Amazing Food Scene In Fargo Is Putting Midwest City On The Radar Of The Elite

Fargo, North Dakota, the frozen “glorified farm town” of the frigid Upper Midwest is gaining major respect from East Coast food snobs as one of the hippest foodie destination in the U.S.

A Washington Post article recently called Fargo’s revitalized downtown a “hip scene.” This is where lovers of gourmet foods will find a selection of eateries that are making waves across the culinary culture of America.

One such establishment is Mezzaluna. It was recently named the best restaurant in North Dakota by MSN. But it also received high praise from the likes of luxury travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler and the online restaurant-reservation service Open Table.

But another aspect of Fargo’s on-the-rise food scene is a new proliferation of food trucks that are serving up some simply amazing street vendor fare. They offer delicious designer hot dogs, tacos and barbecue creations. Many of them operate year-round, even in the winter months of this northern city where temperatures routinely plummet below zero, and that’s not including wind chill factor.

If you’re looking for superior ethnic grub, Fargo has it covered. The selection of Asian dining establishments is amazingly robust, including the popular Kobes, a Japanese steak house featuring teppanyaki chefs cooking on the tabletops for delighted guests.

Another popular ethnic choice in Fargo serves Indian food – the Everest Tikka House. Technically, this establishment is in Moorhead, Fargo’s sister city in Minnesota just on the other side of the Red River.

Fargo’s burgeouning food scene is the product of a booming North Dakota economy that has experienced unprecedented growth over the past decade because of its surging energy industry. Even though oil prices have slumped recently, the powerful economy here has put Fargo on the map as a major USA Midwest destination city.