TeenSafe Commended For Child Safety Efforts By Major Publication

TeenSafe was recently commended for its role in promoting teen safety in an article published by The Guardian. In an article, which was published on February 8, gave counsel to a worried mother who was concerned about not having access to her teenage son’s online accounts.


TeenSafe has identified the following issues that parents need to navigate to assure the safety of their children while online.


Lack Of Age Restrictions


TeenSafe has often lamented the fact that social media sites are not very accommodating when it comes to the safety of children on their sites. Most social media sites have a minimum age of 13 but this neither prevents tech-savvy children from registering new accounts or protects teens online from bullying, harassment, or any other online dangers. Furthermore, only Facebook requires that new accounts be registered with a real name but does nothing to verify these identities.


Phone Ownership


Most parents rightly feel that they have the right to monitor phones and other devices that they purchase for their children. The truth is, the official ownership of the device plays a large role in this matter and parents that do not set up controls on these devices will often be dependent on their children allowing them access. This is the very reason that TeenSafe is recommended for download whenever new devices are purchased by teens.


Parental Controls From Provider


Most internet service providers provide an option enable blockers for websites on phones and other electronic devices. These sites can often be inconvenient however because many times sites that pose no risk to teens are also blocked. There are apps and programs more specifically designed to prohibit access to targeted websites but even these do not operate without error.


Communication Is Key


The most surefire way to promote the safety of teens online is regular parent-child discussions regarding online safety measures. These talks should also include discussions pertaining to how TeenSafe can be beneficial in assuring that they do not unknowingly place themselves in positions to become prey for online predators while safely enjoying their online experience.