Children At Rady Children’s Hospital Are Driving in Style

In San Diego, there is a hospital for children that goes by the name of Rady Children’s Hospital. This hospital has embarked on a mission to make children feel more comfortable before their operations.

They are providing a selection of miniature cars for children to “drive” into the operating room. The cars are operated by doctors and nurses who control them via remote control. The cars come in three different models—a Lamborghini, a BMW and a Mercedes Benz.

The San Diego Law Enforcement Agencies donated these miniature cars via a teddy bear drive that raised funds for stuffed animals that would go to children in the hospital.

Having the children drive around in little, make-believe-luxury cars is not just great for the children—it’s also great for the parents. Having a child in the hospital who is going into surgery can be an emotionally arduous experience. However, seeing their children go into the operating room in such a cheery, upbeat way is very uplifting.

A program like this can go a very long way when it comes to quality of life and recovery. Feeling negative emotions is a part of life, though it can hinder health and recovery. Stress and sadness can even cause more bad conditions in a person’s life that affect his or her health negatively. This is true for both children in hospitals and parents.

By seeing their kids rolling up to the operating room in style, parents will have less stress chipping away at their bodies. By driving in style, children start surgery on a positive note.

In September of 2017, there was a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the arrival of the miniature vehicles. During the ceremony, children were in the cars. Their smiles and laughs testified to the effectiveness of the program.