South Carolina Not Likely To Move On Sports Betting

A Supreme Court decision about sports betting has many wondering if it is time to start looking at various teams to see how they might do against the spread. A lot of Americans are eagerly awaiting their state passing legalized sports betting within their borders. This is because the Supreme Court has ruled that they can do this.


Despite the new ruling, South Carolina is unlikely to make that move anytime soon suggests The Post and Courier. They say that while there is a small group of state legislators that want to see this happen, they are up against a tidal wave of resistance.


South Carolina has a pretty strong anti-gambling tradition. Just take a look at the fact that church raffles were not legal until 2015 in South Carolina to get an idea of how people in the state tend to feel about the practice of gambling. They are not for it by and large. State legislators are unlikely to go against the will of the people in the state if there is little benefit to themselves personally.


There have been some bills drafted in the past, but they frequently do not make it past the stage of even committee hearings. They are just dead in the water as far as many politicians in the state are concerned.


While this may be the case, it is important to note that many other states are very likely to open their doors to sports betting. It is not unreasonable to think that some will start to see a lot of taxed revenue flowing in as a result. Therefore, it is easy to understand how South Carolina may see all of that revenue flowing in at some point and decide that they need to react to get some of that money themselves as well.

Question of SC Sports Legalization to be Delayed

Although he is happy with a recent landmark United States Supreme Court decision legalizing gambling on the state level, South Carolina House Minority Leader Todd Rutherford is disappointed that the ruling did not come down just a little bit earlier.


During the past legislative session, Rutherford was the sponsor of a bill that would have prepared the state to jump on this opportunity now open due to the Supreme Court ruling. The bill would have allowed legalized betting on sports and horse racing in an effort to generate more tax revenue to be used on state services. However, because the state legislature adjourned last week prior to Monday’s Supreme Court ruling, the bill will be forced to wait until January to be considered. According to Rutherford, the timing is unfortunate as it will allow other states to get a foothold in that market prior to South Carolina being able to launch its own plan.


In anticipation of the ruling, at least 20 other states passed legislation of their own so that they could act as soon as the decision came down. Although there is almost certain to be lost tax revenue because of the delay, South Carolina will also be in the favorable position to learn from the mistakes and successes of states that implement the legalized betting more quickly.


Eilers & Krejcik Gaming, a firm that tracks betting laws, predicts that legal sports gambling will be offered in about 32 states within the next five years. These numbers come from research into what individual states have done to prepare for the possibility of this legalization. The firm believes that neighboring North Carolina is best prepared to move in that direction, followed shortly by Georgia, leaving South Carolina behind the curve should they choose to go this route.

Shark Attack Reported on Hilton Head

On Sunday, a 10-year-old boy from Hampton County was bitten by a shark while playing in the ocean on a Hilton Head beach. A helicopter rushed him to a Savannah hospital for emergency surgery.


The Turrell family recently moved to South Carolina from Orlando and was visiting the Disney Beach House on Hilton Head on Sunday. 10-year-old Jei Turrell went down to the water to play in the ocean with his brother. He was in saltwater up to his waist when the attack occurred. A small shark took a bite out of his right arm, leaving him terrified and bleeding. His mother Tonya heard him screaming and was able to wrap a towel around his arm to help control the bleeding.


Jei was flown to the Memorial University Medical Center by helicopter where he underwent emergency surgery on Sunday. Doctors reported that the shark had bitten through the boy’s skin and tissue all the way to the ulna and radius beneath. He remained in the hospital to recover from his blood loss and trauma.


Based on Jei’s description of the shark, experts theorized that the attack was most likely perpetrated by a spinner shark or a blacktip shark, two of the most common species found in South Carolina waters. Typically, South Carolina sees an average of five shark attacks per year, but in 2017 there was an alarming uptick in attacks. In the summer of 2017 alone, eight shark attacks were reported; however, experts say they believe the increase is due to greater awareness that minor shark bites should be reported.


Most shark attacks in South Carolina do not result in serious wounds, as the sharks often mistake human legs and arms for their oceanic prey and dart away after realizing their error. No one has died from a shark bite in the US since 2015 and only four deaths from shark attacks have been recorded in South Carolina since 1900.

Broken Bridge Shuts Down Charleston Interstate

A broken cable underneath the James B. Edwards Bridge on the Wando River forced officials to close part of the Mark Clark Expressway on Monday. The cable is believed to have snapped sometime in the last month, as the South Carolina Department of Transportation inspects the bridge on a regular basis.


On Monday, inspectors discovered that one of the eight large cables holding the bridge’s concrete sections together had broken. The westbound side of the bridge was immediately shut down and the South Carolina Department of Transportation announced that the bridge would be closed for at least two days for assessment.


