New Psychiatric To Open In Middleton

In Middleton, there are plans to build a 72-bed hospital for psychiatric patients. The plans for it have just been approved by the Middleton City Council this past Tuesday. They also approved a tax increment financing amount of $1.2 million.

The facility will be called Miramount Behavioral Health, and it will be located in the Airport Road Business Park. The name of the company behind the plans is a for-profit called Strategic Behavioral Health.

The company is based in Memphis, Tennessee, and runs a total of 10 mental hospitals in 6 states. They already operate a hospital in Wisconsin, which is located in Greenbay. Strategic Behavioral Health is building facilities in two new states.

According to Jim Shaheen, the president of the company, construction will begin this summer. By the time Summer 2019 rolls around, the facility will be in use.

In Dane County, there are already about 90 beds for patients who need psychiatric care. The majority of these beds are located in general hospitals. The existence of Miramount Behavioral Health will add more beds in the county for psychiatric patients. This new behavioral health center will keep people with mental health crisis from going to jail, as well as to Oshkosh Medical Center. It will make things more convenient for authorities and dignified for patients.

Some people herald the new behavioral health center as a good thing. However, many people are concerned about the new facility, bringing up incidents that have happened at other facilities owned by Strategic Behavioral Health. For example, this past January, 10 minors ran away from a facility in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company has faced 9 immediate jeopardy violations within the past several years.