The mastermind behind the American Institute of Architects.

Based in the United States of American, The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a professional organization for arechitcts which has its headquarters located in Washington, D.C. It mainly offers education, government advocacy, public outreach and community development plans to develop its public image in addition to its commitment in support of architecture profession.

American Institute of Architects (AIA) also works closely with various members of the design and construction industry to assist them in building and coordination of the industry.

The current president of American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a wise and soft-spoken guy called Robert Ivy. He firmly believes architecture in its miniature form has a significant impact on various areas ranging from providing disaster relief solutions to health improvement. In the recent month, the AIA has been getting attention from outside the design field.

The Monthly Architecture Billings Index of the American Institute of Architect is believed to offer an accurate economic indicator for the United States. At a gathering during the Clinton Global Initiative’s Annual Meeting in September that brought together business, political and cultural leaders, the organization announced that it would embark on a ten-year commitment to improving solutions as well as programs which focused on sustainability, public health and flexibility during natural disasters in various urban areas.

Also, the firm supported researchers at the university with grants as part of their total commitment to the course. It now focuses on working along with a community plan which is anticipated to be the primary international city as well as holding an intensive hackathon to create a phone like an application or any other related project.

Currently living in Washington D.C, Robert Ivy is an International architecture that was born in Columbus, Mississippi. He attended Sewanee University where he acquired a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in design from Tulane.

During Robert’s tenure, he oversaw the publication of over 33 papers in digital and print editions. He worked as the Editorial Director of the McGraw-Hill Construction and the Chief Editor of Architectural Record. Under his leadership, Architectural Record acquired an assortment of publishing industry awards that include the American Society of Magazine Editors National Award for General Excellence and the premier magazine journalism award just to mention a few.

The G.D Award was granted to Robert for lifetime contributions to editorial distinction in business media in the year 2009.

The “Master Architect” as referred by Alps Rho Chi, is well known for his effectiveness in sharing the value of the design.

Why Siteline Cabinetry in the Best to Sort Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the mandatory rooms that every home must have. That being so, the positioning of all structures and arrangement of items should be well organized in such a way that they are easily accessible. Though there are times one would desire to add more items in the kitchen; however, this may be impossible if the cabinet is full. Siteline Cabinetry is a company that deals with the design and building of kitchen cabinets to suit client’s needs. Working with Siteline Cabinetry has various advantages.

Customer Preference

The company believes that every customer has distinct designs they would want. Therefore, Siteline Does not sell their ideas but implements individual client’s plans that suit their assessing room layout to ensure the results look matches the customer’s requirements and then do the actual work. The company aims at renovating the cabinets to the customers’ taste. They also ensure they deliver the products fast.


Siteline Cabinetry offers affordable services in developing the cabinets. They make this possible by considering clients’ design and their budget range. Since each pre-configured design has a certain price, the customer can decide how they want the product to be with the knowledge of the costs.

Variety of Designs

Siteline Cabinetry has a range of designs that their customers can choose. With the growing technology more innovations have created more stylish cabinets. The company can produce multipurpose cabinets, cabinets that match the other colors in the kitchen, and stacking mechanism is quickly becoming obsolete. They also make shaker style cabinets in a more enhanced way.

Siteline has also designed various door designs for cabinets which include full access structures which do not have any frames, different complete choices which incorporate polyester wrap, thermally combined cover, wood tints in a well-painted manner and routine sizes.

Pat Corsi founded Siteline Cabinetry in 2015. The company is located in Virginia, in the U.S. The company has enjoyed success from its specialized services. The expertise of the workers has also sported that.

The company constructs designer’s particulars. Application of modern technology is applied to meet the expectations of clients. They also offer standardized pre-configured solutions that enable quick creation of their products.