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If there’s been one pleasant surprise about the NBA this season, it’s been the amount of parity between the teams in both conferences. Sure, you still have dominant teams like Golden State, Cleveland, and, as always, San Antonio, but the the gap between the mid-level and low-level teams has shrunk considerably. Just look at the Western Conference; the 9th and 18th seeds are separated by 4 games. In the Eastern Conference, the 3rd-seeded Celtics and 8th-seeded Bulls are separated by just 1.5 games! Whether you chalk it up to crazy amount of free agent money being thrown around right now or to the overall rise in new talent in the league, the NBA as a whole is just more fun to watch now than it has been the past 3 or 4 seasons.

The increased competition this season means games are more balanced and entertaining to watch, which couldn’t be more perfect for betting! Betting on NBA odds is always exciting, but the added team parity makes for an exciting watch as much as an exciting bet. I’ve never been a big fan of watching a game I’ve bet on where one team is destroying the other and the outcome is already decided by half time. A game that’s close and tense makes the bet that much more engrossing and, for me, makes the win that much more satisfying.

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