Golf Packages Offered by VIP Golf Austin

Golfing is a fun way to spend free time. If you reside in Austin, Texas or if you are planning to visit this area, you might also be looking for the most significant golf packages to buy. At times purchasing these packages can be a little costly especially when you fail to take some time to analyze what the market has to offer. Fortunately, you can secure the best packages deals from the Avery ranch as well as Teravista golf course. This is attributed to the availability of the excellent courses in the city of Texas. Each package from these noble courses will offer you exotic experience that you can hardly get from anywhere else. Such packages entail the following.


The Double Play

If you want to try out both the Teravista course and Avery ranch course, the double play golf package should top your list. When you purchase this package, you have the absolute freedom to choose between enjoying the two sessions together on the same day or different days. This package also covers the green fee and the cart fee all inclusively. Additionally, you will also earn yourself a free bucket of range balls for each course for drives practice. Notably, in most instances, the double play is one of the most expensive golf packages. However, this package allows you to enjoy two of the best golf course, which has more than the cost in it. Furthermore, purchasing this package from Avery and Teravista courses will certainly give you and your colleagues the best-golfing experiences.


The Bachelor’s Paradise

When compared with the double play, bachelor’s paradise package is relatively cheaper thus more affordable. When you purchase this package, you will have to choose whether to play in the Avery golf ranch or Teravista course exclusively. Buying the bachelor’s package also covers the cost of the cart and the green fee. A bucket of range balls for practice and training are also part of this package. Additionally, this package also comes with two free drinks and a lunch box. While this package is very affordable, it has plenty of fun features included in it all for you and your team.


The Hole in One

If you are in an extended vacation or you have plenty of time to game the hole in one package can be your best option for you. When you purchase this package, you will have a whole day to golf and relax. Although it is also one of the costly packages, it has a lot to offer. This includes all features available in both the double play and the bachelor’s paradise. Lastly, it provides a free buffet in the evening after working up your appetite all day long while golfing.