Earthquake Surprises People In Michigan

When we think of earthquakes, we usually think of of them happening in places along the West Coast, like California. However, they turn up in some of the most unexpected places.

A 3.6 magnitude earthquake shook up the Detroit metropolitan area on April 19th, 2018. The center of it was in Canada, near Amherstburg, a place that is about twenty miles from the downtown part of Detroit. Windows were rattled and people were emotionally shook, but there were no acute reports of serious damages.

Various social media sites lit up with comments from people who experienced the earthquake. Many people did not expect an earthquake to happen, and thought that the shaking was from some other cause. One man said that he thought that the shaking was from a truck on the I-94—until he realized that it kept going on for an abnormally long time. Some people thought that the shaking was from an exploding meteor in the sky because such a thing had happened this past January. There were individuals out there who were experienced in feeling earthquakes from having lived on the West Coast. These individuals knew what was going on, right away.

This was not the first earthquake to hit Michigan, and it probably won’t be the last. There was a 4.2 earthquake on May 2nd, 2015. It was centered nine miles eastward of Kalamazoo and five miles southward of Galesburg. The 4.2 earthquake was considered to be the largest earthquake that Michigan felt in more than 67 years. Another earthquake happened a week after that one. The following earthquake hit an area that was located southeast of Battle Creek, and was measured to be a magnitude of 3.3. In 2011, Detroit’s Renaissance Center swayed as an earthquake from Virginia was felt.

This most recent earthquake hit at about 8:01 pm, taking everybody who felt it by surprise.