Dog Tries to Run For Governor

The race for governor is wide open in the state of Kansas this year. Multiple candidates have already filed for both the Republican and Democratic Party nominations. One prominent independent candidate is in the race. Six teenagers have also placed their names on the ballot. Now a dog wants to get in on the political excitement.

Terran Woolley from Hutchinson, Kansas is trying to get his three year old dog named Angus on the ballot for the governor’s race. Angus is a brown, wire-haired Vizla. Mr. Woolley, the human, filed paperwork with the Kansas Secretary of State’s office to create a candidate committee for Angus.

It’s not looking good for Angus at this point. The Secretary of State has informed Mr. Woolley that a dog will not be allowed on the ballot. However, the state of Kansas does not currently have a law on the books that states any requirements as to who is eligible to run for governor. That is why six teenagers are on the ballot.

Because of the number of teenagers on the ballot, state representatives are attempting to pass legislation that will finally state the requirements for running for governor. The legislature is close to passing a law that will mandate that no one under the age of 18 can run for governor. If passed, the law will not effect this election cycle, and the six teenagers will remain on the ballot. The law would take effect for the 2022 election cycle.

Mr. Woolley has not commented as to whether he will appeal the Secretary of State’s ruling that Angus cannot be on the ballot. Some people feel that Angus could probably do just about as well in the job as any other candidate.