Michael Moore Spotted Shooting A Film Near Michigan Capitol

This Friday, Michael Moore was spotted near the Michigan Capitol. He was shooting a scene for an unnamed film that he was making. Moore was surrounded by film crew people and directed the film as he stood in front of the cameras. A Detroit News reporter asked Moore what his film was about. Moore declined to answer, saying that he was filming because he had nothing better to do. The people on his film crew joked that a Go-Gurt commercial was being shot.

In the scene that was being filmed, Michael Moore was holding up a hose connected to a truck that said “Flint Water.” He symbolically sprayed water toward the building. As he stood in front of the building, he held up a glass of water and symbolically said “Gov. Snyder, drink the water.”

Moore did this to make a point about the recent water crisis in Flint, Michigan—the place where he grew up. He is not rabble rousing for no reason—this really is a serious issue. There have been problems with high levels of lead in the water. Local residents lost trust in the government after they were told that it was okay to drink bad water in 2014.

Rick Snyder, the governor, recently ended services that provided Flint residents with free water bottles. He justified this by citing evidence that the lead levels had been below certain levels set by the federal government.

In 2016, Snyder pledged to drink filtered water from Flint for a month to show his faith in its quality. Barack Obama also drank the city’s water that year when he stopped there.

This isn’t the first time that Moore has dealt with issues concerning his hometown. In 1989, he came out with his documentary “Roger and Me,” documenting the consequences of auto factory closures in his Rust Belt city.