No Holds Barred: Trump Threatening South Carolina Lawmakers, Others Regarding a New Healthcare Bill

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is a man who is doing everything he can to deliver on his campaign promises. He might still have a bit of that “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” wet-behind-the-ears mystique, but his non-political background is making a number of South Carolina lawmakers uncomfortable.

The 45th President used a GOP luncheon to jokingly threaten senators and congressmen. Trump’s attempt at humor elicited nervous laughter from many of the senators, including Dean Heller from Nevada. Many of the South Carolina lawmakers had to be nervous as well, considering that this president has developed a pattern of threatening them for leverage.

The goal of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care is weighing heavily on Trump’s mind, because earlier in the year he had already realized that getting a new bill passed was reaching a stalemate. That is probably why he went on record for a thinly-veiled threat against South Carolina Congressman Mark Sanford.

Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, also a former South Carolina Representative, is on record for telling Sanford that “the President [Trump] hopes that you vote against this because he wants to run somebody against you if you do.”

Of course, depending on what side of the political spectrum one is one, the track record of this president will either be seen as bold activity or activity from a bully. But for a man who has always done things his own way, he has demonstrated that he will get things done his way and in a manner that just might be the polar opposite of one of his predecessors the Great Communicator Ronald Reagan.

A man like Donald Trump is used to being in the trenches of New York Real Estate, so when he makes a threat it is simply par for the course. Even one of his former opponents had to admit it: “Listen, the president has his own way of communicating,” admitted Texas Senator Ted Cruz. It will be interesting to see how this battle plays out for sure.