Alarming Number of USC Students Battling Drug Addictions

It is with little surprise that a recent survey concluded that more than 1,350 students attending USC may have an underlying drug addiction hidden beneath the surface. The school itself is exemplary, and has a fine reputation of both the good and the bad of college life. Students at the school come from around the state, and many from other U.S. states. They’re all from different backgrounds, but share in the desire to fulfil their career goals and lead a fulfilling and successful life. But, drug addiction is a growing problem in the state, and in many others across the U.S., especially amongst the college-aged crowd.

Prescription drug abuse is one of the most commonly used substances in Columbia and amongst high-school and college students. It seems more students are also looking to the pharmacy counter for their fixes, sometimes abusing cough medicines like Benadryl. In smaller South Carolina towns, you’ll find abuse of heroin, methamphetamines, and crack cocaine, although rates for abuse of these drugs is lower in South Carolina than many of the U.S. states.

In 2013, South Carolina improvised a plan that would reduce the high mortality rates in the state associated with drug addiction and overdose. At this time, the state was 16th in number of drug-related deaths. Many of those deaths were related to prescription drug overdose. Although still a serious issue in Columbia and throughout the state, a change is being seen, slowly, despite the number of USC students who may be fighting the battle of their life against a drug addiction.