South Carolina Candidates and Donors fail to respect the Campaign Limit Laws.

The South Carolina Ethics Commission will soon be determining whether candidates and sponsors are dodging the state law that has set limits on campaign contributions by distributing money through several companies. According to Steven Hamm, who is a director at the agency, the commissioners will answer important questions during a meeting that will be held in January. The outcome of the meeting will significantly influence the 2018 elections. Governor Henry McMaster of the Republican Party and Catherine Templeton, who is his greatest competitor, have already collected a significant amount of money a few people. These individuals have made donations through different companies, employees, friends, and family members. The illegal practices have been happening for years.

The suggestion of investigating the candidates and donors practices was brought up by John Crangle, who has been a government watchdog for a long time. Crangle is an attorney, and he participated in the writing of the 1991 state ethic legislations that the aims at regulating donations for campaigns. The law allows statewide candidates to receive up to $3,500-per-election-cycle while the limits for other elected offices is $1000.

The state law has assisted in preventing the political process from being influenced by the large amounts of money that are offered during campaigns. Many donors are currently dodging it by the establishing shell corporations and making contributions under their names. According to Crangle, the sponsors understand the morality of their actions. The recipients also know that it is illegal to receive huge amounts of money from one source but through different channels. John Crangle is now South Carolina Progressive Network’s director of government relations. The practice of ignoring the law started decades ago when Howard Rich, a New York millionaire, gave a lot of money to oust Republicans who opposed Governor Mark Sanford’s policies on choice for private schools.

Kaaboo Del Mar: The charm you can’t escape

Created by a group of music lovers, Kaaboo is a rocking 3-day event held annually with the aim of bringing maximum fun to all its attendants. Speak of music, comedy food and drinks all are usually in plenty. The organizers typically do their best to ensure the event does not become a disappointment and surely the 2017 event never did disappoint.

The founder, Bryan Gordon planned the event in a way that three-way tickets were sold. First, we had the Hang Loose (under $300) then followed by Hang 5 ($830) and lastly Hang 10 ($3500). The results of the event were however epic and applaudable. Every attendant enjoyed to the fullest.

As the saying goes, when music slaps you, you never feel the pain. Maybe this is the reason there were so many musicians lined up for performance. Speak of rock music; all was set ablaze as many people of different ages danced and mingled all along. Tom Petty, as usual, he never disappointed the crowd. Everything was just lighted up as the singer moved forward the stage. With the ocean breeze flowing all over, joy was the drink people drank that day. Other singers included Red Hot Chili Peppers, and P!nk.

Dave Mason made sure that the rock music lovers were never left behind. He even had the pleasure of telling the crowd about his musical journey. How he used to hang up with Hendrix which leads to the recording of his hit song at Electric Ladyland.

An exciting feature that distinguishes Kaboo from other events is that you get out of the event clean. Typically, such crowded events are filled with dust and all sort of dirt. This is however planned with numerous outdoor events. They also have a proper sanitation system.

As the event was over, emails were sent to those who attended the event alerting them of their discounted tickets for the next year’s event.

South Carolina Joins Peanut Standards Board

In 2002, the U.S. Government established a national Peanut Standards Board to ensure the safety and proper hygiene regulations were in place for the people of the U.S. to maintain their confidence in the foods they are eating. One issue plaguing the Peanut Standards Board for a number of years has been the lack of representation for the state of South Carolina on the Federally operated advisory board; the Palmetto State has argued for a place on the board as eight percent of the peanut’s produced in the U.S. come from South Carolina, according to The Washington Examiner.

A bill brought before the House of Representatives has now passed a vote to allow South Carolina to be added to the Peanut Standards Board in a move many believe should have been taken during the early stages of the establishment of the group. Rep. Joe Wilson, a Republican representing South Carolina introduced the bill on behalf of the state which is ranked as the fourth largest peanut producer in the U.S. South Carolina’s links to the peanut are so strong the state designated boiled peanuts as the official state snack in 2006 as the push for national recognition gathered pace.

Republican Representative Wilson’s bill passed almost unanimously with a single negative vote coming from Oregon’s Earl Blumenauer. The addition of South Carolina to the Peanut Standards Board will see the state added to the 18 member states already guarding the future of the peanut production industry; the board is divided into three main regions with South Carolina designated to join the Virginia-North Carolina region to advise on the production of peanuts across the U.S.

The Gamecocks Still in the Game

South Carolinas Gamecocks put themselves back in the race for the Southeastern Conference East Division college football after overcoming Vanderbilt’s Commodores 34-27. AJ Turner and surprise kid Jack Bentley brought South Carolina the win with Turner notching 121 yards, a career best after going 15 runs. Bentley had a blast, getting his first college football career double touchdowns which gave the Gamecocks 6-2 and another 4-2 leads, covering a total 47 yards having started the game at 14 yards.

