Nebraska Football Coach Scott Frost Signs Contract

After months of working within a verbal agreement, Nebraska football coach Scott Front has an official signed contract with the school.


The contract was legalized on May 22 when President Hank Bounds signed the deal. The package includes a $5 million salary and runs through the end of 2024. As part of the deal, the program will receive an additional $5 million salary pool in which Frost can pay his 10 assistant coaches as well as a head strength and conditioning coach.


In addition to the base salary, the former Nebraska quarterback receives a generous performance bonus structure, similar to other college football coaches at this level. Frost has the potential to earn up to $950,000 more for winning both the Big Ten Championship and the national title in the same year. The lion’s share of this amount would come from the $650,000 paid to Frost for winning a national title. He would earn $350,000 for reaching the title game and losing.


The buyout for Frost’s contracts is $2.5 million per year for the remainder of the contract. This amount would be prorated if part of the year had already been worked. If Frost is fired, Nebraska would be on the hook for $5 million annually until the end of 2022 and an additional $2.5 million annually through the end of 2024.


The school had already paid the University of Central Florida a $3 million buyout in order to employ Frost. In addition to this amount, the school reimbursed Frost for his relocation expenses from Florida to Nebraska. As Nebraska head coach, he will also be paid a “travel supplement” as part of his contract. Part of this stipulation includes up to 20 hours of flight time in the school’s private plane for himself and his family for personal use.