Rahm Emanuel Fired This Police Chief – Now He’s Running Against Emanual

In 2015, Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy was fired by Rahm Emanual, who still works as the city’s Mayor. McCarthy claimed that he was “thrown under the bus,” indicating that he likely didn’t deserve to be fired.

Some people say the world keeps up with karma. Whether that’s true or not, life certainly is funny; it’s got a weird sense of humor. On Wednesday night, March 21, 2018, that former Chicago Police Superintendent, Garry McCarthy, published a video that claimed he’d be in The Windy City’s run for mayor.

Rather than posting the video to Facebook or another social media platform, like most political candidates do, Mr. Garry McCarthy posted the video to his official website. The video was – and still is – titled “Chicago Needs Change.”

McCarthy supports police, as a former high-ranking member himself of Chicago’s law enforcement squad, is against governmental overreach, and largely shares Democratic views outside of the above two anomalies.

Both candidates running for the title of Chicago Mayor are Democrats, as the city has largely only voted for Democrats for several decades. Rahm Emanual was even once called to step down, following an alleged intentional attempt at covering up a video tape that identified Jason Van Dyke unloading underage teenager Laquan McDonald a whopping 16 times.

People around Chicago largely think that Rahm Emanual was responsible for the cover up, because he first was on the same side as both McCarthy and Van Dyke, then Emanueal turned his story around and fired McCarthy.

Mr. McCarthy expects to use parts of that tape to illustrate to the voters of Chicago who they would otherwise be voting for if they didn’t put in votes for the former Police Chief of Chicago.

Van Dyke, on the other hand, is in jail awaiting to be sentenced for muder.