South Carolina Not Likely To Move On Sports Betting

A Supreme Court decision about sports betting has many wondering if it is time to start looking at various teams to see how they might do against the spread. A lot of Americans are eagerly awaiting their state passing legalized sports betting within their borders. This is because the Supreme Court has ruled that they can do this.


Despite the new ruling, South Carolina is unlikely to make that move anytime soon suggests The Post and Courier. They say that while there is a small group of state legislators that want to see this happen, they are up against a tidal wave of resistance.


South Carolina has a pretty strong anti-gambling tradition. Just take a look at the fact that church raffles were not legal until 2015 in South Carolina to get an idea of how people in the state tend to feel about the practice of gambling. They are not for it by and large. State legislators are unlikely to go against the will of the people in the state if there is little benefit to themselves personally.


There have been some bills drafted in the past, but they frequently do not make it past the stage of even committee hearings. They are just dead in the water as far as many politicians in the state are concerned.


While this may be the case, it is important to note that many other states are very likely to open their doors to sports betting. It is not unreasonable to think that some will start to see a lot of taxed revenue flowing in as a result. Therefore, it is easy to understand how South Carolina may see all of that revenue flowing in at some point and decide that they need to react to get some of that money themselves as well.