The Story of Marco Antonio Marques da Silva 06/19

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva 06/19 is one of the most famous judges in the court of appeal in the country of Brazil and due to his contribution in his country most of the people had decided to honor him for his great achievement. He joined the matters to do with the judicial issue in the year 1983, and at this time he was among the best judge in this country. He showed interest on matters concerning law a very tender age of 15 years old and in the year 1977 he joined one of the known institutions to teach on issues concerning statutes called the PUC University.


Marco Antonio Marques da Silva 06/19 served as a judge, he was a very neutral judge because it is out of his at that he was promoted to a position of the substitute judge in the year 2007. As he gained experience on a matter concerning the law, he decided to specialize in masters and also the doctorate level to expand his expertise and also sharpen his knowledge on this career.

In one of the campus present here in Brazil, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva 06/19 was later honored out of his significant contribution in willingness to do what was right and was the person who made the construction of an auditorium possible in this institution. He was so successful during his entire career until the year 2003 where he got a green pasture and was made a lecture to teach law at one of the most prestigious universities where he teaches until today. Most of the people who practice law as part of the career this is one of the people who they admire to be and emulate his practice.

The recent event that was performed at the university he was the main topic as the student and the president of this institution spent much of their time to honor him for his work. During the presentation of the speech which was carried out by the president himself described him as the man of action and determined on what he set out to do in his field. The University named after him, and it was an awesome moment to cherish his success.