India to Power its Locomotives with Solar energy

We now live in a world where every person, every organization, or authority is trying the best to improve its efficiency. The concept that it is possible to raise the performance of any gadget or organization has been pushed and made real by technology. Entrepreneurs, scientists, government agencies, and individuals are doing the best they can to maximize the limited resource. Recently, India, which has the largest rail network in Asia with about 11,000 trains, introduced its first solar-powered train in the hope of saving over $6 billion on energy bills for the next few years. The gas-guzzling locomotives have been continuously increasing the operation cost of the rail network.

The locomotive called the Diesel Electric Multiple Unit (DEMU) was launched a few days ago by the government, and it is expected to operate within the city of New Delhi. The train, however, is still not fully customized to rely on solar power and it will still retain its diesel engine. Experts explained that the fixed solar panels would solely be used for serving the customer needs within the train such as lighting, fans, music, communication and other related activities. In so doing, the railway company will be able to save over 20,000 liters of diesel annually per train, approximately 20,000 dollars. This is according to Arunava Biswas and Smriti Jain, editors at Financial Express

The locomotives are used by an average of 13 million users across India on a daily basis, thus calling for the need to cut down the operation costs, which stands at millions of dollars annually. The solar panel will feed on board batteries that will store the energy for the 1,600 horsepower train that was manufactured by the Integral Coach Factory. The railway authority aims to fit solar panels to 24 more locomotives in the next few months to further reduce the overhead costs. Additionally, it is also taking the project as a way to reduce Carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.