Usain Bolt to grace the London World Athletic Championships

The confirmation of the eagerly awaited news from the world’s 100 and 200 meters record holder that he will be attending the London World Athletic Championships this year was greeted with a lot of excitement by many of his fans who would be attending the games. This comes after the champion announced that he was planning to retire soon from the tracks which he has dazzled many for his prowess as a world class athlete. His presence as the championships has been highly anticipated as he is expected to draw many people to come and watch him compete. He broke this news to some journalist from different news agencies

Usain Bolt who has become an icon to many said his main aim when attending the championship event is to extend his winning streaks as he ushers in a traditional end to his career. This has surely woken up a spirit to attend the games by many Londoners who now want to see the legend himself run before he retires.

His record breaking time at the 2008 Olympic Games of 9.58 seconds in the 100 meters race and the 19.9 seconds in the 200 meters race still stand unbroken to date. Many of his fans who consider him a living legend say these records are there to stay for many decades to come as his likeness in the tracks is yet to be seen or heard of.

The World Athletic Championships are to be held in London on 4-13 August with Usain Bolt expected to be the main attraction in the 100 meters men’s race taking place on Saturday 5th.

The eighth time Olympic gold medalist before announcing to attend the London World Athletic Championships had in the month of June dazzled his home crowd fans in his last ever home soil completion. With many cheering his name he managed to run the “Salute a Legend” race in 10.8 seconds to win the race. With this legendary man in the London Championship, his fans are in for a treat of a life time.