Grenfell Fire Tragedy Public Hearing

This tragedy occurred on June 2017at Grenfell Tower Block, West London. It claimed 80 lives and left more than 70 injured. Several months after this disaster, a public inquiry was set to begin. After the first hearing, which was held on September 14th, the second and evidential hearings were scheduled to start last month.

The local community and survivors, however, were not satisfied with the Public Inquiry. They said that they were not listened to and wanted to know why this was so. This inquiry was aimed at investigating the following:

• The actual cause of the fire.

• The construction design of the affected building; the Grenfell Tower.

• What the local authorities did to avoid catastrophes before the tragedy occurred.

• The response of the local government after this disaster.

According to one survivor called Randa, the local government did nothing after this ordeal. This was evident since she has been living in a hotel without any help ever since that happened. She had been living in the tower together with her two children and husband.

Other interviewed survivors admitted that they had notified the council about the building’s safety before it burnt down which they ignored. The public revealed that they were aware that things had been covered up during the Public Inquiry.

What people needed was a thorough investigation about the council’s potential negligence. This, according to them, would be serving justice among all who were affected.

The area’s MP, Emma Dent didn’t have full confidence with the public inquiry. According to her, people were not going to be content with the outcomes as most of their questions were not going to be answered which came to pass.

The above experience is truly painful to all the affected people. Therefore, justice should be served to all since many community members didn’t feel justly treated. The government should revisit all hearings done to compensate the community members.