Mental Health: Alarming Number of London Cops Taking Sick Leave

Being a police officer is more strenuous than it looks. To many people, police work entails dressing in clean, well-pressed uniforms and sitting in a government fueled car with a siren that excuses you from the traffic. Apart from the occasional emergencies, it is hard for any tom, dick and harry to conjure up a reason as to why a police officer would want to take a sick day unless they are just lazy.

But that is where most people a wrong. The truth is that police officers go through a lot of pressure to make sure that the general population is safe and stays that way around the clock. And in a city as big as London, you can rest assured that the kind of pressure is always worse.

And just because one can’t see the kind of stress that they go through doesn’t mean that they aren’t going through it. A recent statistical research carried out by freedom of information act by five news revealed that the number of London cops taking sick days to combat mental health issues has doubled in just six years – which is quite an alarming rate.

You can follow the link to get the accurate statistics Mental or psychological issues can be classified into some categories including anxiety, depression, bereavement, depression, and stress. It is therefore important to always seek help the moment you start showing signs of mental sickness or see someone in the force exhibiting them.

Contrary to belief, there is nothing to be ashamed of having a mental problem since we are all human. The police are trained to be tough and hardcore, but we shouldn’t forget that they are just like you and me. That is why London residents are encouraged to promote the well-being of officers by making their work much easier.