Wonder boy Bentley

Bentleys runs had Zach Bailey the offense lines man cursing under his breath every time he took off. The two touch downs, one going 8 yards on 1sec. and 9 and the other turning 1 sec. and 15 into a third and 2. The sophomore wonder kid also had 19 complete passes out of 29, covering 174 yards. The commodores had two players taken out for targeting, Z. Jones (defender) and C.Wright both had hits on Bentley, who played down both incidences likening them to having a minnow in a pool full of sharks. However, the Vanderbilt Commodores coach did not find the calls amusing. He doubted if the rule was well interpreted, saying all he saw were players doing hard tackle on a young quarterback and not necessarily targeting him.


Vanderbilt got 10 penalties with the Commodores having Sam Dobbs to thank for stalling a possible drive that would have resulted in a tie. Kyle Shurmur had a season best 333 yards throw and also touched down 4 times. Coach Will Muschamp says the Gamecocks have no special plans for Georgia, their opponents next week, even though their win makes them bowl eligible, an fact that is not given much thought in the locker room, with Gamecocks focus being on more game and bigger achievements. Vanderbilt’s loss stretches their losing record in the SEC to 23, letting in 10 or more points in 12 of this season eighteen quarters.

Must win

A win for the Gamecocks against the Georgian Bulldogs will liven their title hopes while the Bulldogs only need a win to have one hand on the Southeastern East Conference title.

South Carolina to Avoid Puff Playing Vs. No.2 Georgia

In the the latest news and events, the South Carolina linebacker T.J Brunson has faith that the Gamecocks have set their minds right in preparing for their most vital Southeastern Conference game in about four years.

The Gamecocks have been fortunate victors in the last three league games, and this is their first time after 2013 after beating Vanderbilt 34-27. The Gamecocks are facing a challenge on Saturday when they face the powerhouse number 2 Georgia.

The Gamecocks based have been struggling hard in the past few years after being among the leading top East teams since 2010 to 2013, under coach Steve Purrier’s training, the former coach of the Gamecocks. South Carolina achieved its SEC title game in 2010, and since then they have been on their heels in the race in the following three games ending the game at 11-2 every time.

However things got worse for the Gamecocks when Steve walked away from the team after losing a devastating 3-9 during 2015, then the current coach Will Muschamp went to only 6-7 in 2016. Will is working with the team back to the top.

Their battle with the no.2 Georgia won’t be an easy task, and this will be one of the considerable bombshells in the season in Athens, Georgia this Saturday.

Bulldogs are leading on top with a two-game against South Carolina and Kentucky. In case the games end with a Georgia win on Saturday, the Gamecocks will be of the race. Georgia would then drive their way to their position in the championship game with just one more win in its concluding final two games against Kentucky and Auburn.

Terry Godwin, Georgia receiver, believes that his team is has grown its aplomb and is determined to win this Saturday, not what is already down the drain.

Restaurant Manager Accused of Enslaving, Abusing Cook

The manager of a restaurant in Conway, South Carolina is accused of forcing a mentally disabled buffet cook to work for him by using physical abuse and coercion against him.

The defendant is Bobby Paul Edwards, age 52, the manager and co-owner of J&J Cafeteria. He has been indicted on one count of forced labor for alleged abuses taking place between 2010 and 2014. He has plead not guilty.

The alleged victim is John Christopher Smith, age 39. He had worked for the cafeteria since he was 12 years old, working his way up from busboy to buffet manager. He says that working there was a happy experience for many years, but that Edwards’ behavior took a sudden turn for the violent starting in 2010.

Edwards previously received misdemeanor charges of second degree assault and battery against Smith back in November 2014, after the police received a complaint claiming the abuse was taking place.

Though no details are known about this current indictment, a civil suit filed on Smith’s behalf from 2015 claims that Edwards would hit Smith in the head with a frying pan, use tongs to burn him with hot grease and regularly use racial slurs when speaking to him. Other court documents claim that he once beat Smith with a belt in the back of the restaurant, during which Smith was heard crying “No, Bobby, please!” He also supposedly forced Smith to live in a nearby apartment that was infested with cockroaches.

If convicted, Edwards will face up to 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000. He will also have to pay restitution to Smith for all the years in which he was underpaid. (Smith is said to have received less than $3,000 per year, despite working 18 hour shifts for six days each week.)

Alarming Number of USC Students Battling Drug Addictions

It is with little surprise that a recent survey concluded that more than 1,350 students attending USC may have an underlying drug addiction hidden beneath the surface. The school itself is exemplary, and has a fine reputation of both the good and the bad of college life. Students at the school come from around the state, and many from other U.S. states. They’re all from different backgrounds, but share in the desire to fulfil their career goals and lead a fulfilling and successful life. But, drug addiction is a growing problem in the state, and in many others across the U.S., especially amongst the college-aged crowd.

