Dayton Ohio’s High Eviction Rate

Communities across the Midwest are dealing with a housing crisis. It isn’t like the housing crisis during the Great Recession. In that crisis, people were facing foreclosure on their homes, and people were in a position where they owed more on the home than it was actually worth.

This new housing crisis is in the rental market. A growing percentage of people are being evicted from rental housing for a number of different reasons. The rate of evictions is growing, and one of the cities in the Midwest with a particularly high rate of rental evictions is the city of Dayton, Ohio.

Dayton has one of the most affordable housing rates in the entire nation. However, the rate of evictions within the city is now almost six percent. Only a handful of other Midwest communities have a higher eviction rate. Akron, South Bend, Warren, Fort Wayne and Indianapolis are the cities with a higher eviction rate than Dayton.

In Dayton, many are having difficulty in keeping up with their rent payments due to the fact that Dayton has one of the higher rates of poverty in the Midwest. Wages overall are on the lower side, and this means that many are paying a very high percentage of their income for housing costs. Some studies have shown that a few people within the city are spending 70 percent of their income on housing.

Most landlords are reticent to evict people. However, landlords point out that there comes a point when action must be taken for continual non-payment.

One thing that has been identified as a reason that some fall behind on rent is the withholding of rent due to problems with the landlord. Many are not aware of Ohio law which requires that renters escrow their rent with the courts if they feel that a property is not habitable. They cannot stop paying entirely.