Food Truck Team From Charleston, SC To Compete In “The Great Food Truck Race”

A recently published article in this month’s issue of the Food Network Magazine announces the return this summer of the popular Food Network show The Great Food Truck Race (Sunday, August 20th, 9 PM, Food Network channel.) The article, THE HEAT IS ON FOR NEW ROSTER OF FOOD TRUCK HOPEFULS IN RETURN OF THE GREAT FOOD TRUCK RACE (July 14, 2017) which describes the show as a “Six-Episode Culinary Battle,” hosted by Tyler Florence will be visiting “Food Cities of the South.”

The team from Charleston, South Carolina calls it’s food truck “Braised in the South” and the team is made up of Nick Hunter, Steven Klatt and Brandon Lapp. They will compete against teams from Philadelphia, PA, Cherry Hill, NJ, Dallas, TX, Little Rock, Arkansas, Rogersville, TN, and Falmouth, MA. The show returns to “Southern-Style” in which the teams will be competing for $50,000.00. The show promises beautiful scenery, southern landmarks and intense food challenges.

The first episode will greet the teams in the French Quarter of New Orleans.” Their journey will be routed through Pensacola, FL, Tuscaloosa, AL, Nashville, TN, and Athens, GA.

A search on of South Carolina brought up some great South Carolina Recipes which starts with a recipe by the shows host, Tyler Florence, “South Carolina She-Crab Soup”. When you go to this recipe link you will see that this recipe was from another show on Food Network, Food 911 in an episode called Crab Soup In Greenville, SC.

Let’s root for the Charleston, SC team of Nick Hunter, Steven Klatt and Brandon Lapp. in their “Braised in the South” food truck on Sunday, August 20th!