Prescription drug abuse is one of the most commonly used substances in Columbia and amongst high-school and college students. It seems more students are also looking to the pharmacy counter for their fixes, sometimes abusing cough medicines like Benadryl. In smaller South Carolina towns, you’ll find abuse of heroin, methamphetamines, and crack cocaine, although rates for abuse of these drugs is lower in South Carolina than many of the U.S. states.

In 2013, South Carolina improvised a plan that would reduce the high mortality rates in the state associated with drug addiction and overdose. At this time, the state was 16th in number of drug-related deaths. Many of those deaths were related to prescription drug overdose. Although still a serious issue in Columbia and throughout the state, a change is being seen, slowly, despite the number of USC students who may be fighting the battle of their life against a drug addiction.

North Carolina Has Been Selected As The Home Of The X3 By BMW

The new BMW X3 compact crossover has been scheduled to be built in Spartanburg, South Carolina. This factory is now the biggest BMW factory anywhere in the world and originally opened in 1994. This is the primary home for crossovers and sport utility vehicles for the brand. BMW exports approximately seventy percent of the vehicles built at this plant. BMW is also currently responsible for 70,000 indirect jobs within the United States.

The BMW plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina is affectionately referred to by BMW as their second home. The friendly business climate in the state and BMW’s close relationships with the government have been responsible for this particular plant flourishing. BMW is able to execute their objectives quickly and precisely. The perfect example is when the automaker required an extension of the local runway for the airport so they could accommodate their cargo jets. Due to the locations of the airport there were no difficulties in store for BMW.

Since BMW first broke ground on the plant 25 years ago they have invested almost $8 billion. The company plans to invest another $600 million in the development of utility vehicles for the future and $200 million to train their workers. This will result in the creation of another 1,000 over the course of the next four years. The local workforce in South Carolina will be brought to 10,000. Knudt Flor is the CEO and Manufacturing President for BMW and state he loves this number. For even more information of the plans BMW has for their South Carolina plant please visit

The X3 was originally launched in 2003 and was redesigned seven years previously. The X3 crossover has been the most popular crossover for BMW for the year. It is only slightly behind the scales for the 3-series. The X3 is expected to be available at dealerships by November.

A Growing Passionate Plea for Legalization of Marijuana in South Carolina

The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes across the United States has come under sharp and increased focus over the past years. With more researches confirming the medicinal qualities of marijuana, an increasing number of states have legalized marijuana not only for medicinal uses only. In some states, marijuana has also been legalized for recreational purposes. In total, 29 states have legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. It is testimony to the growing popularity of its key compounds capable of minimizing the manifestations of medical conditions such as seizures.

The legalization of medicinal cannabis use wave has finally caught up with South Carolinas. At the forefront of the new push for medical cannabis legalization are families and loved ones of children and individuals suffering from various medical conditions including chronic seizures, autism and different genetical disorders. The overriding denominator in their passionate pleas is that medical cannabis can greatly alleviate the physical and psychosocial sufferings of their loved ones. For them, supporting legalization of medical cannabis is personal. They have been joined on their personal quest by some state lawmakers who are pushing for medical cannabis legalization bill currently in both houses of South Carolina legislature.

If successful, the move will see South Carolina bring the much-needed reprieve for thousands of patients in dire need of the highly beneficial compounds of cannabis. For many such patients, it will also offer a reprieve from the numerous drugs they have had to take. And most importantly, it will give them a break from the severe side effects of these drugs. For South Carolina leadership, this growing full-frontal push for legalization of medical marijuana on various platforms including seminars organized by advocacy groups is an opportunity to reconsider the scientific evidences on its potential medicinal qualities. However, how this will pan out remains a game of guessing for many.

South Carolina Boasts Strong Defensive Line

In 2016, the South Carolina Gamecocks were one of the more anticipated teams in the SEC football conference. While the team looked like they would be able to build on the success that they had in the prior year, the ended up going three and five in the SEC and six and seven overall. While it was not a great overall season, the South Carolina Gamecocks did have some successes including a few upset wins. This year, the South Carolina Gamecocks have several reasons to be optimistic about their chances of competing in the tough conference (

One of the main reasons why the Gamecocks are considered a strong team in the upcoming year is due to the strength of their defensive line. The team currently has one of the best duos of defensive tackles in the country. Both Ulric Jones and Taylor Stallworth were among the most productive defensive tackles in the prior year and are expected to be even better in the upcoming season. This should be a huge advantage in the SEC, particularly when they are playing teams that like to run the ball.

Along with the two returning starters, the Gamecocks have a lot of young talent to join on the defensive line. M.J. Webb is one of the most highly anticipated players on the team. As a 4-star freshman recruit, Webb will likely get the chance to start by the middle of the year. During the spring game earlier in the year, Webb showed the ability to rush the pass from the outside. However, he still has not shown to have the ability to consistently defend the run, particularly when he will have to be up against some of the top offensive tackles in the country. The team also has depth in returning contributors Dante Sawyer and Aaron Thompson