festivals. More than 1,000 visitors have arrived in Omaha in December to attend Christmas events celebrating Irish, Mexican, and German cultures. According to the the Omaha Visitors Bureau, Omaha’s holiday events attract tourists from all over the country, including states like California and Texas. The popularity of Omaha’s Christmas activities has inspired tour companies to offer visitors special “Christmas Around the World” tour packages.

To the delight of out-of-towners, the city’s German-American Society hosted its annual Christmas in Germany celebration on December 3. The celebration was held at the society’s headquarters on South 120th Street. Guests enjoyed singing traditional German Christmas carols and watched German folk dancers perform as they consumed German mulled wine and ate German bratwurst. The festivities concluded with a sing-along of “Stille Nacht” and a surprise visit from St. Nicholas.

Visitors also experienced a Christmas in Mexico celebration in the South 24th Street South historic district and traveled to Boys Town for the facility’s Irish Christmas. This celebration of Irish Christmas traditions includes an antique toy display at Father Flanagan’s Historic House in Omaha. Father Flanagan founded the non-profit organization that caters to disadvantaged children and was immortalized in the classic Hollywood film Boys Town, starring Spencer Tracy. The Irish Christmas open house is scheduled to run until December 16.

Other ongoing Christmas events include the Holiday Poinsettia Show at Lauritzen Gardens and the Omaha Symphony’s annual Christmas celebration. Additionally, a musical adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is running at the Omaha Playhouse until December 23.

Midwest USA Communities Still Uncomfortable With Gambling

Although gambling in all of its various forms has taken on a new level of acceptance and understanding in recent years, there are still some pockets of the United States that are not completely comfortable with the practice. This was evidenced when a Piggly Wiggly store in a small down in Illinois installed some video gambling machines.

The store owner was granted a liquor license by the town according to fooddive.com. Having a liquor license in that particular town means that you automatically are granted a license to have gambling machines installed as well.

After the owner went through the trouble of putting the machines in, he got some blowback from the community for what those machines symbolize. They believe that it flies in the face of the image that Piggly Wiggly stores have tried to uphold throughout the years. That image in the mind of many customers is that of a very family-friendly place in which everyone is welcome. To some people, the sight of gambling machines alone is enough to turn them away.

The store owner has said that installing the new machines have helped to bring in a whole new crop of customers. He says that it helps keep his store competitive against some of the larger stores in the area. Meanwhile, members of the town council that granted the license in the first place say that it was not their intention for it to be used to get him the gambling machines placed in there. They legitimately believed that he wanted it just for the right to sell liquor.

It seems like in this particular case, there are no winners and losers, just angry people on both sides. Perhaps the only people who have won as a result of this are those who really care about their ability to play the gambling machines.