The James B. Edwards Bridge was completed in 1989 and was designed by the FIGG Engineering Group. The Florida-based engineering firm also designed the pedestrian bridge that recently collapsed on the campus of the Florida International University. The James B. Edwards Bridge cost $32 million to build and is of a box girder design, a type that is uncommon in South Carolina. The bridge is 7,900 feet long and includes 92 different cables.


This is not the first time the bridge has had structural issues. Soon after it was completed, the bridge’s joints had to be replaced after they started rupturing. In October 2016,  another large cable had to be repaired after inspections revealed that it was damaged..


The Wando Bridge on South Carolina Highway 41 was just completed in July 2017. Drivers attempting to travel to Daniel Island will have to detour to the Wando Bridge. They can also drive all the way through Charleston to enter the island on the west side using the Don N. Holt Bridge that spans the Cooper River. Drivers attempting to journey to Mount Pleasant from Charleston can use the eastbound lanes on the James B. Edwards Bridge or opt to use the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge.

South Carolina Gaining Popularity With Maryland’s State Bird

Beautiful Baltimore orioles seems to be falling in love with the state of South Carolina in record numbers. Now bird experts have an interesting theory about why it might be happening.


The Baltimore oriole is most associated with the state of Maryland where it is the official state bird and has a baseball team named after it. But in the past four years South Carolina has been drawing hundreds of the orange-and-black fliers to stay over during winter months.


Scientists speculate that rapidly changing climate patterns due to global warming are shifting the migration patterns of orioles. However, a more unusual theory is gaining traction among bird experts — and it involves grape jelly.


Backyard bird lovers know that putting out grape jelly is a sure way to attract Baltimore orioles to feeders. In recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of people deploying the grape jelly tactic.


Scientists say the birds may have caught on. Baltimore orioles have discovered that if they want a plentiful supply of one of their favorite treats, South Carolina is the place to be. The people of the Palmetto State are putting out so much jelly that bird experts speculate it is preventing more orioles from migrating to the tropics for the winter.


Why make all that effort to flying hundreds of miles south when the weather stays warmer now in South Carolina year-round? It’s an added bonus that there’s also an abundant supply of yummy jelly to snack on.


The average temperature in the state’s Lowcountry is now more than 51 degrees Fahrenheit. In 1985 it was about 48 degrees. That means winter months that are milder and tolerable for orioles, which generally migrate to Florida or cross the Gulf of Mexico to flee the winter cold.

Nexton Interchange Project Ready for Use:

Relief is finally here for motorists in one part of Berkeley County. Local officials took part in a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Nexton Interchange in Summerville. The purpose of this new roadway is to alleviate the traffic congestion that has plagued North Main Street for years. The new interchange is located at I-26 near Sheep Island Road. A part of the interstate in that area was also widened from four to six lanes to accommodate the project. In addition, work on the Nexton Parkway has also been finished. This roadway is five miles long, and also includes several miles of new multi-purpose trails. Three new frontage roads, Holiday Drive, Business Park, and Maple Street all opened in April.

The Nexton Interchange project cost an estimated $88 million, with the bulk of the funding, $55 million, coming from the Berkeley County Government. The South Carolina Transportation Infrastructure Bank had the second highest contribution at $22 million. Both the State Ports Authority and the Town of Summerville rounded out the project funding with a combined $12 million. County officials report that the Nexton Interchange project came in under budget and was finished ahead of schedule. Your text to link…

Berkeley County Supervisor Bill Peagler said this new interchange is worth celebrating and will ensure the public’s transportation needs are met. He added that the project had been dormant for nearly a decade until he took office. Peagler said it is expected that 19,000 vehicles a day will use the new interchange.

Twenty-Six Guns Have Been Stolen From A South Carolina Gun Shop

It is never a good day when something is stolen, but it can be an even worse problem when the item that has been taken is something that could potentially be used as a deadly weapon against another human being. That is the case with the latest story out of the Post and Courier.

The situation is that someone has stolen some twenty-six guns from a gun shop in the state of South Carolina. Rivertown Auction Company and Gun Store is the victim in this incident with the owner saying that literally every gun case in the store was broken into, but not all of the guns were removed.

Some of the guns that were stolen require extensive background checks before they may be sold. This has led to heightened concern in the community that someone out there has a gun that they certainly should not possess under any circumstances.

The store does has some recovered video coverage from a security camera that is set up in the store. They are able to see a car pulling up to the store before some suspects are deposited from the car and make their robbery. No suspect names or identifications have been released by the police department at this time. They say that the case remains under investigation.

