Shervin Pishevar Believes That People Are Missing A Major Economic Fact

There are those who tell you the truth before a thing happens, and there are those who try to take credit for knowing about something after the fact. Shervin Pishevar is the kind of person who will tell you like it is before the world catches on to the fact that he was right all along.

Right now, Shervin Pishevar is keen on the idea that the stock market in the United States is going to take a tumble of at least twenty percent and perhaps more than that. He comes to this conclusion by looking at the way in which the market has been shaping up as of late. He thinks that a lot of people have gotten overly excited about the prospects as a result of the fact that the Trump Administration continues to cheerlead for the economy. He thinks that people have gotten blinded in a way to the facts on the ground.

Shervin Pishevar would make the case that inflation and China are going to be two big factors that actually determine the outcome of economic events going forward. He believe that many people are overlooking these factors for the simple fact that they do not really want to have to think about them too hard. That is a tragedy as far as Shervin Pishevar is concerned because he feels that it causes people to miss the forest for the trees and end up seeing things that are just not how they really are in the real world.

At the present time, Shervin Pishevar has warned people that they need to get out of stocks and Bitcoin right away. He claims that both are going to fall and that we will look back on this point in history and wonder what in the world we were thinking when we were all plowing money into the market at record pace. He thinks that we may look back with regret if we do not take action now to prevent ourselves from falling down that rabbit hole. He encourages his readers to follow his advice and keep their portfolios safe.

Shervin Pishevar Tweet Storms a Tumultuous Economic Forecast for 2018

Shervin Pishevar is a successful angel investor. He helped launch PillPack, Uber and Virgin Hyperloop One. Early in 2018, he reacted to a scary week for the Dow Jones Industrial Average with a tweet storm that comprised 50 tweets and spanned 21 hours.

Wall Street’s Woes

In the spree’s first tweet, Pishevar rolled an ominous ball. “Some thoughts (sic) on financial storms I seeing brewing ahead. I expect (sic) 6000 point drop in aggregate in (sic) months ahead,” he said.

Pishevar warned that investors would discover no safe place to put their capital in 2018. “Scurry and scrabble (sic) for safety that is no where (sic) to be found. Every asset class is has (sic) proven to be overvalued,” tweeted Pishevar.

Further, he stated that similar conditions existed in 2018’s investment marketplace to those that caused 2008’s Great Recession. Most notably, Pishevar declared that a favorite investment class, exchange-traded funds, was over leveraged.

Silicon Valley’s Future

For more than 20 years, Shervin Pishevar has worked in Silicon Valley’s rare air, and he has unique insight into its machinery. Since 2009, Pishevar has held a position he restated during his 2018 tweet storm. “As I’ve said before (sic) Silicon Valley is it (sic) longer a physical place (sic) but an idea that’s gone viral. Entrepreneurship is a movement,” he proclaimed.

A child of Iranian Americans, Pishevar also criticized America’s current immigration position. “While we build walls (sic) physical and culture (sic) to keep out immigrant talent (sic) that talent doesn’t need to come here anymore,” wrote the venture capitalist.

America’s Failing Infrastructure

Also, Shervin Pishevar shared tweets comparing his nation’s infrastructure to its competitors’. “Speed of execution across many sectors from other regions is startling.Very (sic) little of frictions that are becoming systemic fractures here,” he stated.

Pishevar then shared a link to news about a team of 1,500 builders in China that erected a train station in nine hours. “Meanwhile,” he mourned, “our infrastructure is in tatters.”

Now that Shervin Pishevar has shared his forecasts, business and political leaders must decide whether to adjust course through the 21st century’s remainder.

Tech Start Ups ‘Boomerang’ To Midwest After Trump Win

The Midwestern united states, often referred to as America’s Heartland is set to become one of the country’s technological hubs. For a long time, technology investors have flown over Midwestern states as they make their way to coastal hubs such as New York and San Francisco. Investors, shaken by the outcome of the 2016 election, are leaving the Silicon Valley with a mission to bring Silicon Valley-like job opportunities to Midwesterners.

The Midwest has been, for a long time, disillusioned from seeing gains from the American economic recovery pass them by. Trump’s triumph in the last election laid bare the disillusionment that these American citizens have had to endure. Tech start-ups, centred in the Silicon Valley and New York, have transformed — and even obliterated — industries and jobs. Trump’s election was a wake-up call in the Midwest. It’s time for Midwesterners to seed old manufacturing and rural centres that have been overtaken by the technology boom.

Lack of VC Interest

The Midwest United States consists of the farming communities, small towns, and large cities. Though images of the Midwest US focus on sprawling farmlands and flat plains, the region is also home to several big cities including St. Louis, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Cleveland, Detroit, and Chicago. Some of these cities have remarkable technology potential, but lack of proper venture capitalist interest and investment to take advantage of the situation have derailed the growth of the tech industry.

