Whatever Happened to Flint?

JUST, Will and Jaden Smith’s water company, recently donated water to Flint, Michigan. This reminded people of Flint’s issues and made some wonder, “Whatever happened to Flint?” The Michigan city that made headlines back in 2015 for having dangerously high levels of lead is actually still not up to par with their water. If you will recall, the government officials in Flint decided to change the water source from Detroit’s system to Flint River in order to save money. The decision quickly turned disastrous, and the media storm was rampant. It’s ironic that the decision was to save money when in the end way more was lost. A dozen people died due to contracting Legionnaires’ disease because of the unclean water as well as there was an increase in fetal deaths and miscarriages in the years to follow. What’s equally concerning is the long-term effects that the lead-filled water will have on the city’s residents over the next two or so decades.

Flint officials have some more work to do to get its resident’s back to having safe and clean drinking water. The city still doesn’t have clean water for all of their residents nor in all of their schools. Thankfully this crisis should be fully over at least by 2020, the projected completion date when the city should have all of the water pipes replaced in an effort funded by the Environmental Protection Agency’s $100 million grant that was awarded in 2017. Days of the GoFundMe efforts and the large donations by big-name celebrities such as the Detroit-native Big Sean, Cher, and Jimmy Fallon are long-gone. However, the city’s issue remains. Perhaps the Smith’s effort will shine a light on a city that is still in need.