These types of robberies are unfortunately somewhat common. Guns can be very valuable commodities depending on what type they are and what type of buyer is on the other end of the transaction. Many guns are sold illegally for a large profit margin. Thus, the suspects in this case may have been going for a quick score when they stole guns from this particular South Carolina shop.

The South Carolina Holiday Season is Underway after the 51st Annual Carolighting

People around the country are beginning to get their holiday decorations out of the attic. However, if you are a fan of everything in South Carolina, you already know about that. This is because Governor Henry McMaster and his family officially started the South Carolina holiday season by lighting the State House and the State Christmas tree during the 51st Annual Governor’s Carolighting.

At the ceremony, Governor McMaster stated, “Our family is eager to join South Carolinians from around the state in celebrating the beginning of the holiday season at our beautiful State House.” Governor McMaster spoke the truth. The State House certainly was beautiful. The pillars of the house were lit up in the festive colors of red and green. A choir was present to sing beloved Christmas carols. However, the most beautiful part of the evening was the lighting of the State House Christmas tree, a massive Concolor Fir decorated with blue, red, and green Christmas lights. A beautiful star also sat upon the top of the 35-foot-tall tree. The tree came from Pinetum Christmas Tree Farm in Sawnton, Maryland.

Governor Henry McMaster is 117th Governor of South Carolina, and he has served in office for less than a year. This was his very first year hosting the legendary event. Governor McMaster assumed office after Nikki Haley resigned the position in order to become the United States Ambassador to the United Nations. Governor McMaster intends to run for the position in the 2018 election, and he has already won the public support of Donald Trump, who stated, “I’m so happy with the job he’s done…he’s doing some special job, but he does it with his heart.”

Admission to the event was free, and attendees were rewarded with a spectacular evening. If you missed it, be sure to attend next year!

Citizens and Organizations From South Carolina and Elsewhere Helped Displaced Animals

From August 30th, 2017 to September 11th 2017, hurricane Irma ravaged its way westward through the Caribbean and up into South Carolina. This wasn’t the only hurricane that affected the United States. From August to October, other hurricanes formed. The names of these hurricanes were Harvey, Nate and Maria. Each hurricane affected different areas of the country.

Of course, these hurricanes brought a lot of destruction in their paths, including the displacement of people’s pets. Fortunately, a variety of animal welfare organizations from different states teamed up before, during and after the hurricanes to help displaced animals.

South Carolina Emergency Management Division worked in conjunction with the ASPCA, the Galveston County Animal Resource Center, Lee County Domestic Animal Services, Miami Dade Animal Services, the SPCA of Texas and Houston SPCA to create a strong, supportive network for animals in need. This network also included fosters, rescuers and adopters. A variety of shelters, organizations and agencies worked together to provide services and supplies to animals.

It is wise for pet owners to plan ahead and to stay informed. Pet owners should prepare go-kits for themselves and their pets. Pets should wear identification tags, and should be micro-chipped. Plans should be made as to how pets will be evacuated, and what types of carriers they will be evacuated in. Of course, if it comes between either a pet owner saving his own life or saving his pet’s life, he should save his own life. However, in general, pet owners should not leave their pets behind.

Making a plan as to what you will do for yourself and your pets during a natural disaster will save lives—both human and animal lives. People who rescue animals risk their lives, and pet owners should take this into consideration.

South Carolina Could Make Music City Bowl

South Carolina had a much better college football season than many people expected. Coming into the year, some people wrongly assumed that the team would struggle to make a bowl game. However, South Carolina was able to secure wins over some of the best teams in the conference. This is a great sign for the future of the program.

Will Muschamp is doing a great job as the head coach. This year, it looks like South Carolina could be going to the Music City Bowl. This would be a major success for Will Muschamp and the players on the team.


One of the biggest reasons why South Carolina has done so well recently is the defense. Will Muschamp was a defensive coordinator before becoming a head coach. He is known as a person who is passionate about the game and someone who motivates players.

If the defense can play well, many people expect that South Carolina will win the game. The SEC usually faces the Big Ten in this bowl game. With all of the coaching changes across the country, South Carolina suddenly looks like one of the most stable programs in the SEC.

Future Changes

South Carolina is in much better shape than it was just a few years ago. Head coach Will Muschamp deserves a lot of credit for the work he has done.

With a great season behind them, South Carolina is now going to look forward to a bowl game. The Music City Bowl is one of the best bowls that South Carolina has been to recently. Getting a win in this bowl game would help the team build on a solid season. In addition, it would help the coaches recruit new players for the future.