A survey commissioned by the National Venture Capital Association shows that 75 percent of venture capitalist money goes — including the capital that jumpstarted tech giants such as Google, Facebook, etc. — goes to tree states namely Massachusetts, New York, and California. Apart from the election of Donald Trump as president, the boomeranging of the Midwestern tech industry is driven by the high number of techies moving to the Midwest for family reasons or just to try something new outside of the Silicon Valley.

The Journey to Integrate Robots into Human Activities

Academics have put forward an argument that it is becoming more and more urgent to fit robots with the appropriate safety measures as their interaction with human beings increases every day. They have suggested that robots should be fitted with black boxes to monitor their movements and decisions. This measure will at least be able to help their makers diagnose their faultiness when accidents happen. This urgency has been created by the use of robots far from their typical roles in industries. Nowadays, they work side by side with human as security guards, customer assistants, or even driverless cars.

The scientists’ case to have the robots fitted with ‘ethical black boxes’ will be discussed further at the University of Surrey conference on robots. In this meeting, it is expected that both scientists and robot experts will have a discourse on the steps that have been taken to ensure that autonomous robots can work and make rational decisions without having to be monitored. The conference came in the wake of an incident where a robot had an accident as it was patrolling in Georgetown, Washington DC. The robot was guarding a riverside complex when it accidentally fell down the stairs and sunk into a fountain.

It is not always that accidents involving robots are casualty-free. A man was killed on the road after turning on an autopilot feature in his car. The car was unable to perceive a truck in front of its path and caused a fatal crash. Winfield and Marina Jirotka have been at the forefront of advocating for the fitting of black boxes in robots. The latter, a professor at the Oxford University, reckons that accidents involving robots will require investigation. However, this is impossible if there is no record whatsoever of the robots thinking patterns at the time of the accident. The fitting of black boxes will, hence, go along the way into also helping the robots explain their actions to humans in a straightforward language.

India to Power its Locomotives with Solar energy

We now live in a world where every person, every organization, or authority is trying the best to improve its efficiency. The concept that it is possible to raise the performance of any gadget or organization has been pushed and made real by technology. Entrepreneurs, scientists, government agencies, and individuals are doing the best they can to maximize the limited resource. Recently, India, which has the largest rail network in Asia with about 11,000 trains, introduced its first solar-powered train in the hope of saving over $6 billion on energy bills for the next few years. The gas-guzzling locomotives have been continuously increasing the operation cost of the rail network.

The locomotive called the Diesel Electric Multiple Unit (DEMU) was launched a few days ago by the government, and it is expected to operate within the city of New Delhi. The train, however, is still not fully customized to rely on solar power and it will still retain its diesel engine. Experts explained that the fixed solar panels would solely be used for serving the customer needs within the train such as lighting, fans, music, communication and other related activities. In so doing, the railway company will be able to save over 20,000 liters of diesel annually per train, approximately 20,000 dollars. This is according to Arunava Biswas and Smriti Jain, editors at Financial Express

The locomotives are used by an average of 13 million users across India on a daily basis, thus calling for the need to cut down the operation costs, which stands at millions of dollars annually. The solar panel will feed on board batteries that will store the energy for the 1,600 horsepower train that was manufactured by the Integral Coach Factory. The railway authority aims to fit solar panels to 24 more locomotives in the next few months to further reduce the overhead costs. Additionally, it is also taking the project as a way to reduce Carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

Securus CEO Rick Smith’s Telecom Expertise

Rick Smith is the CEO of Securus, and he has a long record in the telecom industry that spans many many years. He has been at the forefront the technology that is used in the field, and this article explains how he has made Securus into the finest place to make calls to prisons. There are many people who get in touch with family every day because of the work that he has done with his firm. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

#1: What Does Securus Do?

Securus is a company that is certified to send calls to prisons every day. They have taken steps to ensure that all calls sent to prisons are much more clear than before, and they have begun to include many different pieces of technology that help families reach their loved ones. There are many people who call prisons every day to ensure that they may see the ones they love.

#2: Rick’s Love for Video

Rick Smith has introduced video calling with Securus that will ensure everyone who calls may see the inmate not the other side of the call. The company has been using video cameras it installed in prisons to help make these calls, and Rick believes that everyone who is allowed to see their loved ones has a better visitation experience.

#3: Growing the Company

Prisons are not allowed to take calls from any phone line, and they are being approached by Securus every day through partnerships that Rick has made in the industry. They are asked to take calls from the company to ensure that they may serve more inmates, and they are looking for more people who may use the services to offer visitations with families, children and others who are interested in the inmates and their lives.

#4: Rick Has a Vision For The Future

Rick has a vision for the future that is quite easy to respect as he has helped many people reach their families through his company. He wants to see the company expand to every prison in America, and he is willing to invest in technology that will make each prison easier to reach. Securus is a sprawling company that will continue to grow, and Rick is willing to face any new challenge with the same determination that made him a great businessman.

Everyone who is calling prisons in America needs a company like Securus, and they will find it quite simple to ensure that they have a better call with their family or friends. They may check in with people they love, and they will notice how simple it is to place another call using Securus or their app. The company has the support of Rick Smith and his brilliant staff.

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