Jeremy Goldstein Finds New Ways To Better Help His Clients

Jeremy Goldstein is the Chairman of the Mergers and Acquisition Sub-committee of the American Bar Association Business Section.

He is also a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC., which is a boutique law firm that focuses in on advising CEO’s, compensation committees, and management teams on all of the issues surrounding executive compensation.

He earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree while studying at Cornell University and earned his Master of Arts Degree while attending the University of Chicago. He also received his Juris Doctor while finishing up his studies at New York University.

As one of the best executive compensation attorneys in the United States, Jeremy Goldstein has been a part of quite a few of the largest corporate transactions that have taken place over the last ten years. Follow Jeremy on Twitter

He was a part of the acquisition of Goodrich by United Technologies Corporation and also served during more than one of a couple of Bank of America transactions. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

It was just a decade ago, or so, when he decided to steer Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. towards working with matters related to executive compensation. He saw consulting firms that worked in the sector do the same thing and thought it would be a good idea to narrow down his focus in order to specialize in the sector.

Jeremy Goldstein was asked in a recent interview about how he makes sure that his workday is a productive one, and he answered that he doesn’t take shortcuts. His work involves taking care of very important matters in his clients’ lives, and he takes his job very seriously.

He has to be available to his clients at all hours of the day and has found it wise to only take on a set number of matters for this reason.

Many companies and executives have benefited from his dedication to making their lives better, and a lot of this has to do with how he treats the matters in their life as if they were his own considerations.

Jeremy Goldstein has made it a top priority to get to know everything about his clients. By developing and maintaining a relationship with them that goes beyond their professional relationship, he is able to give them the kind of advice that can really make a positive impact in their lives.

This, and the amount of experience he has in the very narrow focus of his work, has made him one of the absolute best in the industry.