McDonald Delivery Services Now Available in London

In recent news, the McDonalds in London has plans of starting to deliver food to the customers who live near some selected restaurants in London. These are customers that live near the McDonald restaurants in London. To have their orders delivered, the customers need to place their orders through the UberEats APP. The customers also need to be living within a radius of 1.5 miles from the McDonald restaurants.

McDonald has partnered with the UberEats app to execute the McDelivery. Already, trial deliveries have been launched in many McDonald restaurants and are in the process of expanding to 32 locations in England. These locations include London, seven Nottingham, and Leeds. In Nottingham, there are seven locations while Leeds has three. They did not specify all the areas they want to reach in London as this is their first trial.

The fast food company has more than 1,200 restaurants in the UK. So, Leeds, London, and Nottingham represent a small percentage. Launching the delivery services in these three locations would be a good experiment to how the services would work and see what challenges they can address to make it better.

Already, UberEats is working on menus in Leeds, London, and Nottingham to see what they can deliver. Deliveries will be done between 7 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon.

McDonald has successfully implemented McDelivery services in the United States specifically Chicago, Columbus, Los Angeles and Phoenix where they have also collaborated with the UberEat app. McDonald customers are now able to enjoy their favorite foods.

Having started in America in 1940 as a simple idea, this fast food chain of restaurants now has presence in over 120 countries in the world. Their foods include hamburgers, cheeseburgers, French fries, chicken products, soft drinks, milkshakes, desserts, salads, fish, smoothies, fruits, wraps, desserts and breakfast items.